DASH, Running Shoes & Disney On The Mind


It’s like a good twenty or thirty degrees colder than it was yesterday morning. I can’t keep up with this up and down weather.

Is it snowing by you? I hear there is snow in lots of places throughout the country so I will sit here sipping my coffee feeling grateful that all I am dealing with is a cold run ahead of me instead of the possibility of being snowed in and shoveling.


Trader Joe’s is slowly getting into the holiday season by starting to display their holiday chocolate sets on the shelves above the frozen foods.

Trader Joe's Assorted Cupcake Chocolates

I like the cupcake concept but would only really enjoy one of the three varieties. Can you guess which one I would like?

What I do really like, on a totally different subject which I am not even embarrassed to admit, is all shows Kardashian on E!.

I like even more that the Kourtney and Khloe Take The Hamptons episodes are currently airing because if you remember, I took my son over the summer out to Southampton just to experience the pop-up DASH store because I am cool like that.

dash southhampton

I don’t watch much television and yes, I realize that what I do watch can’t even be classified as television to most people, but it’s okay because I balance it out with CNN and FOX News during the commercial breaks.

Anyway, let’s talk running shoes because I have some new stuff to say on the subject.


I have been wearing the Hoka Cliftons, which are a neutral plus shoe, that I received from the Meet and Tweet.

Now, I have not deemed them as my main love-of-my-life running shoes. No, that title still belongs to the Energy Boosts.

I have though been enjoying the Hokas as my mall-walking, city-walking, cross-training, elliptical-pedaling and recovery running shoe.

In fact, I even wore them for a ten-mile run.

I am glad that I like them because it is important to rotate your running shoes for a bunch of reasons which were reiterated during the Runner’s World Gear Geeks seminar last month.

Runner's World Seminar

I was in my glory at this seminar since I am all sorts of nutty when it comes to my running feet.

I even asked a ton of questions which revealed my nuttiness but I didn’t really care.

I learned some stuff worth sharing with you:

Many people think they need a stability shoe when in reality, the stability stuff in the shoes doesn’t actually do anything.

Your foot is probably still pronating and moving and doing what you thought the stability thing was going to fix, you just can’t tell because the structure of the shoe makes it appear fixed.

Rotating your running shoes is important so that you make use of different muscles rather than pounding away the same exact way each day.

Each brand/model is structured differently which affects how you run and how you use your muscles which helps you to prevent injury.

Also, it’s important to give your running shoes a rest to allow for the bounce-back to occur. As in, if you run thirteen miles today, your shoes need time to spring on back from all of the pressure you put on them running all of those miles.

If you can’t find another brand/model sneaker which you like to run in (this was my question), it is advisable to rotate two of the same model just to keep each pair a little fresher (the bounce back thing again).

I get overwhelmed just by thinking about trying out a new pair of running shoes.

running shoes

As fun as it is, it scares me to try a new model or a new brand because I never really know how a new shoe will work for me.

Runner’s World Wear Hoka Testers Say:

“This shoe was unlike any I’d run in before. I typically wear the Saucony Mirage 4 or Kinvara 4, so I’m used to a more lightweight, natural ride, which, to my surprise, the Hokas had. It was different, but I love it! I like how surprisingly light they are. I swear they’re lighter than my Kinvaras. My only complaint: I have super narrow feet, so I wish the toebox wasn’t as wide. But overall the fit was good.”–Hannah McGoldrick, 24, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Click here for Runner’s World complete Hoka Clifton review and here  to stay up to date with the Runner’s World Shoe/Gear guides.

You know, I think these pretty pink Hokas are comfortable enough to be the sneaker I bring to Disney World next month.

Yessss! My son and I are headed to Disney during the winter break!

Disney World Chocolate Apple

Disney during New Years 2011

I have been dreaming/talking about that chocolate-covered caramel apple ever since. We were eating those apples (I finished his) during the morning parade in Magic Kingdom.

It’s an apple, right? So it was acceptable at 9:00 am.

Be sure to check out what everyone else is thinking about today!


What’s the weather like for your run today?

Favorite food in Disney World (or Disney Land)? Definitely the chocolate-covered apple and the giant chocolate chip cookies from the Main Street Bakery.

Do you rotate your running shoes?





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  1. says

    Weather for today, and the next week, is cold, colder, colderer. We know the coldest is yet to come, for real. I’m not ready. I really am not. It’s a wussy thing to say, but it is true. I used to be really good about rotating my shoes, but now I try to at least give them time off in between, but lately I’ve been failing even at that. I really need to find another pair of shoes to sub out for my runs!
    Susie @ Suzlyfe recently posted…Happy Dance and Class Pass Referral Discount (Thinking Out Loud)My Profile

  2. Sara @ Lake Shore Runner says

    When I was in New York my friend and I made a special trip out of our way to step into the DASH store. It was a little underwhelming with how little it was and the few items of clothes all priced well above their worth ha. Still loved it though!

  3. says

    Yea I was not expecting the cold weather this morning. Even though my phone said it was 41 I didn’t think it would feel cold but it really did!
    I rotate between several Brooks pure line shoes. Did they say if its better to use different brands too, or are different models good enough? I’m wondering if I should attempt trying anything besides Brooks after my race…
    Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine recently posted…Yoga, Fall, And Sticky Fingers (TOL 25)My Profile

    • says

      I actually asked that exact question! They told me that it does not matter if we change brands or try different models within the same brand, so long as you find a variety of shoes to work with. I thought that staying within the same brand may help someone like me who can’t figure out if I can like a totally different shoe but it seems it is trial and error. They did recommend though that we have a shoe for distance/long runs (extra cushioning and support) and a lighter shoe for speed. Bleh. So complicated!

    • says

      I hear you, I hate experimenting with different sneakers and really only do so when my model is discontinued and the newer version doesn’t work…You have to do Disney with them! We have gone a few times and it’s so fun! Not a true vacation since you are on your feet most of the time but it’s worth it.

    • says

      I am the same way- I only look to really try out the different shoes if my current model is discontinued and the newer version isn’t working for me.You have to do Disney! It’s so fun, we have gone a few times. It isn’t a true vacation since you are on your feet most of the time and entertaining the kids but it is worth it.

  4. Carm says

    Here in Northeast PA snow is forecast for tonight into Friday and Sunday into Monday, too soon!!!!!
    As for rotating shoes, I do that, it helps. Thanks for the review on Hoka, really want to try them.
    Enjoy your run and the rest of the day!!!!

  5. says

    We’ve got snow! But I’m Canadian, so I guess that’s not really all that surprising 😛 And is it wrong of me to actually be happy? ‘Cause you can’t go snowboarding without it :mrgreen: Also… super jealous of your Disney trip AND the fact that you can eat the desserts there. My allergies kind of get in the way, but I would really love to visit Disney again anyways…
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. thinking out loud #104 .My Profile

  6. says

    It’s snowing!!! I’m so excited. I can’t wait to go for my run!

    I don’t rotate my running shoes, I know I probably should, but it seems like I can never keep on top of wearing them out.

  7. says

    As much as I do like snow, I only care for it maybe once or twice a year – one of those time being on Christmas Day.

    Call me crazy, but I’m so jealous in regards to visiting the DASH store. I’m kind of obsessed w/ that family.
    Jessie recently posted…FitFluential Friday #6My Profile

  8. says

    Oh man, have fun at Disney. Those apples look amazing.

    The weather here is still pretty warm. 60s probably. It’s definitely weird having moved from a colder climate to live in a place where it doesn’t get cold for Thanskgiving, nor Christmas, nor winter period.
    Kay @ Kay Bueno recently posted…Sweat Republic Surf Set ReviewMy Profile