Random Food Chat & Arctic Zero

Lots of random food chatting about to happen here….


I eat the same breakfast basically every single day. My son does not. On Thanksgiving, I only wanted to whip up pancakes or french toast or gosh even muffins for a special breakfast…..you know, something sweet tooth oriented?

He wanted no part. He wanted an egg in a hole and he wanted to make it himself.

Who’s child is he anyway? I would never want such a savory thing for breakfast.

egg in a whole

I politely insisted/recommended that he use the Cinnamon Raisin Ezekiel bread because I couldn’t handle the lack of sweet involved on his breakfast plate.

Have you ever frozen your grapes?


My aunt sent us home with lots of fresh fruit on Thanksgiving so I took some of the grapes and placed them in the freezer.

I used to love frozen grapes but haven’t had them in quite some time as a snack.


I didn’t love them like I once did but my son really liked it. It’s great when you can get kids interested in fruit and keep them snacking on it each day without it getting boring.

I won this Red Mango parfait but not in the way you are thinking.

red mango parfait

I bet my son a Red Mango parfait that as soon as we saw my mom on Thanksgiving the first words out of her mouth were going to be something about the coat I was wearing and it not being warm enough.

I was right. It was funny. And I won.

Lately I do not want anything for lunch. Other than a Red Mango parfait, I just don’t care.

I know I need to eat, I know I need to be full, but decisions between what the heck I want and what will satisfy me are becoming a struggle.

I solved the problem yesterday by going half sweet and half savory, providing me with staying power in a tasty way without weighing me down.

mashed chickpeas with avocado on ezekiel toast and peanut butter on ezekiel toast

Two slices of Cinnamon Raisin Ezekiel toast – half with smashed chick peas and avocado with chopped tomato and the other half with Crunch Time peanut butter and diced apple.

My aunt makes the best Swedish meatballs ever. Seriously, like, best ever.

I don’t even eat meatballs anymore (hello, vegetarian) but I will devour the sauce that surrounds the meatballs with a spoon because it is outrageous.

She sent us home with a container of her special meatballs on Thanksgiving because my son has intelligent taste buds and knows what’s up — he’s obsessed.

swedish meatballs

Instead of pasta, I served the meatballs the other night with roasted potato wedges.

Crispy potatoes dipped in this sauce is divine. Yes, that’s the word to use–>divine.

I have been roasting tons of potatoes these days by the way. Can’t get enough.

oven roasted potatoes

Have you tried Arctic Zero yet?

arctic zero

The generous people over at Arctic Zero sent me six pints to try last week.

  • Coconut
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter
  • Mint Chocolate Chip
  • Orange Cream
  • Sea Salt Caramel
  • Vanilla Maple

Quick Arctic Zero info for you: Gluten-Free, GMO Free, Low Glycemic, Lactose Intolerant Friendly, no artificial colors or sweeteners.

With only 150 calories per pint (plus protein and fiber), do I really need to tell you that it doesn’t actually taste like traditional ice cream?

I was skeptical at first but you know something, and this is the truth, I like it.

arctic zero

Okay, so when I say I like it, what I mean is, it can work. It can be good. You just can’t expect to open the pint and dig in as if it’s Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked with the oodles of brownies and cookie dough chunks.

I think my favorite flavor is the coconut which is weird because it would never be my first choice but there was something about it that I really liked, especially when I added the Chocolate Peanut Butter flavor to the bowl too….among other things…

arctic zero

Peanut butter, dark chocolate chips and whipped cream!

I relate Arctic Zero to loading up a cup of frozen yogurt at your local self-serve joint– the flavors are not anything like ice cream but mixed up with your toppings can make you really happy.

I think that Arctic Zero is great to have for those nights you feel like sitting down with a pint of something and don’t want to indulge in Ben & Jerry’s.

It needs the toppings though. You need something to make it feel “real” so that you are satisfied.

Be sure to check out what everyone else is eating today!


What have you been eating for lunch these days?

Have you tried Arctic Zero?

Favorite ice cream toppings? For me, it’s all about the hot fudge, whipped cream and texture. I need to chew something…And I love anything a la mode!


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    • says

      Haha – I am so used to not eating meatballs or steak of chicken. I just wouldn’t! Not to mention, my stomach would probably freak out. I am glad however that I can take a taste or two from the sauce without having an issue!

  1. says

    I agree that arctic zero needs a topping. I usually eat it over an apple crisp or dessert baked oatmeal. I haven’t been able to find the coconut flavor though. I need to search for that!
    Shannon recently posted…Thanksgiving ThoughtsMy Profile

  2. says

    The same thing happened to me with frozen grapes. I used to really like them, but lately I prefer them at room temperature. The only thing is that grapes are one of those foods that I literally can’t control myself around, and I end up eating enough to give myself a stomach ache 😆 And my meals have been a lot more sweet lately as well. Something about savoury is just less appealing than it normally is.
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. flourless chocolate chip gingerbread muffins .My Profile

    • says

      Fruit stomach aches are real and severe when they happen. I try really hard to not overeat grapes or melons (or apples) just to avoid the pain, especially melons after a meal — not so good digestion-wise.

  3. says

    Yummm for Red Mango and Artic Zero. That’s funny about your mother! My husband and I make side bets ALL the time about what my mother in law will say to us. 9 times out of 10 we are right on the money. It’s a long running inside joke. I’m happy to know I’m not the only one doing it.
    Renee @ Bendiful Blog recently posted…Holiday Memories with MezzettaMy Profile

  4. says

    I”m becoming more of a fan of Arctic Zero because I do like their ingredient list and think they make a great sweet treat. I mean…who ever thought we’d ever be able to eat an entire pint of frozen dessert and it only have 150 calories?! I also think the story about your son and breakfast is hilarious. Although I do like to usually get in breakfast “ruts” and make the same thing over and over again, I tend to go towards sweet as well like french toast or oatmeal. 🙂
    Kaylin @ Enticing Healthy Eating recently posted…Single-Serving Banana Funfetti PuddingMy Profile

    • says

      It’s all about the sweet for breakfast! I like Arctic Zero’s ingredients list as well. It definitely need some toppings to make it truly delicious but it can definitely play the part of a lower-calorie indulgence.

  5. says

    I have been wanting to try Arctic Zero. Like you said sometimes you just want to eat a pint of ice cream.

    I used to always want sweet when I went out for breakfast (hello Banana Pancakes) but I always left feeling sick. So now when I go to brunch I don’t even look at sweet even if I really want it because I know after I won’t feel good if I get it. It is a constant battle ha
    Sara @ Lake Shore Runner recently posted…NEW Trader Joe Must Haves #FridayFavorites #FridayFiveMy Profile

  6. says

    although I have never tried AZ, I have seen a lot of people use it as a topping for things like french toast/waffles and oatmeal. Although the idea sounds good, I’m just too obsessed with things like oats being burning hot so that sound of putting something cold on top makes me cringe ha! But if you like a la mode, you should test it out, maybe in your post run oats add a scoop