10k Today! (Plus Workout Recap)


I am big on last-minute race decisions. I decided Friday morning to register to run a 10k today.

I don’t often run short race distances (especially 5k races, I do not enjoy them) but this 10k is only ten minutes from my house and it isn’t snowing so why not? Seems like a good time.

weekly workout recap


Pure Barre DVD & 40 Minutes Elliptical

I like to keep it interesting on the elliptical so I broke it up into two sets of twenty minutes with a quick bicep and tricep routine in between.

I am getting real creative on the elliptical lately and hope to share the details of the routine as soon as I have the chance to design the pinnable infographic.

If you missed my last elliptical workout infographic, click here.


Gigabody Barre Breakthrough & 7 Miles

The Gigabody Barre video was 70 minutes long but I didn’t complete the entire thing. In fact, I fast forwarded my way through a bunch of the sections.

My run was great though! It was chilly but not really (maybe in the 40’s?). I wore a Run Swiftly short sleeve shirt figuring I would warm up which I did but really could have used my gloves.


Pure Barre DVD & 6 Miles

This run was icky. Perhaps it had something to do with running 40 minutes later than my average time. I mean, every minute counts.

I also had an extra cup of coffee and a glass of water right before going outside which didn’t sit so well especially combined with the 60 degree randomly warm November morning.

It took me a good four miles to feel normal. I was shocked when my pace was displaying 9:00 min/miles because I felt much slower than that.


Gigabody Videos & 5.20 Miles

I combined a few of the shorter videos from the Gigabody website in order to continue testing them all out for the upcoming review:

  • Kickboxing (20 minutes)
  • Barre Strength (13 minutes)
  • Floor Barre (11 minutes)

I always loved kickboxing! It was definitely a regular class on my calendar whenever I have had a gym membership.


13 Miles

I switched my long run to Friday instead of Saturday once I realized I would be running the 10k on Sunday.

Pro Compression

It was pretty cold outside but my Pro Compression socks helped to keep me warm in addition to always giving my lower legs an extra boost of comfort.

Average pace: 8:45 min/mile. It was a nice run.


 4 Easy Miles & Pure Barre DVD

It’ so confusing when I switch my long run days.

I meant to stop at three miles but geez, I am first getting warmed up at that point! I forced myself to go home at the four mile mark. If  am going to pay to run a race, I am going to run it with fresh legs.


10k Race!

My clothes are ready.

race outfit

I think it’s in the 30’s this morning so a long sleeve Run Swiftly layers nice under the Race Your Pace 1/2 Zip.

I could probably get away with a short sleeve shirt underneath instead but it really doesn’t matter — I certainly won’t be hot.

The race doesn’t start until 9:30 am. Isn’t that a late start?

If you are wondering if there are hills in this race, I am wondering the same thing. The area is a little hilly but I am trying not to think about it.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Does your gym offer Kickboxing classes? Do you like it?

What time do you normally run?

Best thing you have eaten so far this weekend?



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  1. says

    I used to take kickboxing classes back before I was really into running. I really liked it then but not sure I’m coordinated enough anymore! I usually run around 5:30-6 and maybe a little later on the weekend but usually by 630. Yesterday I went out at 8:15 which was so late for me! Luckily I only did 8 miles. The Baltimore half has a really late start and it always throws me off. Good luck today!
    Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine recently posted…Philadelphia Marathon Training Week 13My Profile

  2. says

    I’m new to your blog, but I love it! Good luck at your race!

    The best thing I ate this weekend was same late-night queso from my husband’s restaurant. It’s made with velveeta – need I say more? MMMMmm

    My running times have been random ever since I had my son 18 months ago. I aim to run in the morning, but when that plan fails (90% of the time) I run on my lunch break at work, in the evening or after the kiddo goes to sleep.
    Molly @ Motherhood and Marathons recently posted…Balancing ActsMy Profile

  3. says

    I take kickboxing classes at my gym, but I JUST got a boxing bag and stand for my house, so it’s ON! I LOVE it. I just did a last minute race this weekend too – the hot choc 15k – but only b/c my friend got injured and couldn’t run, so she gave me her bib on Friday. It was a lot of fun! The hot chocolate at the end was so worth the cold run! I’m not typically big on the shorter races either, but sometimes I wonder if they would be fun just to really RACE them…
    Nikki@will run for pizza recently posted…Hot Chocolate Race ReviewMy Profile