WIAW – Holiday Pep Talk

If you are looking for some sort of pep talk with magical tips on how to stay on track during the holidays, you may have come to the wrong place.

I get all nutty when I see all of the Holiday Season workout challenges and “healthy eating” tips for avoiding the weight gain.

I even change the channel when the Holiday health/weight loss segments appear on the news.

Where is everyone all year?

It’s what you do 365 days a year that matters. It’s your overall lifestyle that matters, not a Thanksgiving meal or a few extra moments of Holiday fun this time of year.

What bothers me more than anything?

It’s as though people are punishing themselves for experiencing some enjoyment.

Like, Oh no! It’s time to eat more than usual or foods I don’t eat every single day which means I must punish myself for living and liking stuffing so let’s plank ourselves away, skip lunch and cut my breakfast in half to make up for it.

Sometimes the worrying about how a holiday meal will affect your waistline is more detrimental to your health than the actual food.

As I said last year, I make no adjustments to my diet when it comes to the holidays.

Doing so would only set me up for a stronger than normal appetite (which I can’t even imagine), intense cravings and a terrible cycle of overeating, restricting and then overeating again.

It’s not all that complicated  – run as usual, eat as usual, skip the foods you couldn’t care less about and enjoy every morsel of which you do choose for your plate (or shall I say plates).

  wiaw fall into good habits button (2)

I will still eat two breakfasts tomorrow.


Egg white oatmeal is back in full effect lately! I add Pete And Gerry’s Organic Egg Whites to already cooked oatmeal with berries and then microwave for two minutes. It puffs up all nice and then I top it off with peanut butter before mixing it all around.

Remind me to order more Skoop B Strong, will you? I keep forgetting. For now I am working with the A game in my post run oatmeal.

oatmeal with peanut butter and Skoop A game

When you can’t decide between your peanut butters, you go with a spoonful of each and yes, just because you eat your oatmeal in an almost-empty peanut butter jar, you need to add more.

I still cannot get enough butternut squash.

I just keep buying and roasting them and will probably have a lunch plate similar to this tomorrow afternoon before leaving for Thanksgiving dinner because it’s what I eat every day lately when I am dining at home.

roasted butternut squash with brussels sprouts, plum tomatoes, apples and avocado

Maple roasted butternut squash, apples and brussels sprouts with plum tomatoes, quinoa and avocado.

I didn’t have lunch at home yesterday though. No. I was feeling tired and low on energy which to me was an excuse to have my Red Mango parfait in order to make it all better.

red mango parfait

It was nice to have fresh berries for a change and I felt like my usual self again after enjoying my parfait even though my wallet was throwing a small tantrum.

No wonder all of the Red Mangos are closing; the price is just insane.

I must not be as selfish as I think because I shared some of my butternut squash in a baked ziti which I made Sunday night.

butternut squash baked ziti

I puree the butternut squash right into the sauce so that my son doesn’t know it is there but somehow the other night he found a piece and wouldn’t eat it.

I swear I don’t know what would happen if I gave him my veggie loaded plate and said,

“Here’s your dinner! I know how you love quinoa and chick peas with your vegetables!”


This is what my peanut butter cup apples look like before I mix the peanut butter around.

peanut butter cup apples

I bought the Chocolate PB2 for a change last week so I mixed it in with the usual Crunch Time which is why the peanut butter in the above picture looks chocolately.

It was really good like this but I would NEVER recommend using only PB2 in this recipe or as dessert.

In my opinion, you need the full fat peanut butters to be truly satisfied.

Be sure to check out what everyone else is eating this week!


Do you adjust your normal eating/workouts to accommodate the holidays?

Do you like PB2  – how do you feel about the Chocolate flavor?

If you have kids, do they like vegetables? Which ones?



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  1. says

    I had no clue Red Mango’s were closing. I wonder if that’s an international thing or just in the U.S. Guess I have something to look into right about now 🙂

  2. says

    I love this! I have seen so menu posts lately about avoiding the weight gain. I think there are good reminders in it but it is what you do all year round that is going to impact your health most.

    Are you shocked I have never had red mango?? I agree with PB2 – it is good but you still need the fat of regular PB. I will use PB2 in my smoothies when I am using a protein milk like Core Power to lessen the calorie and protein content of the smoothie a little. When I am getting 26 g from the milk the real peanut butter can be a little too much even though the texture it gives it is way better than the PB2.
    Sara @ Lake Shore Runner recently posted…Pure Barre Holiday Gift Guide & Lincoln Park Shop HopMy Profile

  3. says

    PB2 serves its intended purpose as an alternative, but you have to accept it for the alternative that it is, you know what I mean? And I so agree–people need to stop treating all holidays as a one off that means that they don’t haveto show up for the rest of the year. Being good on Valentines day doesn’t mean that you don’t have to be a present individual in your relationship the rest of the year, hello.
    Susie @ SuzLyfe recently posted…Holiday Cranberry Cupcake Recipe + Apple Cranberry RelishMy Profile

  4. says

    I agree with your thoughts about the holidays, although in a way I think over the years I had gotten brainwashed into thinking I had to workout more and skip certain things to make up for the indulgences of the holidays. This year feels really weird to not be running/working out at all this week…besides maybe a brief walk or possibly yoga at the end of the week, but I am surprisingly ok with it. I think a few years ago I probably would have gone for a run even if I wasn’t recovered because I knew I would be eating a lot on Thanksgiving. Its a good feeling to realize that one day of indulging is not going to change 364 other days of eating well and being active!
    Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine recently posted…Post Race Check-inMy Profile

    • says

      I wish more people would realize it isn’t about just one day of eating that affects you, it’s the entire year. How are you feeling? More recovered? I am so confused with what day it is, it feels like Friday but it isn’t which means you are probably still sore.

  5. says

    I’m with you – no adjustment to my eating! At least, not in a pre-planned sort of way. If I’ve eaten a big and heavy meal the night before I sometimes don’t want my usual granola and yogurt with fruit and just want the fruit. So when that happens I just roll with it. Workouts are a challenge though. I can’t stand the feeling of having sore legs on an airplane, so I try to shuffle things around so that doesn’t happen and it often results in an extra rest day, which is not ideal. Fortunately my sister is a personal trainer so we can usually get everyone on board with scheduling workout time into the family holidays.

    I’ve never tried PB2… I’m skeptical.

    • says

      I definitely recommend PB2 – it truly has its benefits and I love mixed it with regular peanut butter. It’s great when blended with frozen banana, terrific in my first bowl of oatmeal before a run (mixed with some water first to get a good consistency) and great in smoothies from what I hear.

    • says

      I definitely recommend PB2 – it truly has its benefits and I love mixed it with regular peanut butter. It’s great when blended with frozen banana, terrific in my first bowl of oatmeal before a run (mixed with some water first to get a good consistency) and great in smoothies from what I hear.

  6. says

    Very little, if anything, changes for me during the holidays. I think the challenges are fun and part of what I enjoy about this time of year. I do what I do because I love it and that doesn’t change just because life gets a little busier.

    I was out of Skoop B Strong for a few days and quickly learned that the protein powders I’ve used in the past pale in comparison. Loving A Game too!
    jill conyers recently posted…Simplify Active Living To Make It SustainableMy Profile

  7. says

    Couldn’t agree more about holiday eating. I never make adjustments to my diet/routine during the holidays because a) it’s not like I eat like that everyday, and b) I’m not going to punish myself for enjoying something. That being said, I don’t really have a tendency to go crazy on the holiday meals because it’s basically just another dinner for me… albeit with slightly rarer foods. I think people put holiday dinners up on a pedestal and psych themselves out about it way too much. And you’re right… the stress is worse than just easing up and enjoying the food.
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. monthly favourites – november 2014 .My Profile

  8. says

    I LOVE your honesty so much! It’s so true- everyone shames themselves and worries about how much they will eat, it is one day, a day to be thankful, have fun and enjoy some awesome food! I hope you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving! PS I made this amazing butternut squash dip for today- I will be posting it on my blog soon, you would love it!!
    Andrea recently posted…WIAW: The week before Turkey Day Eats!My Profile

  9. says

    I agree with you 100% on this subject. In fact, I don’t really adjust my eating for holidays, vacations, or any of that stuff. I do me, I eat like I normally do, maybe with a tiny bit more of indulgence sometimes, but mostly the same. It’s called balance and moderation and it works.

    My opinion of PB2 is very low. You probably don’t even want to know what I think about the weirdness of defattened peanut butter powder. Ironically someone at Thanksgiving asked my thoughts on it yesterday. I think they were expecting me to say it was the second coming. Boy, did they get a surprise. 🙂

  10. says

    I don’t really change anything on the holidays. I don’t gorge myself. I’m sure everything I’m eating is higher in sugar, fat, calories, etc. than it would be if I cooked it my way, but no one ever got fat from one meal. I’ll admit (now that Thanksgiving is over), I didn’t feel great after my meal (sort of an upset tummy, probably the result of sodium/sugar/butter), but on Friday morning I just went back to the normal routine and felt great. The chocolate PB2 is fine by me. But I prefer straight up plain PB2. I actually go with the Protein Plus brand of peanut flour, since it’s 100% peanuts without added salt and sugar. I add my own pinch of sea salt, cinnamon, and sometimes a dash of stevia. No kids here, but I have a few friends who’ve managed to get sweet potatoes and avocados into their kids diets.
    Mary Legare Whaley recently posted…Crushing the Competition.My Profile