Carvel Sundae & Weekly Workout Recap

In case you were wondering, the Islanders won last night.

Islanders game

And I won’t complain to you that it took me FORTY MINUTES just to exit the parking lot because at least they are selling out and giving us great games to watch.

And, at least I had an ice cream sundae during the first intermission.

Carvel Ice Cream Sundae

I am confident in assuming that out of 16, 170 people in attendance, I was the only (smart) one to bring an extra side of sundae toppings in their purse.

ice cream toppings

Like I always say, if I am going to eat it, it is going to be right. And a dinky Carvel Sundae is only right when you have enough toppings.

That small cup of ice cream with sprinkles and not enough hot fudge just wasn’t going to cut it and I knew this going into the game.

Rather than make a scene by asking the employee to keep pumping the hot fudge, I kept things calm by adding my own toppings as I ate so that I had a bite of something good with each spoonful.

Carvel Ice Cream Sundae

You know you want to hang out with me.

weekly workout recap



Gigabody Barre Balance Video (13 minutes) & 6 Miles



Pure Barre DVD & 6.2 Treadmill Miles

The Nor’Easter wind and rain was even too much for me that I ended up on the treadmill.

And I don’t know why I always take the middle treadmill when no one is around because it means people can surround me if they show up to the gym and I don’t like people.


I always start the belt at 6.8 and never go below that. It’s my home pace.

From there I just play around with the speed to make the time fly. I went as high as 8.7 during this run (or was it 8.9? When I am going that fast I can’t even see straight).



Pure Barre DVD & 30 Minutes Elliptical

Hanukkah came early for me!

Pure Barre DVD Set

My parents sent me the Studio Series set which came with two videos, a yoga block and the grippy socks.

Oh wow is the Studio Series challenging!  I can barely get through the warm-up plank positions without putting my knees down almost immediately.

It’s amazing how a new set of moves, perhaps only in the slightest variation from what you are used to, can leave you feeling as though you are completely new to not only the type of workout but exercise in general.

These videos are 45 minutes in length versus the Mile High series which is only 35 minutes. Those extra ten minutes make a difference and remind me more closely of the actual studio class.

I definitely recommend this Pure Barre series, however, if you are completely new to barre, do not start with this set!

The Mile High series, in my opinion, is easier if you are just starting out.



8 Snowy Miles & Gigabody Floor Barre Video

It was slightly snowy during my run and there was some snow on the ground but nothing crazy. I started carefully to make sure it wasn’t slippery (which it wasn’t) but I didn’t pick up any sort of pace until the 4 mile mark.



Pure Barre DVD & 5 Miles

All I will say is that sometimes I need a warm up for the Pure Barre warm up.



14 Miles

I was just cruising along until mile 11 when my son called to tell me I hadn’t packed him any socks (I swear I did).

When we hung up (actually, there’s like no such thing as hanging up a phone anymore so I really mean, when I pushed the button to end call) I suddenly felt done and tired.

Like the thought of three more miles suddenly felt as though I had twenty miles to go. I popped a couple of jelly beans thinking maybe it would maybe help or at least taste good to distract me.

At some point I forgot about the sudden fatigue and was hit with a burst of endorphin energy, running happier and faster for those last few miles than I did the first eleven.

Just shows you that if nothing is really wrong, you keep going and work through that mental/physical fatigue.




I want to check out the changes that Gigabody made to their videos after my review and our comments.


Valerie from Gigabody December 11, 2014, 8:19 pm

Thanks for the detailed feedback! :-)
I’m incrementally adding chapter markers to the videos (longest ones first where folks are most likely to want to skip around). These let you move between different marked points in the video (e.g. jump to cooldown). I just added them to Barre Breakthru, thanks for the feedback. Definitely agree, it’s really nice to skip to or past particular segments! And the saving-the-place feature is of course, just an elegant recovery feature for when the page has to be reloaded. All makes sense! Thanks!


If you have yet to enter the Gigabody giveaway, click here! Winner will be announced on Tuesday!


Is today a run day, workout day or rest day?

Best thing you have eaten so far this weekend?

What do you find works for you as fuel during long runs?


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  1. says

    That is one delicious looking sundae. I definitely laughed a little bit @ the fact that you brought extra toppings a long. Pretty genius!

  2. says

    Mmmmm Carvel! I haven’t had that since I lived on Long Island! I remember when I first met my husband I made a reference to Carvel and he didn’t know what I was talking about! I guess they don’t have it where he grew up in Ohio. I remember going there at least once a week when i was growing up!
    I think today will finally be a rest day…its been like 2 weeks since I took a full rest day because last Sunday I ended up doing 2 miles to test out my Altras.
    Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine recently posted…Weekly Workouts 12/7-12/13: Lots Of Short RunsMy Profile

    • says

      So are you telling me that Carvel is a New York/regional thing? Ha, I had no idea. Talk about sheltered life. So about the Altras- I know you haven’t fully decided what you think but I guess they are comfortable enough to run in? Do they bother your heels?

    • says

      I aim for every other day with the Pure Barre DVD’s. Sometimes it’s less and last week was an extra day because I was way too excited about the new set that arrived at my door lol…The Gigabody barre videos are great because they have really short ones which help me to stretch and get the ab work done. As hard as barre is, I find it really relaxing. I guess because I don’t sweat or get my heart rate up? Who knows.

  3. says

    The amount of mileage you put in on any given week astounds me. You are machine, and I adore you for bringing your own ice cream toppings to the game and then eating ice cream in a freezing cold arena. Hard core through and through.

    I sometimes do a treadfit class at the gym and it’s super tough: lots on inclines and lots of sprints. It really pushes you, in a good way.