Thinking Out Loud Thursday


I heard on the news that this year will be one second longer than last year to help deal with a slowed earth rotation or something.


I decided the one second was added at some point this week because this week seems so slow but then they told me the second is due to be added on June 30th.

Adding seconds to the year is not something I knew they were allowed to do (don’t ask me who they is, I never really know when I use the word they in these types of situations) but it sort of explains things.

Like, when we think a year flew by so fast? Maybe they took some seconds away from us and just didn’t say.

So now when time seems to be going slow, I will just assume that seconds were added to my clock and no one told me.

I forgot to buy plum tomatoes this week. I really like them– chopped up, roasted or sliced with avocado–but I completely left them off of the grocery list I write but never remember to bring with me to the store so I have been making do without them.

I hate emptying the dishwasher.


I am just staring at the clean dishes right now as I speak to you from my early morning dimly lit dining area of my kitchen.

I tackled the silverware and needed to take a break.

Can I admit something? I am super disorganized when it comes to how I load the dishwasher. I have no system or order. It’s total anarchy in there. If throwing dishes inside the machine wouldn’t result in breakage, that would be how I do it.

I have my Pro Compression socks on my feet now.

pro compression socks

Is it just me or do your legs and feet swell something serious after running? I only know that mine do because I struggle to tug on my recovery pair of compression socks post-run.

Before running? They slide on all nice. After? It’s like trying to do a simple task with a severe case of PMS involved.

You know what else is tough after running? Going shopping for jeans.

Shopping and trying on jeans is a workout in itself, just try that after a long run with swollen legs and feet.

Not only was I out of breath by the time I left the dressing room the other day, I spent the time in the too small of a space struggling to get those skinny-styled pairs up and over my calves and then back down again.

Note to self: Jean shopping on rest days only.

And who I am to suddenly decide to wear jeans anyway? If I spoke in hashtag, this is where I would say #leggingsforlife.

Do you forget to breathe when you are working out?

Just when the Pure Barre instructor on the video tells me chin up, chest up, keep breathing is the exact point where I am probably about to turn blue.

Fascinating how she knows this by talking to me from the television screen.

I do think to wiggle my fingers every so often while running though, especially on the treadmill.

I do it to make sure I am not tensing up or holding some sort of tight grip –it helps me to keep loose and relax.

Of course I bought the Juicy Fruit Starburst gum. The strawberry kind.

starburst gum

It’s better than the Sour Patch Kids gum of last year but not as long-lasting as Extra Watermelon.

But I don’t know why I got excited to see Starburst gum because I never liked Starburst candy.

I always went for the chocolate stuff over the sugary and chewy stuff.

Tell me something random and then go check out what everyone else is thinking about today!





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  1. says

    I hate emptying the dishwasher! Especially when I am in a rush and I realize its full and I open it to put something in….and then I feel bad about leaving it without emptying it. If I had my way I would just throw things in there wherever they fit but Rob has a very particular way of organizing it so I let him take care of that.
    I was thinking yesterday about how putting on pro compression socks after a workout/shower is a million times harder! Oh and I have those same socks!
    Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine recently posted…Thinking Out Loud #32: Winter ComplaintsMy Profile

  2. says

    Trying on skinned is the -worst-… Sometimes I even struggle with getting the bottom to fit over my feet. Which is probably why I love the jeggings from American Eagle — they stretch 🙂 And is it weird that I almost never use my dishwasher? I’ll run it every once in a while to keep it from getting crusty or whatever, but I usually do all my dishes by hand.
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. thinking out loud #112 .My Profile

    • says

      I usually run it after dinner and unload in the morning. I just hate the whole process of unloading and putting away but I guess it’s better than no dishwasher at all. When we were first married, we didn’t have one and that really wasn’t too fun either.

  3. says

    Oh I bloat and swell up so bad after running and working out! I HATE all my post-race pictures because of this. haha.
    I’m the dishwasher unloader, and my Hus is the loader. When I DO load some of the dishes – very organized! – he moves everything around before he starts it. Apparently he fits more dishes in there, but it’s a chaotic mess and dishes break all the time. And he wonders why I don’t buy sets of dishes and i’m constantly buying dishes here and there! LOL
    Nikki@will run for pizza recently posted…What I learned from Chalene Johnson’s podcast.My Profile

  4. Carmella says

    How about trying to get your running bra off, when you are sweating. That trick in itself is a workout!!!!
    Have Champion bras that hook in the back but the velcro thingy that covers the hooks digs into my back and after a few washings the velcro does not stay closed. Ugh thought that those bras would be the answer and had a coupon so seemed like a good deal!!!

    • says

      I don’t have a bra like that but yes, I struggle pulling off my sweaty clothes too! And I get really cranky about it because I like to jump in shower before eating after my run but I am usually starving at that point and getting mean!

  5. says

    I HATE jean shopping. and wearing jeans. I’ll totally join team #leggingsforlife. I don’t know if it’s getting older but every morning I just stare at my closet and say I wish I could wear yoga pants to work.

  6. Frank says

    Hate loading and unloading the dishwasher. I should go out to eat more often.
    My lower leg compression things don’t compress enough.
    We called jeans dungarees when I was a kid. Either way, my only pair now has worn through under the back right pocket. Now I feel I have to coordinate the color of my underwear with the rest of my outfit ….
    I like Starbursts, though Milk Duds were my favorite.

  7. says

    I’m a crazy person about the dishwasher. I will move stuff around if it is “out of place”! Breathing while doing barre is totally hard. You’re concentrating so much on the shaking or burning in your legs that you forget to breathe!
    Leslie @ Life Begins at 30? recently posted…#NoExcuses ChallengeMy Profile

  8. says

    I love how random this was today!!!
    Thankfully, most of the time now, my boys unload the dishwasher!!! I’m sort of anal about how it gets loaded and I think I taught them well enough to do it mostly the way I like it:)
    Kim recently posted…Conditioning Is Key!!My Profile

  9. says

    I showed that Starburst gum to my very recent fiance and I think he about lost his mind. He loves Starburst! One second added to this year?…Weird. I had no idea that happened either. And I just got my first pair of pro compression socks to try this week in the mail! I already love them. Have a good weekend!
    Kaylin @ Enticing Healthy Eating recently posted…And They Lived Happily Ever AfterMy Profile

  10. says

    Aww… k this was cute. You’re hilarious! I think we’re opposite, though. I love organizing the dishwasher the same way as I love putting my groceries into order on the belt at the grocery store. And I don’t like tomatoes. I’ll even pick them out of my burgers. But everything else? We’re practically twins. He he. 🙂
    Suzy recently posted…Be FreeMy Profile