A Peak In The Life of a Treadmill Long Run


Enough about the Super Bowl. I had sushi over the weekend and I am still thinking about it.


So I can’t find my Lululemon neck warmer since it hit the laundry.

It is black and little like my leggings so if I had to guess, I folded it in the drawer with my pants but I have yet to see it.

I am not even looking for it though because I never find things when I look for them, only when I have forgotten about it completely will it turn up.

Besides, it’s currently snowing, icing and raining all at once so it’s not like I can bundle up to run outside anyway.


Oh the treadmill.

I am trying so hard to look on the bright side during each step on that belt but even for a glass half full gal like me, it’s not always easy.

My mind isn’t free to wander like it does outside and most of my runs last week heard complaints from my legs/feet  during the first few miles.

But I refuse to give up or give in. I keep my thought process super positive and make it a point to focus on the tiniest-almost-ridiculous happy running thoughts just to get myself through each run, especially the long runs.


Running takes physical ability but without the mental strength, you don’t stand a chance.


Long runs are possible on the treadmill. It’s all in how you approach it.

I want to share with you a breakdown of my thought process before and during Saturday’s long run just so you can see what I mean about the power of positive thinking when it comes to running.



Every so often I told myself that Saturday’s long run is approaching and it’s going to be awesome.


Long run tomorrow! So what if it’s on the treadmill, you can do this.


5:30 am: Long run today! Yes, it’s on the treadmill and you will like it. Don’t forget your jelly beans and water.

6:00 – 7:00 am: Linger over coffee, water and oatmeal, watch the news, browse the web and get dressed.

7:00 am: Bundle up to walk to the gym in the negative degree wind chill — lucky me I don’t have to run outside!

treadmill long run

I didn’t know exactly how many miles I would run, all I knew is that I would be breaking the run into segments:

Two segments of five miles each and anything after that TBD.

Mile 1:

This isn’t so bad. It’s not cold in here, I am not dealing with wind and my phone won’t die from hypothermia!

Mile 2: 

As usual, my lower legs are starting to protest. I’ll pause for a second to stretch but we are NOT going home.

Mile 3:

The complaints from my lower legs were heard by my feet who are now deciding to complain too.

At least I don’t have a side stitch. Stop even thinking about such a thing as you might jinx yourself!

Mile 4:

See. We can all learn to get along.

Things are feeling good and we are almost at the end of the first segment, how do you like that? Piece of cake.

Stop for bathroom and water before restarting the belt.

Mile 5:

In my groove. My feet are understanding that the quicker we move without complaining, the quicker we get to rest.

And you know, I really like my running shoes.

adidas and pro compression

I love my Boosts right now but love that I can rotate with the Hoka Cliftons and trust that they will feel good too.

It’s hard enough to love one pair but two? I am really lucky.

Mile 6:

I am so proud of myself for being able to breathe so comfortably while running.

Never did I think I would be capable of such a thing. As much as my legs complain, my breathing is always in tune and I think that’s really cool.

Mile 7:

I can more than do this.  I finish what I start. Always.

Mile 8:

I wonder if the people around me in the gym have noticed that they are coming and going and I am still running.

Whatever, they should be jealous. Look at me go and go.

Mile 9:

I am the coolest person here because I have jelly beans in my pocket.

And guess what? They are still soft instead of turning into jaw breakers which happens when running outside in the cold!

Mile 10:

Ohh my post-run breakfast is waiting at home for me. And today is a Red Mango for lunch day. Yes it is.

red mango parfait

Ten miles down, seriously? Already? I don’t even feel like I ran ten! I feel great!

Stop belt and have water because I am not coordinated enough to drink it while I am running.

Mile 11:

I am going faster than I was during the first ten miles! I am amazing.

Switch over to running playlist for last group of miles and play Bring Em Out on repeat.

bring em out

Mile 12:

How amazing that I feel stronger now than I did ten miles ago.

It’s nice not breathing in the cold air so maybe I should consider treadmill racing should it ever become a trend.

Mile 13.1:

I just finished a half marathon, didn’t I.

And I am pretty sure I ran those segments in negative splits too.


I cooled down and stopped the belt at 13.50 miles.

I could have kept going but it’s always nice to end on a high note and know you still had a drop more to give.

The power of positive thinking, breaking your run up in segments, not thinking too far ahead of yourself… it makes a world of difference.


Best thing you ate all weekend?

Was your long run inside or outside over the weekend?

Which running shoes are currently your favorite?




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  1. says

    Oh the treadmill long runs! How I hate them when you are having a bad day but when you are having a good day and can knock a good long run out you feel invincible. My longest treadmill run is 15. And I do just what you said – break it into smaller races. I play a game with it.

    ANd I am the same way when I can’t find a piece of workout gear. It is usually folded in all the spandex! Stay safe in Storm Linus.
    Sara @ Lake Shore Runner recently posted…Weekend of Good Things [Favorite Super Bowl Ad] // Quinoa & Feta Fruit Salad RecipeMy Profile

    • says

      I thought of you guys in Chicago when I saw the snow by you on the news! We don’t have as many inches here but it started icing on top of it and made things pretty bad – schools are closed today.

  2. says

    One day I’ll figure out how people run that many miles on the treadmill — you’re right about it very much being a mental game. I usually have to cover up the info on my treadmill when I know I”m going to be on there for longer because I can’t help but look down constantly and say “omg it’s -only- been 20 seconds?!?”
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. link love 2/1 .My Profile

    • says

      I have found that I don’t mind looking at the screen because I only focus on the distance display. As I bump up my speed, I make the miles happen faster which creates a positive thought process for me.

  3. says

    Good thing you got your Red Mango when you did considering it’s raining, snowing & icing outside right now. Which btw, that sounds horrific! Be safe & bundle up if you do venture outside.

  4. says

    I have definitely had almost all of these exact thoughts while running. I’m glad I’m not the only one who can’t drink water while running on the treadmill! I feel like it would be really helpful to learn how to do it. I also can’t stop my feet on the sides of the treadmill while its still running like I see alot of people doing, so I always have to manually slow it down to a walk in order to drink water.
    I am so impressed that you ran more than a half-marathon on the treadmill. I bet now you feel like if you can do that you can do just about anything!!
    Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine recently posted…A Look Back At January 2015My Profile

    • says

      I attempt the water while running on the treadmill but it splashes on me and the treadmill which is never a good thing. I can’t really drink while running ever, it’s a disaster during races! Up my nose most of the time. Ha. I never jumped to the sides either while keeping the belt going, somehow I would hurt myself lol.

  5. says

    Ha ha ha! You did a really great job at dialoguing that run! I totally relate. And 13.1 miles on that belt is something to be so proud of. I love the post-run selfie, too. You ate those miles for breakfast. NICE JOB!
    Suzy recently posted…Mileage MondayMy Profile

  6. Frank says

    Bad food weekend.
    Ran indoors Sat and Sun.
    I love my Newton Fates. Need to find a complementary shoe to alternate.

  7. says

    You are right on. The brain can either talk you into something, or out of it! This was a great reminder! I just can’t believe you don’t cover up your time/distance! I can’t run anymore, but when I did have to run inside (and when it was a time I was dreading the treadmill…isn’t it weird how sometimes you love it and sometimes you hate it?), I would definitely have to put a towel over the display. I do the stair master and have to cover it up there also! Right now, the only cardio I am getting is from my arm bike, and sometimes it drags, but I break it down into sections like you did your run! You go girl!
    Stacy @ Sweating Tulipz recently posted…Food Logs and Puppy DogsMy Profile

  8. says

    I am totally jealous. I just can’t bring myself to do that long of a run on my treadmill. Mine’s a cadence issue, I think. My form gets wacky on the treadmill, and I can’t adjust it like I do outside. So the winter for me is more of a mix of cycling and then shorter runs (3-6 miles) on the treadmill to keep up with my fitness. Luckily, I live in Alabama, so our winters aren’t ridiculous like some other places, and there are still intermittent warm streaks where I can get outside.

    Congrats on the half on the tread, though. Man. I’m freaking out just thinking about that.

    (Found you from Jill Conyers #FitnessFriday linkup, btw).
    BJ @ Geek Fitness recently posted…Why “Maintenance Mode” After Weight Loss Is Total GarbageMy Profile

    • says

      So glad you found me : )….Slowly I learned to adjust to the treadmill. And sometimes I like it but it’s sooo not as good as outside. I am glad you live in a climate that doesn’t get too brutal where you have no choice but to use the treadmill.