Workout Recap 2/2 – 2/8

Can you imagine having your horoscope tell you in advance that you are going to be out-of-control hungry?!


This was my weekend horoscope. I saw it on Friday. And I was afraid.

Luckily my appetite has been fairly normal for me so far even with running 13 miles yesterday.

Although, I did eat more than my share of this apple blueberry baked oatmeal which you may have seen on instagram yesterday afternoon.

baked oatmeal

Recipe soon!

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These pretty LOVE O’s have quickly become my favorite snack.

On to my workouts from the week….

weekly workout recap





Pure Barre Studio Series  & 6 Treadmill Miles

Awesome treadmill run. Maybe it was positive treadmill thinking post but everything flowed from the start.

1 mile warm up @ 8:49 pace

2 miles of intervals @ avg 8:30 pace

3 miles at faster intervals @ avg 8:10 pace



Pure Barre Mile High Series & Gym Day

One of the seat exercises in this particular Mile High workout requires you to position the red ball behind your knee as you lift and lower your leg.

pure barre ball

I do the exercise without the ball though because I noticed that holding the ball behind my leg was tightening my hamstring and not in a good way.

In the gym:

30 Minutes Elliptical -> bicep/tricep free-weight time ->1 mile on the treadmill @ 8:30 pace



8 Treadmill Miles

1 mile warm up @ 8:47

6 miles @  8:15

1 mile @ 8:10

I hate saying average pace because in my opinion, most of the time, it doesn’t tell a whole story.

After the first mile, I played around with the speed ranging from my comfort zone of 6.8 to as high as 8.6.

It was a great run.



Pure Barre Mile High & 6 Miles OUTSIDE!

As I told you on Friday, I was really excited to actually run outdoors before it started snowing again.

6 miles outside

It was great to be outside but you have to go slow in order to maneuver the land.

I had to weave on and off my path to avoid the dog walkers (the snow makes the path super narrow), kept my eyes out for random ice patches and altered my route around the snow mounds which blocked off the trail in various locations but it was worth it to get a breath of fresh air for a change.



Pure Barre Studio Series & Gym Day

The Studio Series workouts get me every time. They are only ten minutes longer than Mile High but gosh, you feel it.

In the gym:

30 Minutes Elliptical – > biceps/triceps – > 2 miles on the treadmill easy @ 8:55 pace

The positive side to spending more time in the gym is that I am using the free weights on a routine basis.

free weights

The Pure Barre workouts do include arm exercises but I still need to keep up with my 10-pound dumb bells.



13 Miles…on the treadmill

I really debated where I should run (indoors or outside) up until the very last second.

It was relatively warm (28 degrees) but even so, after breaking down the pros and cons, I went with the treadmill.

Can you believe it? Here’s why:

  • My phone would probably die outside from the cold and my jelly beans would freeze.
  • The path was still blocked and narrow at points from snow.
  • Certain parts of my long run route were completely covered in snow.
  • I would still have to watch for ice.

Running under these conditions for a long run wasn’t overly appealing and I knew I could handle the treadmill.

2 mental sets of 5 miles + 3 miles = 13 miles (plus short cool down).

I hope you are breaking your runs into segments. Makes a world of difference.




Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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Was your long run this weekend outside or on the treadmill?

Favorite snack lately?

Do you read your horoscope?





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  1. says

    My long run for the week was 7 miles which I ran in Arkansas! The weather was great and I ran with my husband which I never usually do, so it was nice to change things up.
    Favorite snack lately is still anything with almond butter!
    I used to read my horoscope pretty often but I feel like I forget about them lately. I always had fun figuring out what it meant and how it was connect to what was going on in my life.
    Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine recently posted…Meal Planning and Prep: The End of the Whole30My Profile

  2. says

    I did 10 miles on the treadmill on Friday, and then 12 outside yesterday in the rain. I definitely enjoyed the outside one more, but it feels pretty hardcore to run that far on the ‘mill! Lately my favourite snack has been crackers topped with peanut butter and chocolate chips. Sigh… match made in heaven.
    Suzy recently posted…Blended Family Friday: The Point of No ReturnMy Profile

    • says

      First- I’m a Gemini too! Did you have an insatiable appetite like it said we would? lol Second – it’s not easy running that many miles on the treadmill but if you tell yourself you will and refuse to give in, you can do it! third – you MUST try Pure Barre. You just must. You would love it and I would be curious to see if you feel the burn!

  3. says

    Looks like a great week for you as always. I did not get in my run this weekend, but we did a lot of backcountry hiking/snowboarding, so there’s that! I am not jealous of the temps you have there – we hit 80 in Denver this weekend!
    Lish recently posted…I’m back!My Profile