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I am teaming up with Procter & Gamble on their latest campaign #NYTough: Cold & Flu and I am really excited to be able to bring you another great P&G giveaway!

Earlier this week I attended the New York Rangers vs. my New York Islanders game at the Nassau Coliseum here in New York.


Not only is this hockey rivalry the battle of New York and one of the greatest rivalries in all of sports, but braving the weather just to be in attendance for Monday’s game was #NYTough!

It was so beyond cold (Hi, 4 degrees without the wind chill factored in) that even I bundled up and wore my coat.

Are you good about wearing a jacket? As a kid, I never wanted to wear my coat. It was annoying and bulky and ruined the look of my outfits.

My mother was always on me (and still is, seriously, every single day) making sure I remember to wear my coat so that I don’t shiver my way to an illness.

But that’s really a myth, isn’t it? You can’t actually get sick from leaving your coat at home.

In order to get sick, you need to come into contact with a germ and your immune system has to decide that it can’t fight it off this time which leaves with a cold, fever, flu, some sort of virus or goodness help me, the stomach bug.

I like to think I have a really good immune system with or without my coat.

I have never had strep throat, never even had the chicken pox (I had the vaccine instead when I was 18) and I can’t recall the last real cold I experienced (maybe six or seven years ago –let’s knock on wood here, okay?).

So if it’s because I wear my jacket sometimes or if it’s because my immune system is naturally strong, we really may never know.

There are some things we can do though to assist our immune system in staying strong, especially during the winter months when cold and flu season is upon us:

*Sleep & Rest*  As a morning person, I go to bed fairly early and stay on routine with my sleep patterns getting myself a good seven or eight hours of sleep (on average) a night.

Rest is super important for recovering our muscles and giving all of our systems a break. If we don’t allow for downtime, our body works on overdrive which absolutely impairs the immune system leaving us more susceptible to germs.

*Eat well*  I love an excuse to eat good food. And I don’t just mean chocolate fudge cake and onion rings.

I mean quality and colorful meals, packed with nutrients that serve our body well at regular intervals throughout the day, every day.

veggie burger salad

My favorite lunch this week – veggie burger on top of a veggie-packed salad heavy on the roasted brussels sprouts because they are my favorite right now! 

Skipping meals, waiting too long to eat and then filling up on empty calories is not the way to achieve a healthy functioning body.

*Wash your hands*  During the winter months especially, we spend more time indoors surrounded by other people where our odds of coming into contact with germs increases big time.

Remembering to wash our hands often helps to limit our exposure.

I also try to stay conscious of not touching my face with dirty/not recently washed with soap hands to keep the germs away from my eyes/mouth/nose since that becomes easy entry into our body!

*Okay fine, wear your jacket* And a hat (so much body heat lost through the head!)

A jacket may not protect you from the latest virus circling the neighborhood but dressing appropriately for the weather will keep you cozy and comfortable.

ice skating

I didn’t wear my hat the other day while ice skating outdoors (so fun!) but I did remember my down jacket, scarf and gloves!

Walking around cold and shivering does affect your body. You end up wasting energy trying to keep warm, your muscles get all tense in resistance and the whole unnecessary process is stressful and tiring to your insides which may add to the lowering of the immune defenses.

However, nothing about the human body is perfect and we are not machines.

We can in fact catch a cold, even if we do everything right and drive around in our coat all day long.

When sick happens, especially during cold and flu season, it’s okay to rely on some assistance in the form of Puffs tissues (so soft on the nose!), cups of tea and Vicks NyQuil/Dayquil.

My son was a walking cold virus when he was in preschool which was probably the only time in my life that my immune system would fail me.

DayQuil NyQuil

I survived on Vicks DayQuil at regular intervals during the day and when I knew he felt well enough to not need me at night, I looked forward to NyQuil for the quality sleep it gave me without being up to blow my nose or feel achy sick.

Ah, those sleeps were glorious.

Giveaway time!

We are talking a P & G Prize Pack consisting of a $50 Amex Gift Card plus coupons for Vicks and Puffs tissues!

Giveaway open only to U.S. residents. One winner will be announced in next Friday’s post.




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This post is sponsored by Procter & Gamble. I received compensation for my time but all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own.

What’s the temperature where you live right now? It’s 3 degrees here and the wind chill has us well below zero!

Do you wear your jacket? I try to more now than I ever did.

Last time you had a cold?

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  1. says

    Oh I really hope I’m not jinxing myself by commenting but it’s been a really long time since I’ve been sick, maybe last June or something like that. My kids have been sick with a few different things that I never caught. I also agree the stomach bug is the worst bug on the planet and I used to spend my days dreading it!
    Michele @ paleorunningmomma recently posted…Creamy Zesty Ranch DipMy Profile

  2. Stephanie Phelps says

    I have the sniffling sneezing coughing aching stuffy head fever and cannot rest right now and it is bad!

  3. Vangie K. says

    I had a cold in January, but usually only get sick once a year which is nice:) Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. Brenda Haines says

    Oh man we just got over a nasty cold and that was right after having the flu. The cold and flu season is the worst!

  5. Amanda Sakovitz says

    I had something about a month ago that lasted for 3 weeks. I dont know what it was but I was exhausted and felt awful.

  6. says

    I have been soooo lucky (knock on wood) this winter and actually have not had a cold yet since October. I SWEAR by Nyquil and Dayquil when anyone in my family comes down with something! I am not back at work (teacher) and through facebook I have seen that over half of my staff is sick…I am staying AWAY! I hate wearing coats, but I hate being cold. It is such a love hate relationship with bundling up. I actually got into an argument with a parent when I took my students outside for phys ed class on a windy day. She called to tell me that it was my fault that her daughter was sick and I told her that is a complete myth. Of course I am always wrong even though I have a Masters Degree in a health field…so I just kept my mouth shut after she told me I was stupid and incorrect. Gotta love being considered the bad guy!

    Have a great weekend!
    Stacy @ Sweating Tulipz recently posted…Clean Eating Chicken Gyros and Gorgeous GlutesMy Profile

  7. frank says

    It’s 5degrees at 11:30am.
    I always bundle up. Single digits will help with that habit.
    I had a cold in December and lingering cough through January. Nyquil would have been a good idea to help get uninterrupted sleep.

  8. Jen says

    It’s 60 degrees here (I know it’s fantastic!!). I always wear my coat (even at 60 degrees ha!) and I had a cold in December (and took some DayQuil and NyQuil!!).

  9. says

    It’s almost 60 here right now, but that big winter storm is suppose to hit this weekend and temps will drop a lot. I am just holding out hope for a snow day on monday!
    Lish recently posted…yes to the dress!My Profile

  10. Gina M (Wild Orchid) says

    Last time I had a cold was this past December.

    Entered the rafflecopter form as “Wild Orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  11. Kelly D says

    I got sick twice in January which is unusual for me. The last time I had the actual flu was 6 years ago and it was terrible.

  12. says

    Its been so cold here this week and I think that has to do with why I wasn’t feeling well! Baltimore city schools were actually closed today…alot of our kids walk to school and our buildings aren’t heated well so it kind of made sense since it was like 1 degree and with the windchill more like -20. I have been wearing so many layers every time I go outside, and I still feel like my face is gonna fall off.
    Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine recently posted…5 Baltimore Races to Run in 2015My Profile

  13. Laura says

    The last time I was sick was in August… Weird, right? Hopefully I didn’t just jinx myself for a winter bug… I’ll be sure to put your tips to use 😉

  14. Tracy says

    I was just commenting to a friend that we have been sick so often this year because we catch everything my older son has been bringing everything home from school. Just got over being sick a month ago and so nervous I am getting something again. Happens when the weather here dips below 50 ( ;

  15. Sheila K. says

    The last time I had a cold was in 2006—I take lots of vitamins and wash my hands quite a bit, and that seems to do the trick!!

  16. Laura J says

    I have not thankfully had the flu this year…but did have a horrible cold we kept passing around the family! Everyone got it twice!

  17. Sarah Hall says

    The last time I had a cold was last year but all of my family had the flu this winter and it was nasty.

  18. Melissa H says

    I’m with you! I haven’t had a cold or the flu for many, many years (almost 10!) – ever since I gave up processed, inflammatory foods and started eating healthy. Still SO many delicious healthy foods, and I love that you help share that as well! Hello, peanut butter and chocolate and alllll the delicious fruits and veggies. Yes please! Gosh so much good food. 🙂

  19. Christina says

    My husband and I both had the flu for Christmas 2013. I got it Christmas day and the very next day he woke up and had it too. We were completely useless for each other and ourselves.

  20. shelly peterson says

    I’m not exactly sure when I had a cold or flu last but I haven’t been sick this winter season so far(knocking on wood)

  21. Dawn Monroe says

    My family was sick around New Years but now my 6 year old granddaughter has Scarlett Fever. Scarlett Fever! I didn’t know that was still around but the doctor said its not as bad as it sounds. It freaked me out for a minute, lol.

  22. Dawn Keenan says

    I always get my flu shot, and don’t recall ever having it. As far as a cold…last winter probably.

  23. Caroline M says

    Las time I had a cold was last year…I’m surprised I haven’t gotten sick this winter. Apparently college/dorms are supposed to be breeding grounds for germs, but I’ve been pretty lucky so far!

  24. Erin Ellis says

    I had a cold at Christmas time….I always seems to get sick around the holidays! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

  25. says

    I am happy to say I have not had a cold in almost a year! Being in college and living in the dorms it was so hard to fight off a sickness when there was almost always one that someone had! I sure did turn to day quil and nightquil to get me through it though!
    Hilary recently posted…Marathon Training Week #6My Profile

  26. Shannon says

    I got a really bad cold a few weeks ago, which was the first time I was sick in the last few years! It was awful!

  27. says

    i think I have a strong immune system too but I caught a runny nose a few weeks ago, no cough or sore throat though!!! I wasn’t sleeping well at the time and was stressed out so my body broke down

  28. Kayte CookWatts says

    A few weeks ago. We both got so sick. I was over it in about 2 days though. Lots of rest & fluids!

  29. angela lazo says

    I am actually sick right now with the little one in school, he shares everything he get in school with mommy.

  30. Rhonda G says

    Actually a few weeks ago I had a terrible cold/sinus thing going on. It seems that this time of year it’s much harder to shake something like this.

  31. says

    The last time I had a cold/flu was last winter, and it lasted for SO long! Seriously, like two weeks! I couldn’t get rid of it. I’ve been fortunate to not get sick (yet) this season, knock on wood!

    -Taylor Doyle Borzelli

  32. Erin says

    I just got over a horrible upper respiratory infection! I have not been that sick for years. This pack would have come in handy!

  33. paula s says

    We all me husband and my 7 yr old had over holidays this past Christmas. We had to have Christmas with our family 2 wks after Christmas due to the flu

  34. Kimberly M. says

    I had a bad cold in Jan. I have to watch due to asthma how bad I let it get too. Thankfully I started right a way with some good OTC meds and kicked it before it got too bad even though it lingered for almost 2 weeks.