Weekly Workout Recap 10/27/14-11/2/14


When it comes to the time change, usually my appetite wakes me early because it is used to eating breakfast by a certain time but I have a feeling I woke up not from my stomach but from the sound of the wind outside my window.

The forecast is calling for 40 mph winds which they say is a headwind for the runners through mile 20. My goodness.

Wishing everyone the best of luck today running the New York City Marathon!

Remember that Lifetime Fitness guest pass? Would you believe I let it come and go?

I only went to Spin once and never went back to the gym.

What can I say, I really like my own little routine which I have created for myself without having to leave my house or neighborhood.

weekly workout recap


7 Miles

You know those runs where you push yourself and like the pace you see? Okay but what about those runs where you push yourself yet your body doesn’t respond?

This was that run. I attempted to focus and push my pace a bit yet no matter what I did, I wasn’t getting under  a 9:00 min/mile.

It was really weird. Sometimes your body does what it wants and I got the message loud and clear.



Pure Barre DVD & 40 Minutes Elliptical

I gave myself a break from running because I didn’t like Monday’s feeling of pushing yet coming up empty.

Sometimes I really appreciate the elliptical machine.


I am going to share my elliptical workout with you in more detail this week.


7.20 Happy Miles

If it wasn’t for these recaps, I wouldn’t even have remembered that I ran seven miles on Monday. For some reason, I thought I ran six.

These seven miles, however, were much better and happier than Monday.

When my first warm-up mile clocked in under 9:00 min/mile, I knew it was going to be a good day. I held an 8:30 min/mile pace for the duration of my run and could have kept going.

But I didn’t. There’s always time for more miles another day.


Pure Barre DVD & 6 Miles

I was just thinking that I wanted to order another Pure Barre DVD to add to my rotation.

Not that the burn is going away, oh no, it’s still there, but another round of Pure Barre moves to include in my week is always welcome.

Just as I was thinking about ordering another DVD, I received an opportunity through my Sweat Pink Ambassadorship to review Gigabody workouts for the next two months!


Sometimes things just work out. Ha, no pun intended.

I now have access to multiple types of workouts including plenty of ballet barre options! Can’t wait to try a wide variety of routines and talk to you about it!

Oh and these 6 miles, in case you are wondering, took me a long time.

Okay, only a few minutes longer than normal but you know what I mean. Any time you are slower than average, or just slower than the day before, it seems really long.

6 mile morning

One can’t run fast every day so the slow runs are necessary but I just wanted to get home and get my day going if you know what I mean.


3.50 Miles & Gigabody Workout – Ballet Body

I very rarely run only three or four miles but decided ahead of time to keep the run short in order to feel fresh for my long run on Saturday.

It wasn’t easy to stop because I really wanted to keep going but I forced myself to go home.

Did I love this ballet barre routine? Yes and no. I am so used to Pure Barre that I get weird about something new. I have to try it again.


15 Miles!

I always seem to run my best in the rain! Aside from a few wardrobe glitches, this run was terrific from start to finish.

I overdressed because the news made it sound much worse outside than it really was.

I did not need gloves. Took them off after the first mile.

Three layers was one too many so after three miles, I ran home to remove the middle layer and unload the gloves.

My hat blew off my of head three times so I ran by my house to finally give it up somewhere after six miles.

running layers

I almost made the decision to keep going at the 15-mile mark but it was kinda pouring at that point so I went home.

Always good though to end a run knowing you had a little more to give.



I haven’t decided which workout to try but I have been browsing the library and may combine a few of the short barre routines or maybe an arm strengthening circuit.

I get overwhelmed when I try to narrow down the selection. So many to choose from!

Best thing I ate yesterday:

Red Mango Parfait

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Does the time change affect you?

Have you had crazy wind and rain this weekend? Do you run outside anyway?

Best thing you ate all weekend?

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  1. says

    Yes, the time change affects me for about a week. We haven’t had crazy wind and rain but we’ve all of a sudden hit freezing temps with snow flurries. My morning run is forecast in the 20s. Ugh!

    Enjoy your Sunday Meredith.
    jill conyers recently posted…Know What’s In Your FoodMy Profile

  2. says

    I love getting the extra hour, except that for a few days I need to go to bed even earlier than usual and this morning I woke up at what should have been 6 but it was only 5. I figure its just an extra hour today to get stuff done! I’ll probably be ready for bed tonight at like 7:30.
    Yesterdays run was cold, rainy, and windy for me too. For several miles I was running into the wind and it was pouring, and I had wished I wore tights instead of shorts. But going the other direction wasn’t so bad and I was warm enough. I hear the wind outside today too and I hope its not too bad for the marathon runners!
    Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine recently posted…Philadelphia Marathon Training Week 11My Profile

  3. Frank says

    The week heading into the time change was a communications nightmare,
    Maybe a message that it’s time for a change 🙂

    Ran 9 yesterday, including the Fallback 5 Trail Race course, in cloudy, cold, icy, drizzly, windy weather. Ran the Fallback 5 today on a crisp, clear, beautiful sunny morning. The temp was 10 degrees colder, but the sun more than made up the difference.

    My friend Mark gave me some Caldo Verde earlier in the week. It was the perfect meal for a cold Saturday night.

    • says

      It’s sounding like we were all out running in the cold icky rainy windy weather this weekend! I don’t even mind it that much which is funny to me…except for the wind. Not a fan of the wind.

    • says

      I love Pure Barre. Just love it. It really balances out and strengthens the muscles so nicely. I notice a huge difference in my running since starting the routine back in July. I hope you can fit it back in soon!

  4. says

    Confession: I always want to run out & get myself a Red Mango parfait every time you post one. However, the fact that I have to get off the couch right now just isn’t happening. Hahah!