Pure Barre, Some Yoga & Lots of Running



It may have rained all day yesterday which may have interfered with my ability to run outdoors but it didn’t interfere with my ability to enjoy a Red Mango parfait while I walked around the mall.

red mango parfait

Aside from yesterday’s super rainy day, the rest of the week was really nice.

Since it has been bright and sunny with temperatures that are beginning to feel like spring, I started making it a point this week to go for a short walk in the afternoon (when I could) right after eating lunch.

I normally use that time to run errands and get away from the computer but decided that a short walk would be energizing (and cheaper!)

I also decided to try out some of the online free yoga that Michele recommended in her Yoga Home Practice Guide <– very informative, be sure to check it out.

I never really liked yoga but I do like the stretching aspect as well as the balance work and relaxing nature of the practice.

Pure Barre incorporates some of the same poses so I wasn’t totally lost either!

weekly workout recap




Pure Barre Mile High & 3 Miles (plus after-lunch walk)

I look forward to Mile High mornings because the routine is ten minutes shorter than the Studio Series — you notice the ten minutes!

It gets the job done, tackles every area (core, arms, legs, seat and abs) in a really concise way.

Three miles run easy outside in a misty rain. I don’t think I knew it was going to rain and I think it only rained during my time running. Go figure.



Pure Barre Studio Series & 6 Miles (plus after-lunch walk)

The sun was shining and it seemed comfortable outside but I was still dodging lots of ice patches due to all of the melting snow and refreezing that takes place at night.

I couldn’t really keep up a good pace but I didn’t care – I was just happy to be outdoors.


There’s one spot on the path where the sun shines so bright every morning — love it.



8.15 Miles & Yoga in the afternoon

It rained a whole bunch Tuesday night which melted a lot of the snow and since the temperature never dropped down close to freezing, this was my first run without ice on the ground!

One thing I realize during this outdoor run which I think is really important:

Running on the treadmill doesn’t let me see where my natural pace is falling. I set the machine and just go.

Sometimes I really hate treadmill runs not fully realizing that maybe what I hate is the fatigue in my legs, not the actual treadmill, because I am running at a pace that is maybe too fast for that particular day.

I am not able to really realize what speed my body is up for running because setting the speed on the treadmill predetermines my pace which is completely different from outside, where I tend to gravitate to a natural pace unless I push myself otherwise.

I normally can judge if I need a rest day/cross training day by my pace outside. If I am averaging 9:30 and above and it’s not a recovery run (day after a long run), I know I am due for a day off.

During this run, I was clocking in over 9:30 for just about every mile. I felt fine, didn’t even have heavy legs at all but I know that pace is not my pace.

I also know that the runs earlier in the week were not my typical average pace and none of them were speed work which meant time for a day off from running.



Pure Barre Studio Series (and played around with some of the yoga videos)

Pure Barre

Of course I wanted to run. Nothing aches, I am not tired and the sun is shining!

But I held myself back. I knew I could easily run a few miles but those miles would only affect my ability to run the next day’s miles as well as Saturday’s long run.

My legs will thank me tomorrow.



Pure Barre Mile High & 6 Miles

I definitely fell right into groove within the first mile which made me thank myself for taking the running day off yesterday.

My only issue –> I think my Boosts are starting to go. It’s been over three months of pure bliss but once I feel my heels, I know my days with these shoes are numbered.

Pro Compression Racers

Ugh, I feel like I just got them!



13.1 Miles on the treadmill

The Boosts are normally my go-to long run shoe but I was nervous after deciding the cushioning in the heels was starting to go and really didn’t want to feel anything wrong on the treadmill.

I went with my Hokas and brought the Boosts with me just in case.

running shoes

And yeah, I had to run long on the treadmill after running outside all week because it decided to rain real serious. I can handle running in the rain and even enjoy it but not through steady downpours for 13 miles.

This run was actually kinda awesome! (Average pace @ 8:25)

Only issue I had, which I always have when I wear the Hokas it seems beyond eight miles, is that the sides of my feet, (like the base of the toes where your foot is wide then narrows), suddenly gets “caught” at the front of the shoe.

I guess my feet swell at this point in a run? I don’t know, but it’s every time in these shoes and I try to adjust my feet by kicking them forward and back to get them in the right place (never really works).

I picked up the pace for the last 3.1 in my attempt to keep those last miles really strong. Avg pace for the 3.1 @ 7:50.



I think I am going to check out more of those yoga routines this morning while I have the time to go through them and find what I may like.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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Best thing you ate so far this weekend?

Are you due for new running shoes?

Were you able to run outdoors this week?

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  1. Jen says

    Best thing I ate this weekend was definitely my Hail Merry Coconut Vanilla Cream Miracle Tart. I’m not the hugest coconut fan, so I dump off the coconut in the trash, but I love that it’s made with coconut oil. A totally awesome treat.

    I thought I was due for new running shoes because I felt the start of a shin splint issue the other day…but I switched up my socks yesterday and was able to run a nice 8 miles. But knowing how many miles I log in these sneakers, I know her days are numbered. I think I might have discovered the sweet spot on socks…I discovered a pair of Thorlos…the Experia. Extra cushioning in the toe and heel, but super thin in the body. I generally only like thin (Feetures or Lululemon have been my go-to) but my feet crave the cushioning in my toes…this might be the best of both worlds! I’ve been wearing my procompression marathon socks as recovery. They’re amazing.

    No outdoor runs yet this week, but I take walks every day. I went for a 3 mile walk on Friday during lunch…working in NYC makes that really enjoyable and easy. I love that Spring is coming…I can’t wait for some truly nice weather to finally stay.

    • says

      Did I know you worked in the city? Hmm, maybe…I always loved Thorlos until the pairs I wore got too thick — but I sleep in them every night! They are my favorite sleeping comfy socks!

    • says

      That rain yesterday was relentless, wasn’t it? Somehow I deal with the treadmill when I have to. Those first several miles really flew by quick too…Love that post, it’s so informative and great for people like me who like at-home routines (especially free) and are completely clueless to yoga. You took a lot of the guess work out of it so thank you!

  2. says

    i think that’s why i never run on the treadmill unless it’s for a sprint My gait gets so off and i feel unnatural. Even though i used to ALWAYS run on there. Funny how things change!

  3. says

    I know that exact feeling of your foot getting caught! I told my local running store and they suggested sizing up for my long run shoes. It’s helped so much!

    This weekend, I made homemade tagalong (girlscout) cookies and they’re amazing! Thank goodness I made tons so I can keep eating them 🙂
    Gretchen | Gretchruns recently posted…March 16- Weekly GoalsMy Profile

    • says

      I already size up a full size! Can’t imagine going bigger but maybe for the Hokas it’s a thought. Or, I just know to keep those sneakers for all runs under 8 miles – I do not normally run long in them and probably won’t again unless I have to….Oh, I love tagalong cookies!