Workout Recap – The Weather is Looking Up!


The weather over the past week was anything but ideal for an outdoor runner but I made the best of it, got out there when I could (um, one time) and made use of the treadmill when I couldn’t.

You better believe I am jut giddy about the forecast right now though – warm and sunny for the next several days!

Warm to me right now means highs in the 40’s and 50’s, which after this winter, will definitely feel like summer.

I have been looking forward to these temperatures all week and purposely ran a bit shorter than usual yesterday so that I could run again OUTSIDE today!

weekly workout recap



Pure Barre Mile High & 45 Minutes Elliptical

It had snowed most of Sunday so Monday morning was a mess (with a delayed school opening too).


It worked out okay though because I didn’t plan on running again since I ended up running five recovery miles on Sunday.

I definitely felt as though I could easily run but I really try my best to not overrun myself.

Is overrun a word? It should be.

And just to make sure I stuck to the elliptical instead of finding my way to the treadmill, I specifically wore sneakers, pants and a top that aren’t comfortable for running.

If I know that my pants will slide as I run and my sneakers will bother me too, no chance will I attempt the treadmill.




9 Miles

The ground was clear enough for me to run outside for 9 miles.


At some point these snow mounds that surround my car wherever I park it all over Long Island will melt though, right?

My run was relaxing and flew by! Since I was weaving around the snow and ice patches at different points on my usual route, I was covering more ground without realizing which made the miles tick by really quick!



Pure Barre Mile High & 6 Miles

I usually alternate the Pure Barre Mile High and Studio Series DVDs (I have two from each series) but stuck with another Mile High day because I was a little short on time (Mile High DVD’s are 35 minutes in length instead of 45 minutes).

It was a slushy rainy mess outside which meant I was running on the treadmill.


I made the best of it.



Pure Barre Studio Series & 50 Minutes Elliptical

I had started on the treadmill (yes, it was snowing again) but my phone rang within a minute of my run.

I wanted to chat on the phone more than I actually wanted to focus on a treadmill run so I hopped off and switched to the elliptical which is easier for me to do while talking.



6.2 Awesome Treadmill Miles

That feeling when you have a terrific run on the treadmill from start to finish….just priceless.

treadmill run

We don’t always know exactly why some runs are just awesome but lately I have been warming up at a slower pace on the treadmill which I think has been making a difference in how my legs react during the first two miles.

Instead of starting the belt at 6.8, I have been starting at 6.5 and gradually increasing it. It’s possible that has played a role lately but who really knows.

Average pace: 8:34



11.50 Miles

I probably could have run outside but made the decision to run on the treadmill instead just to avoid all of the ice still on the ground in various places leftover from Thursdays storm.

I planned on running a little bit less than usual though to save some energy for a nice outdoor run on Sunday.

I broke the treadmill run into two sets of 5 miles each (10 miles) and then added an extra mile at the end plus a bit of a cool down.

Average pace: 8:49




An Outdoor Run!

Every now and again I do back to back long runs. I haven’t done one in a while so part of me is thinking to run ten miles in the sunshine this morning but won’t hold myself to it.

If I feel like it, I will continue to ten miles, if I don’t, I will probably stop at an hour. We shall see.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. I hope you slept a bit longer to make up for the time change!

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Does the time change affect you?

Have you ever run back-to-back long runs?

Is the weather looking up by you too?!




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  1. says

    I’ve never done back to back long runs but i think if nothing’s bothering you and the runs aren’t, like 18 miles then it’s a good endurance builder. I’m excited for the weather this week! Also I don’t know HOW you do 11 miles on the treadmill! You are superwoman to me! I also always warm up at 6.5 🙂
    Michele @ paleorunningmomma recently posted…Workouts This Week – Being FlexibleMy Profile

  2. says

    I am so excited for some warmer temps this week! Even just seeing the sun shining this weekend got me excited that spring will be here soon!
    I was able to sleep until 7 this morning (which felt like 6) so not bad…for some reason I slept really bad on Friday night at was up for the day at like 3 am Saturday morning…so of course I was exhausted last night! Hopefully I will get back to a normal sleep schedule tonight!
    Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine recently posted…Meal Planning and Prep 3/1-3/7My Profile

  3. says

    Ahhh love that feeling when I can get through a run on the treadmill! It’s like a complete mental game changer when I am able to get outside every once in a while in the winter season. Soon enough we’ll all be complaining about how it is way too hot to run outside 😀
    Jillie recently posted…Team Philly Race Training and Running GoalsMy Profile

  4. says

    SO happy for you that the weather is getting warmer. You guys have been through the ringer this winter. When I was training for my ultra, I did back-to-back long runs every weekend. The point of them was to teach my body how to run on really tired dead legs. It feels TERRIBLE but that’s the point, I suppose. I just really had to trust my body and know it well enough to know when and if I needed to rein it in if need be.
    Suzy recently posted…Blended Family Friday: Dr. Phil Says So, Part FourMy Profile