I Only Ran Three Days – Workout Recap


You read that correctly. Just three days of running this week.

I can’t recall the last time only three days of running took place! Let’s take a peak at the week….

weekly workout recap



Pure Barre Mile High & Gym Day

I wasn’t feeling very runny.

Is runny a term we can use to describe  running or is it reserved only for eggs and noses?

Had it not been an ice storm outside, I probably would have been in the mood for an outdoor easy, zoned out run but the thought of the treadmill just wasn’t doing it for me.

Sometimes I can push the treadmill thing and sometimes, I know I just can’t. I didn’t have a definitive reason, just a strong enough feeling of – no running today – which I consider a good enough reason to do something else.

Instead my workout looked like this:

20 minutes elliptical -> free weights -> 25 minutes elliptical



Pure Barre Studio Series & 7 Treadmill Miles

Getting through the first few miles on the treadmill takes serious mental power. The first mile is usually okay, it’s the second mile where I struggle because things aren’t flowing just yet and being trapped on the mill doesn’t let my natural pace takeover which often helps me to locate my groove.

I kept telling myself during the first part of this run just to ease up and let things happen. I knew that around 3.5 miles I would feel like someone gave me an epidural and running would suddenly feel amazing.

Seriously, that’s the best description I can give.

After the muscles warm up and fall into groove, the mental/physical discomfort is magically gone in an instant and everything feels right in the world again.

Just like receiving that epidural during labor.

7 miles in 60 minutes.  I picked up the pace (8.8) when I saw I could make an even 7 miles before the treadmill shut off.

It was sort of fun to race the clock.



An almost forgotten about gym day

My normal routine after a workout is to shower, eat and then enter the day’s workout for these recaps.

I completely forgot to enter this post until hours later and I guess it was because it was a “really boring go through the motions I probably should have gone home but finished up anyway because I was already dressed and in the gym and would hate to wash a workout outfit for no reason” workout session.

20 minutes elliptical -> free weights -> a few steps on the treadmill to realize running wasn’t happening – > 20 minutes elliptical – > home for some stretching

I was feeling hot and sweaty without actually being sweaty. I wasn’t sick but I knew I felt a little weird.

Something was off. Not 100%. I knew I couldn’t run, that was for sure.

Like, I was sweating too soon into the workout but wasn’t actually sweating but felt like I needed to sweat.

Does that even make sense?

Well, it does to me. It was a familiar feeling actually. Quite similar to how I felt when I had my DNF (did not finish) half marathon last year.

And guess what. I was right on par with my comparison in feeling because later in the afternoon when I went to the bathroom (and excuse me for getting personal) I saw the arrival of my period.

At least I know why I felt the way I did on this day and even why I felt sort of off earlier in the week.

Gets me every time. It may not always be the pain at first but the rise and fall of those hormones can really affect me.



Pure Barre Mile High & 8 Miles Outside!

8 miles

It was 30 degrees and not snowing or icing which meant I could run free! It was awesome.



Pure Barre Studio Series & 35 Minutes Elliptical

Somewhere after those glorious 8 miles on Thursday I went downhill.

Cramps kicked in big time by Thursday afternoon, worse than I have experienced in years, probably dating back to before my son was born.

I have spoken a lot about how my cycles affect me and really overall, they are so much better since following a vegetarian diet but sometimes, geez, I am attacked by my own insides.

There are cramps and then there are cramps. The kind that make you dizzy, nauseous, dry-mouthed and sick.


Only a man would tell try to tell me I wasn’t dying.

The only positive side to dying a slow menstrual cramping death is inventing some new yoga positions which you randomly find yourself in trying to ease the pain.

I woke up Friday feeling better but not myself just yet. I get a little weak from dealing with the pain and I know I have to be careful with my blood pressure during this time of the month.

I started with Pure Barre for the stretching aspect and I felt really good from that so I drove my son to the bus stop and then went into the gym to lightly pedal on the elliptical.

They say exercise is great for easing menstrual cycle discomfort but you need to know your own body and what you can handle.

I knew sweating and attempting to run on the treadmill were not the best idea for me at this time.



15 Miles (I think)

I thought this run was going to be on the treadmill but I woke up to see the temperature was 21 degrees and the blizzard wasn’t expected until the afternoon which meant I could run outside!

running path

I accepted the fact that my jelly beans would freeze and my phone would die at some point from the cold but it was a great run. I am pretty sure I covered 15 miles but I don’t know for sure since my phone was dead for the last few miles.

It takes me a few minutes to defrost once I am done though before jumping in the shower.

after run selfie



Pure Barre & Maybe A Few Miles?

We are still in a blizzard warning in terms of the wind but I don’t see much snow. I may walk over to the gym for a few miles but haven’t decided just yet…

See you tomorrow with a yummy breakfast recipe!


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What kind of chocolate/dessert did you have yesterday?!

Was you best run this week on the treadmill or outside?

Do your hormones affect you like mine affect me?



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  1. says

    Maybe we’re sharing hormones through the web because I’m on the same cycle and also had a rougher time this month than usual and couldn’t figure out why. Sorry you were dealing with all that pain! Sometimes I feel like paleo helps regulate my hormones and then sometimes things pop up and I can’t figure it out. Nice 15 mile run! Good to get it in before the crazy cold and wind! Loving your hat too. Stay warm!
    Michele @ paleorunningmomma recently posted…Weekly Running & Yoga RecapMy Profile

    • says

      I think we are human which means we aren’t machines which means sometimes we can’t explain how or why things are hurting even though we try so hard through diet/exercise to make it work for us every single time. I really found that switching to a vegetarian diet was monumental in “fixing” my painful periods but then I have these months where I am like, but what did I do wrong? lol

  2. says

    Yoga is awesome on those days I don’t want to workout but I want to keep moving! This week with the pregnancy, I’ve been having a lot of cramping so yoga has been a lifesaver! And you can use runny any which way lol 😉

  3. says

    I had a really rough run last Sunday because of cramps. And usually they don’t affect me too bad. I was running with Rob and we had to turn around at 2 miles because of the psi I was in and I really didn’t know if I would be able to make it the two miles back. But I realized it felt better to run than to walk and after mile 3 things ended up feeling much better. I do think that exercise helps with some of those issues but only to a certain point…from what you are describing it sounds like you made some smart choices this week!
    Yesterday dessert was fresh chocolate chip cookies from fresh market. And best run last week is a tie between speedy Alter-G treadmill runs and yesterdays outdoor 8 miles. I guess I’ll always have to pick outdoor running though:)
    Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine recently posted…Meal Planning and Workouts LatelyMy Profile

    • says

      OMG I feel your pain like right now – that is just awful to be two miles from home and unsure if you can get through it. I can just imagine that being horrendous. Worst feeling in the world, really really is. Every time it hits me I wonder how I made it through labor since contractions are ten times worse! Ha…I need to try cookies from Fresh Market, they always look so good.

  4. says

    It’s always best to skip runs when you really aren’t feeling it. Besides today stars a new week which means a new week to have kick a$$ runs =D

    • says

      It’s so annoying, isn’t it? Some months are fine but some just aren’t which is exactly why I can’t sign up for races in advance. Won’t ever run one again during that time of the month.

    • says

      It sure does! I tell my son he is lucky he is boy and he doesn’t even know why I say it. But it’s true. It is so hard on us. It’s every few weeks of knowing we will feel off and I have to pray that “off” is all I feel. Bad cramp months are just the worst.