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So I really don’t know when I will run outside again.

We are in a true winter pattern of frigid temperatures with snow every few days.

And the snow piles from the blizzard earlier this week are not melting any time soon which means it really isn’t safe for me to run out doors because when I reach a corner, I can’t see cars and the cars can’t see me.

snow day

That would be my car under there and my son on the other side after the blizzard.

Even my running path which is free from cars (just annoying dog walkers who don’t feel the need to leash their dogs) is fairly icy too.

I am fine with this. Really I am. I have a gym. I have a treadmill.

My mileage may go down from the usual but that’s okay too.

A little bit of mixing things up and cross training is actually a good thing.

weekly workout recap



Pure Barre Mile High DVD & 6.2 Treadmill Miles

I was praying to get my run done outside before it started snowing but that didn’t happen since the flakes started just ten minutes before my son was leaving for school.

My treadmill run went something like this:

3 miles @ avg 8:40 pace -> off for biceps/triceps – > 3.2 miles @ avg 8:30 pace

Sometimes its easier for me to break up treadmill runs, especially when I am not feeling loose and happy during the first few miles. The second half of the run is always better and it certainly doesn’t hurt to get the arm work in too.



Pure Barre Studio Series DVD & Shoveling A Bit

Since the blizzard-blowing snow was up against my front door (we got like 24 inches), I didn’t even attempt to walk to the gym.

pure barre

I always enjoyed shoveling and it makes for a great workout too.

The thing is, the landscapers in my community handle all of the plowing and clearing of the snow which takes away from most of my fun.

snow day

I did get out there to dig around my car so that counts for something when you are dealing with two feet of snow.




7.31 Treadmill Miles

This treadmill run was not pretty at all. Bad runs are never fun but a bad run on the treadmill? Even worse.

It took me 4.5 miles to hit the sweet spot which did let me cruise the rest of the way at a 7:50 pace so I can’t really classify this run as completely awful but those first few miles? Awful.

The only thing that got me through it was pure determination and positive thinking.




Pure Barre Studio Series DVD & Another Gym Day

I didn’t know for sure what I wanted to do when I got to the gym so I started with the elliptical machine.

  • 10 min elliptical
  • 1 mile treadmill @ avg 8:30 pace
  • 10 min elliptical
  • 3 miles treadmill @ avg 8: 30 pace





Another Gym Day

I am getting real creative when it comes to tricking my legs into running some miles indoors.

  • 10 min elliptical
  • 1 mile treadmill @ avg 8:45 pace
  • bathroom stop
  • 1 mile @ 8:40 pace
  • 10 min elliptical
  • 2 miles treadmill @ avg 8:40 pace




13.50 Treadmill Miles

If you want it bad enough, you make it happen.





I haven’t totally decided. Most likely a Pure Barre DVD and maybe a few recovery miles. Maybe.


If you are in need of last-minute Super Bowl recipe ideas and missed Thursday’s post where I included a bunch of links, click here to check it out!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend…


Are you baking for a Super Bowl party today? What are you making?

Do you prefer Pro Compression socks or calf sleeves or both?

Is today a run day or rest day?

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  1. Frank says

    Bought some other brand calf sleeves about a month ago. Want some that are more substantial and with the foot so thinking I’m buying today. Thanks!

    Buying not baking today.

    80 minutes at Saratoga Y yesterday (up from my usual Saturday Six Miler), combo track and treadmill. Back there today for 2 hours of running.

    We didn’t get much snow last week, 4-6 inches. It’s 12 degrees here right now with a storm on the way. …

  2. says

    13 miles on a treadmill is no joke, sister! That is impressive and yes, you’ve got a lot of mental strength to plow through that one. And whoa, you’ve got a lot of snow!
    Suzy recently posted…Mileage MondayMy Profile