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I wasn’t really sure if I would have a What I Ate Wednesday post for this week.

I eat a lot of the same stuff all of the time and just when I think it’s different, I realize it’s the same ingredients arranged in a different way.

How many bowls of oatmeal can you look at?

None of this really bothers me at all. I like what I eat.

I can’t imagine eating completely different foods at every meal every day or conjuring up creative casseroles not because I crave it but to scream to the World Wide Web Hey look what I made! Look what I eat over here!

I never liked casseroles. Or meatloaf for that matter. My parents were big on making meatloaf for dinner but I never wanted it. I should have known then that I was destined to be a vegetarian.

The more I think about it, my diet is probably more varied now than it ever was in terms of the wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables I consume on a regular basis.

Somewhere down the line I lost my picky nature and will try just about anything and even eat something called quinoa. I would never have touched something called quinoa as a kid. It sounds wrong.

Anyway, right before deciding to skip WIAW, I took a look at some of the pictures I have taken over the last few days and actually found we have some stuff to talk about it.


On Monday I woke up thinking I was in the mood for my three-ingredient pancake before my run instead of oatmeal.
Remember that pancake? I ate it a lot last year.

three ingredient pancake

Only it didn’t come out looking like the above picture this time.

I guess my three-ingredient pancake flipping skills are really rusty because it didn’t flip and ended up a pancake mash in a bowl.

three ingedient pancake mash

A pancake mash with peanut butter can never really be a bad thing, it’s only bad if you want to take a picture.

I redeemed myself for my son’s breakfast when he requested chocolate chip waffles with sprinkles in the batter.


I was out of Kodiak Cakes mix (among a ton of other ingredients – I really wonder what I buy each week at the grocery store) so I made the waffle batter from scratch, very loosely (and I mean very- I always end up modifying) following this recipe for oatmeal pancakes from Chocolate Covered Katie.

He grabbed the plate before I could get a good picture for you.


These waffles reheat nice the next day in the toaster so if you want to make extra, I recommend doubling (or tripling) the batter and making enough to freeze/refrigerate.

I brought a little lunch with me to the Islanders game on Monday (they won again! I can’t even believe it).


I always bring something to eat for day games because I can’t deal with the price they have the nerve to charge for stadium food.

Very often I will pack a salad of some sort but I wasn’t in the salad mood at all.

peanut butter english muffin

I wanted a toasted English muffin (which I knew I was going to eat almost like a sandwich and cold but I didn’t care) with peanut butter, apples and a side of strawberries.

Eating exactly what I am in the mood rather than what I think I should be in the mood for always hits the spot.

I have been a in very fruit and peanut butter mood lately which I guess isn’t new but this week it’s been especially popular in my kitchen.

apple with peanut butter

Diced apple sprinkled with cinnamon and a side of peanut butter is still my favorite.

I have been adding LOVE GROWN Cocoa Goodness Oat Clusters to the peanut butter. Do it.

With strawberries still at a good price, they have been making the perfect snack combo with banana and peanut butter any hour of the day.

strawberry banana peanut butter

I got lucky last night because I didn’t have to cook. We were out in the area of Whole Foods and hungry so we made a dinner stop at the food bar.

whole foods food bar

All the good stuff in one place – roasted butternut squash, sweet potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, a chick pea salad something, guacamole and even some tofu.

I never eat tofu but it looked good. Look at me eating something different!

I did make banana soft serve the other night for a change.

banana ice cream

I blended frozen bananas, frozen berries and peanut butter with mini chocolate chips and whipped cream on top.

And you should know that I just finished my mug of coffee basically in two sips. I hate when that happens.

Be sure to check out what everyone else is eating today!


Are you a picky eater? Were you a picky eater as a kid?

Do you forget everything you need when you are at the grocery store?

What did you hate to have for dinner as a kid? Did you like meatloaf?


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  1. says

    I was such a picky eater as a kid. Slowly as I was away at college I got over it but only because my roommate forced me to. I would have happily lived off of chicken fingers and bagels if I had my way. Its really crazy how far I have come!
    There are many weeks I forget something at the grocery store but the meal planning helps. If I forget something I will usually try to make it through the week without it because I really hate making a second trip to the grocery store!
    Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine recently posted…Whole30 Challenges (#WIAW)My Profile

    • says

      I am always forgetting something, it’s usually something random but I never write a list and when I do, I leave it home. Today I bought everything – but the apple cider vinegar. Of course I forgot.

  2. says

    I don’t even think I heard of quinoa as a kid — it was all rice, oats, potatoes, and noodles for me 😆 I was actually so picky when I was younger, that my mom had to make a similar-yet-seaparate meal for me so that I’d eat it — no spices, no herbs, no weirdo flavourings or complicated combinations. I was super simple back then and I feel like I’m kind of going back to that now.

    • says

      I didn’t hear of quinoa either when I was younger and if I did, I would have avoided it simply for what it’s called. I was so picky as a kid! It’s really amazing what I have grown to love since these are foods I never would have touched back then.

  3. says

    I was never picky, but as an adult I do make the things that my mom and grandma got wrong when I was a kid! Meatloaf is awesome done right! I decided to do my daughter’s meals for WIAW since mine were getting old. Then I realized she eats all the same stuff too. Oops!
    Michele @ paleorunningmomma recently posted…Paleo For Kids – WIAWMy Profile

    • says

      My thing with the meatloaf – I just didn’t want it. I would have to eat it, I would ask for seconds but it was just never what I craved or got excited for. Same for the brisket even though my mom made a really good one! I just didn’t care about it.

  4. says

    Well we know how picky I am, but I’ve gotten infinitely better in the past few months. I’ve tried turkey burgers, pirogis, meatballs, buckwheat pancakes, and more. Clearly I’m not the one cooking anymore because those foods are not in my kitchen… I stopped doing WIAW about a year ago because I realized I eat the exact same things every day- bagel + hot chocolate for breakfast, random snacks throughout the day (mostly carrots, apples, popcorn, and granola bars), giant grilled chicken salad for dinner, pumpkin bread + chocolate squares for dessert. It’s always the same but I love what i eat so I never have any desire to mix it up. And like you, I’ll never be that person that decides to experiment “for the blog.” Nope. Not my thing.
    Sarah @pickyrunner recently posted…Running Lately.My Profile

    • says

      I thought of you when I wrote about being picky. I remember when you stopped doing the WIAW posts, sometimes it can seem repetitive for me so I try to see if I have something different to say. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. I love that you are eating more foods! I think I know who is responsible for it! I swear I am going to email you today!

  5. says

    Hockey game food prices are criminal! When we go to Rogers Arena for Canucks games, they won’t let us in the stadium with our own food. We pretty much get strip-searched before we’re allowed in there. Andrew and I were sipping on Starbucks when we showed up to the game and they made us finish them/throw them out before we could go in. LAME.
    Suzy recently posted…Woozy Wednesday: Date NightMy Profile

    • says

      That’s terrible. We aren’t allowed to bring drinks in (as in, bottled water) which I learned the hard way but they haven’t given me an issue when I have food in my bag. I just claim food allergies/vegetarian if they say anything which they haven’t this season.

  6. says

    I ALWAYS forget everything at the grocery store if I don’t have a list with me. Actually, I will forget most things if I don’t write it down! I used to love meatloaf as a kid haha. Now, being a vegetarian, I LOVE making a lentil loaf or something similar. SO good even my husband likes it 😉
    AJ @ NutriFitMama recently posted…Gluten Free Red Velvet Protein BitesMy Profile

  7. says

    If I wanted to get an honest opinion on whether or not I was a picky eater I’d have to ask my mum because I don’t entirely remember. I’d say no, though. The one odd thing making me different from the other kids was my dislike of ketchup, mayo or anything of the likes. It hasn’t changed until today.
    On a random note I’m jealous of your strawberries. The prices are outrageous but they’re imported from who-knows-where so at least I’m not tempted to buy them. (:
    Miss Polkadot recently posted…Good good links #74My Profile

  8. says

    I was never a picker eater, which was my down fall in my teenage years and early twenties. You put it in front of me I would eat it, no issues, no problems, no fuss. Now that I’m older I’m not so easy going with my food. I don’t eat meat and shy away from processed foods. I try to keep it simple and healthy but I still go crazy for bread and butter. lol

    I grew up eating lots of meatloaf as a child but haven’t touched the stuff in years. Your waffles and soft serve look delicious.

  9. says

    I don’t know how everyone always switches it up either. I’m so addicted to my food that I rarely change it, which is also why my attendance to this lovely linkup are sparse these days. I do however love to gawk at other peoples creativity 😛

    • says

      I agree with you! I may have to skip some WIAW if I find I am really repeating myself completely week after week.Sometimes I have a new variation or something good to say so I guess it will depend on the timing.