Weekly Workout Recap 12/1/14 – 12/7/14

I have another running analogy for you today….

Running shoes are like the gas in your car….The more you run (drive), the sooner you will wear out your shoes (run out of gas).

You even know when the end is approaching.

The light on your dashboard is on telling you that you only have a certain number of miles left to drive until empty (your running mileage is in that 300-500 range where you know you need new shoes)  yet you keep going, not stopping until you really have no other choice.

And then, just like that, you can go no further.

Such is the story of my last pair of Adidas Energy Boosts. I knew the end was coming. I knew I was on borrowed time– well over my usual 300 mile-mark but was still feeling decent, especially since I began rotating my Boosts with the Hokas on a regular basis.

But just like that, during last Saturday’s long run, my Boosts could go no further and I knew it.

I caught a Black Friday deal for myself by ordering a new pair of Energy Boosts 2.0 from Foot Locker.

Adidas-Energy Boosts

I have yet to wear them. Would you believe they didn’t arrive at my door until AFTER my long run yesterday? Uh huh.

I waited all week. That’s what you get when you opt for the free shipping.

weekly workout recap


8 miles & Gigabody Barre Strength Video (13 Minutes)

You can expect my full Gigabody review this week!


Pure Barre DVD &  7 miles

I swear, you just never know how a run will go until you get moving.

When my first mile clocked in at 8:21, I knew I was in for a good run.

My pace jumps around from day-to-day but usually, paces under 8:30, as a first mile, don’t happen often unless I am on the treadmill.

My ability is far above what I normally run. I know this. But, I have a feeling that running comfortably 90% of the time, especially since I am never really training for anything, is what keeps me running happy and pain-free day after day.

I enjoyed this speedy run, in fact, I hovered around the same pace for six miles and even brought things down to 8:10 by mile six at which point I slowed for a mile cool down.


Two Short Gigabody Barre Routines & 45 Minute Elliptical Workout

I wanted to run but forced myself to cross train on the elliptical. I knew that doing so would keep my legs fresher for the rest of the week.


 10 Miles

I felt like running a little longer than usual.


Pure Barre DVD & 5 Easy Miles


14.15 Miles

All week I assumed I would have my new sneakers for this run.

I wore the Hokas again but I was basically wearing them all week and prefer my Boosts, especially for long runs.

I was more tired than usual after the run and I swear to you it all stems from the shoes. Little things bothered me on my feet at different points.

Nothing major but I felt my shoes and they were catching my feet in odd places.

I put on a fresh pair of Pro Compression socks after my shower and didn’t take them off until well into the evening.

Good thing it was raining, no one had any clue what I had going on under my boots.

Rain Boots

I have to say, they were the perfect sock for these boots too. Really comfortable.


I really want to try out my new Energy Boosts. Like really want to…but… I think I need a day off.


How many miles do you typically get from a pair of running shoes?

Current favorite running shoe?

Are you running today or is it a rest day?

Best thing you ate so far this weekend? 


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  1. says

    So after I ran my marathon in my Pure cadence 3s and my toes got messed up I decided to try something totally different…I got a really good deal on the altras which are supposed to have a wider toe box plus Ive been wanting to move towards zero drop anyway. (Ive run quite a bit in the pure connects which are really low and I like how they feel) so now Im deciding if I should take a rest day today or take the new shoes out for a test run:) All of my other running shoes (pure flows and pure cadences) are getting close to the 300 mile mark. Sometimes I can get up to 400 in a pair but it just depends.
    Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine recently posted…Meal Planning And Prep Week Of 11/30-12/6My Profile

    • says

      I learned so much about Altra at the Runner’s World Festival and during the shoe seminar with their founder but I am afraid of the zero drop thing! Once Saucony lowered their heel height a few years ago, I could no longer wear them –left my heels in pain.

  2. says

    The feeling of knowing your running shoes have come to an end is the worst.. not just for yourself but your body as well. They usually affect my knees more then feet. Makes for a sad day.. and run 🙁

  3. Frank says

    I’ve never tracked my mileage with regard to shoes. I have typically rotated 3 pairs and changed by feel.

    I train in Newton Fate. Have a newer pair of Adizeros that I’m not loving – to big a drop. And race in Mizuno Ekiden which I love.

    In Phoenix, having fun and will run the Hot Chocolate 5k today.

    My Southwestern Mahi tacos were yummy.

  4. says

    All of us die-hard, thrifty runners play the same game with our sneakers. We wait till our feet are crying to order and then have to wait for delivery.