Weekly Workout Recap 10/13/14-10/19/14


Good morning from Bethlehem, PA!

runner's world half and festival

I am just finishing up my coffee and then it’s time to head to the start of the half marathon.


If you haven’t been paying attention, I am at the Runner’s World Half & Festival to run the Hat Trick (5k, 10k, and half).

I have so much to tell you about including yesterday’s races, what I have been eating, what I saw/bought at the Expo as well as the wonderful Runner’s World seminars I had the opportunity to attend.

Runner's World Seminars

I hope you don’t mind waiting for all the fun details until I get back home though; I need some time to digest it all before discussing in coherent sentences.

In the meantime, let’s take a really quick look at this past week’s workouts. I wouldn’t exactly call this a taper week since I didn’t follow my usual taper plans but I did ease up a little bit more than the normal.

weekly workout recap


30 Minutes Elliptical & Pure Barre DVD


6.14 Miles

I didn’t know how many miles I wanted to run but I kept the pace easy and ended at 6.14 because I was on the phone and when I hung up with my friend, I saw I was over six miles and decided it was time to stop for tapering purposes.


Pure Barre DVD & 5.55 Miles

I didn’t even mean to stop at all 5’s. I just stopped at my front door.


Rest day

I missed the three-mile run at the end of the Meet and Tweet so Thursday became a rest day instead of Friday as I had loosely planned in my head.


3 Easy Miles & Part of Pure Barre DVD

I only did certain sections of the Pure Barre DVD (warm up, core work and stretching) before packing up and hitting the road.


5K and 10K!

race medals

Recap to come soon!


Heading to the half shortly! Talk to you tomorrow!

start line


There’s still time to enter the #NYTough P&G Product Giveaway! Winner will be announced in Tuesday’s post!


Best thing you ate all weekend?

Anyone else running races this weekend? How did they go?

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  1. says

    Looking forward to reading the recap, but so far so good! You made the 5k and 10k, just the big one left. I have no doubt you will be fine though 🙂 ENJOY! Best thing I ate all weekend? Well, we intend on having DQ later, so I am sure that will be it, but for now it was the sour cream donuts from yesterday!
    Tina Muir recently posted…The Elite Experience- Chicago Marathon 2014My Profile

  2. Carmella DiPippa says

    Great meeting you this weekend, looking forward to another “run” adventure. I am sure you had a great Half. Legs were getting tired from all those hills! Went back to hotel, showered, packed car and we’re headed for home by 11:31! BTW there were barely any guest still there!!!!

    • says

      So so great to meet you both! We just missed each other in the hotel! I got back I think around 10:30 but was out the door right before 11:30. I hope they were happy rushing us all out lol. The hills were relentless, weren’t they?! At first they didn’t bother me but I think there was one at mile 6 that made me pretty mad. I thought it was over and then it just kept going! We will definitely run another destination race together soon! Maybe the Runner’s World Boston in the spring? Otherwise Hershey Park!

      • Carm DiPippa says

        Hills UGH! definitely did not enjoy them!!!!!! If they took some hills out I can only imagine what last year’s run was like, definitely that hill at 6 was never ending. Yes, plan on doing Heartbreak also. Have a good week!!!!!