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I somehow managed to capture just about everything I ate on Monday but before we take a look, please note that I  said, “just about everything.”

No way can I take a picture of every bite before it reaches my mouth.

Not a chance do I think before munching on carrots or while I am quickly cutting an apple so I can have a random slice or two with peanut butter and I can’t possibly take a picture while snagging the potatoes and vegetables out of the oven while they are cooking because I would probably burn myself in the process.



Pre-Run Breakfast:

It’s not my fault that I can’t limit my grocery shopping to just once a week–

Trader Joe’s is always out of something I need! This time, it was steel-cut oatmeal.

I used to buy the John McCann’s tin of steel-cut oatmeal and then switched to Bob’s Red Mill for the gluten-free version but lately I really like and do okay with Trader Joe’s Organic Steel-Cut oats.

Although TJ was out of their steel-cut oatmeal, I did spot the return of their Organic Multigrain Hot Cereal which I always enjoyed!

Trader Joe's Multigrain Cereal

Pre-run early morning bowl of oatmeal  (okay, to be politically correct it’s multigrain hot cereal) with cinnamon. I added a drop peanut butter but no banana because none of the bananas on my counter were ripe.

I don’t recommend preparing this multigrain hot cereal in advance as your oatmeal servings for the week unless you mix it with steel-cut oatmeal (if you have any in your pantry) just for the sake of texture.

The multigrain hot cereal is awesome when freshly cooked but can get real mushy, especially as the days pass and it sits in your refrigerator.

Of course I went back to TJ looking for the steel-cut oatmeal as soon as I could and thankfully they restocked.

My pantry is complete.

Trader Joe's Oatmeal

Steel-cut is definitely my favorite type of oatmeal since the oats are hearty, dense and chewy but I do enjoy cooking a mixture of them all for the added texture variety.

Post- Run Breakfast:

My favorite meal of the day.

post run oatmeal

Oatmeal with lots of berries, Skoop B-Strong and peanut butter.

I decided that as ugly as this bowl of oatmeal always appears, it’s just as ugly as a smoothie since it’s basically the same ingredients just without the greens.

I never drink smoothies if you haven’t picked up on that just yet — I much prefer to chew.

After I ate, I headed out to work from Panera for a few hours and refilled my coffee cup more than I want to tell you but I chose decaf a lot of the time so maybe it’s okay.

Panera coffee

I picked up a bag of mandarin oranges over the weekend mainly for my son but took one with me before I left the house just because they are so cute and portable.

mandarin orange

I can’t say they do a darn thing for the appetite but they are certainly refreshing.


I met a friend for lunch at Zinburger which is just a few doors down from the Panera where I was working all morning.

Zinburger salad

Zinburger has this great salad of quinoa, chick peas, chopped veggies and avocado but I had them add the ahi tuna from a different salad so that I would be full enough to call it lunch.

One of those extremely, and I mean extremely rare (no pun intended here) occasions when I eat fish.

Zinburger’s salads are terrific but not big enough for someone like me on a normal day, let alone a day when I ran over eight miles in the morning.


My son has a new favorite dinner which is super easy and quick to prepare.

We call this dish “unfried fried rice” which basically means:

  • I make an omelette (a combo of organic eggs and egg whites)
  • Add in some Asian flavors (usually a soy sauce of some sort) while it’s cooking
  • Throw in the only vegetables he will eat/accept
  • Chop it up into a serving of Trader Joe’s Organic Brown Rice Medley
  • Add a Trader Joe’s Bird’s Nest and some sweet chili sauce

unfried fried rice

I like making an omelette for this fried rice because the eggs get nice and fluffy which creates a great texture when chopped up into the rice.

These Bird’s Nests involve kale and my son knows they involve kale yet he still gets excited to eat them which is the reason I continue to buy them.

bird's nest

As for me, I haven’t been into eggs these days so I add chick peas to my veggies and rice.

veggie stir fry

I also included diced sweet potato wedges just because. And avocado. I wish my son would eat the avocado.


Still obsessed with my flourless fudge brownie bites.


Sometimes I like to cut them in half and spread on the peanut butter and sometimes I like to add them to a bowl of sliced banana with peanut butter and chocolate chips.

flourless fudge brownie bites dessert

You have to assume I had two bowls of this dessert, right? Who can stop at just one?

Be sure to check out what everyone else is eating today!

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Is your Trader Joe’s ALWAYS out of something that you need?

What’s for breakfast today?

Are you a daily smoothie drinker?




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  1. says

    I’ve been loving salad with quinoa lately. Love the extra texture it provides. There’s a restaurant down the road from our home that makes this amazing herb quinoa with some sort of fruity dressing. Oh heavens. It’s to die for!

  2. says

    That unfried rice looks great…totally making that tonight for dinner! 🙂

    I HATE when the store is out of something that I typically buy. I am kind of obsessive over buying the same things and I feel like the store should know that and re-stock! LOL

    Lately I have been a smoothie drinker…it definitely happens in stages…right now, smoothies are in. They have been my breakfast. I have been combining Dymatize Iso-100% hydrolyzed Chocolate Whey Protein, 4 strawberries, Kale, Spinach, Flaxseeds, Chia seeds, ice and water. It tastes like a chocolate covered strawberry and I am obsessed lately!
    Stacy @ Sweating TulipZ recently posted…Water Walking WorkoutsMy Profile

  3. says

    I feel like if you are a smoothie person, you are a SMOOTHIE PERSON. I like them, but they don’t keep me satisfied! I used to love the hot multigrain cereal. And something else I love? AHI TUNA. You would have died over the nicoise salad that I had with Sara last Friday. It was perfection. And TJ’s is always out of something in order to lure you back. It’s part of the plan.
    Susie @ SuzLyfe recently posted…The Skinny Confidential Book : A Swift, Sassy Kick (Giveaway)My Profile

  4. says

    You know I have a mad smoothie obsession going on right now… I usually drink about 2 a day, and while I used to have a strict “I-love-to-chew-my-food” policy, there’s just something about smoothies that makes them so crazy satisfying. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s been so dry and BLAH here and smoothies are wonderfully refreshing. That and deee-licious.
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. the one thing you HAVE to do in maui .My Profile

  5. says

    I love Zinburger!! Out here in AZ–the salads ARE huge–they need to work on that out east!!! We go all the time!!!

    I go in phases with Smoothies–My Skoop B Strong Came–and I have yet to try but I am determined to make a smoothie this week! Like you, I enjoy chewing!!

    As for breakfast, not sure yet–I am still working on my lemon water and then coffee before contemplating b-fast–it’s only 6am:)

    • says

      It’s just not okay that you guys get the giant salads! I like mine really big like the way Cheesecake Factory makes them…Let me know how you like the Skoop – I do believe you will love it.

    • says

      Most of the time, it does taste the same but won’t always give you the same pick me up as a really caffeinated cup can, especially if you really need the caffeine! I can get by with decaf though when I don’t need the caffeine and just need the warm mug of coffee…I would be enjoying the coconut oil if I wasn’t out of coconut oil!

  6. says

    YES! Trader Joes is always out of something I need. I found that a lot when I first moved to my neighborhood, so now I time when I go to try and avoid as many stockouts as possible. I feel like it makes me have to go to yet another grocery store. I mean, I love food, but that doesn’t mean I love going to multiple grocery stores. Ugh.
    Jillie recently posted…WIAW #4 Weekend Edition!My Profile

  7. says

    My friend living in Astoria sent me a snapchat of a picture of Roasted Brussels as side from a pub in East Village with the words ‘ew’.

    I wrote back saying ‘I’m going here with Meredith!’

    …She thinks I’m on crack. I’m not. We’re totally going there 😉 I drink smoothies here and there but they don’t keep me satisfied unless I add ice cream so..i add ice cream.
    Arman @ thebigmansworld recently posted…Microwave Hot Cross BunMy Profile

  8. says

    I love big salads! Unfortunately for me, I can only have a the salad of my dreams once a week or my stomach tells me about it in all the wrong ways… 🙁 Don’t worry about the avocado! I turned my nose up at it for like forever and then I finally tried it on my own and I have never looked back. His time will come 😉

    Smoothies…nope. Not only do they make me feel nauseous (Too much liquid too fast, especially after drinking a whole bottle during workouts), but who wants to drink their cals?? I’m a big ‘chewer’ as well and I’m sorry, a big bowl of protein zoats with melty banana or pineapple and my protein icing (Diesel perfect whey + cashew milk) on top is waaaaaaayyy better then any smoothie could ever be and I still get them greens in 😉
    Chelsea @ lil miss fitness freak recently posted…By The Hour…WIAWMy Profile