Meet And Tweet Recap & Off To Runner’s World Half & Festival

So yesterday was real fun….

fitness magazine meet and tweet

And the food that was served for breakfast and lunch was a heck of a lot better than last year…

breakfast at meet and tweet

Fitness Magazine catered this Meet And Tweet real nice this time around and even included coffee with the breakfast.


Pretty sure that only at a healthy living blogger event will you be unable to locate a dairy form of milk.

nondairy milk

Did you know that I tend to judge all events by the food that is served? A real win yesterday, a real win.

lunch at meet and tweet

We were treated to a tasty lunch spread after having the opportunity to listen to three terrific and informative guest speakers.

carla hall

Holly Rillinger, Marci A. Goolsby and Carla Hall (in picture above, from The Chew).

I took some notes which I still need to review in order to discuss with you in further detail.

taking notes

Food, however, I am always ready to review and I am not finished showing you the lunch yet.


I am a sucker for roasted vegetables especially when they are presented to me buffet-style.


I made myself several plates during the lunch break and helped myself to a few servings of the salads because both of those were really good too.

The salad on the left contained roasted pumpkin I think? With candied pecans. Oh so perfectly combined.


And the quinoa salad was a nice addition to my plates.

I even had one of the green smoothie things and will admit that I liked it.

green smoothies

I actually missed the sautéed apple crisp-type cups but did get the picture for you.

apple crisp

I didn’t mean to forget to actually eat one, trust me. There was just so much going on that I was walking around talking to sponsors while trying to eat and not forget my Hoka One One box of sneakers everywhere I went.

hoka one one

Just like last year, we had the opportunity to walk around and schmooze with the sponsors in order to check out their products (and take them home!).

I recently learned about Hoka (rated tops by Runner’s World right now) but don’t know enough yet to give you my opinion. They are pretty in pink and comfortable at first sight though.

The amount of swag that I came home with may be more than last year’s Meet And Tweet bag of goodies.

swag bag

I still need to go through it all which takes quite some time so bear with me.

swag bag

Just like after your 9th birthday party at the roller rink, you come home to quickly tear into your presents but become so overwhelmed that you cannot possibly play with it all at once.

swag bag

Good stuff though, good stuff.

How I lugged it all with me to the train, I still don’t know.

That’s right, you heard correctly, I ended up taking the train instead of dealing with driving.

We are talking a whole other level of #NYTough yesterday afternoon.

Good idea taking the train? Not exactly.

Here is a brief summary:

Train ride to city was fine.

I ended up leaving the Meet & Tweet slightly earlier than planned (I missed the three-mile run at the end of the program) to get home for my son even though he was supposed to stay after for soccer and I had other people on stand-by should I run late.

Something was just telling me to leave the city.

My phone was on low battery as the train decides to come to a halt in Jamaica due to signal problems just as my son is calling to say soccer is canceled so he won’t be staying after and is coming home regular time (which meant in like five minutes).

As I sat on a train that wasn’t moving with my 4% battery life and phone ringing nonstop between my son and everyone else who can get him off the bus, I wondered how it was we functioned before cell phones.

I wondered how it could be that my parents ever allowed me to ride this railroad not knowing if I was stuck at Jamaica (which I never ever was until yesterday) and how they functioned with me frolicking around the city back in the day without a cell phone at all.

When my phone went black, I felt so cut off from the world and my son, not really knowing exactly who was getting him from the bus.

boom chicka pop

At least I had the snacks to eat on the train. I really liked this Boom Chicka Pop. I couldn’t take a picture of it on the train since MY PHONE WAS DEAD but I saved the bag to show it to you.

I also nibbled on a Luna Protein Bar but didn’t like it because I felt as though it was trying to be a chocolate candy bar and it wasn’t making a good attempt at that.

The good news is that I made it home and my son was fine and taken care of like no big deal.

The best news is that had I not listened to my intuition which said leave city early, all of the trains after mine were delayed or canceled.

Next time remind me to just drive. And oh, speaking of driving, I kind of have to drive this afternoon to Pennsylvania for the Runner’s World Half & Festival!

Who has had time to pack or think about running these races? Not me.

But I did throw together some of the food I am taking with me. Priorities, people. Priorities.

race food

Oatmeal packets, bananas, apples, a jar of Crunch Time, Justin’s Peanut Butter packets, box of jelly beans, yogurt, Ezekiel Bread, cereal and gum.

Those plastic containers I think will contain already cooked oatmeal and some sweet potato wedges.

Before I leave early this afternoon and before I even throw together my clothes, I will probably do a three-mile shake-out run.

I had planned on running yesterday and resting today but since I skipped the run at the Meet & Tweet, I am going to loosen up the legs today so I am good to go for tomorrow morning’s 5k and 10k.

My intentions are to pop in to chat over the weekend but in the meantime, remember to follow me on instagram and twitter because if anything, you don’t want to miss the ice cream I have with Sarah.

Have a terrific weekend!


Don’t forget to enter the #NYTough P&G giveaway…Click here to enter.

Who is running with me this weekend at Runner’s World?

Have you worn Hoka One One’s before?

Tell me two things you are doing this weekend…



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  1. says

    This is awesome! I can definitely live these events through you! Love reading about it, and someday I hope to go to one of them! I was trying to read what you wrote about athlete triad on your notepad….I actually am having all the tests again at the moment, and had my bone density scan yesterday, so we will hopefully find out if my body is ready….speaking of which, I have been feel ins SO nauseous and dizzy the last few days….hoping that is a sign?! Probably too much information for here haha, we must talk!
    Tina Muir recently posted…The Elite Experience- Chicago Marathon 2014My Profile

  2. says

    I have the hardest time controlling myself around roasted vegetables, so I’m pretty sure I’d walk away from that table with a huuuuuuge food baby. At least that’s what happened at Thanksgiving 😆 And other than going to see Gone Girl tonight, I have no idea what’s on the agenda for me this weekend, and I”m kind of glad because I need to just do -nothing- after the nutty week it’s been.
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. vegan pumpkin hot chocolate .My Profile

  3. Alycia says

    Holy swag bag! Speaking of bag, I loooovvveee it! What brand is it? Sounds like you have a great time though, good for you! And the food, oh the food!

    Crappy getting stuck on the train and worrying about your son though!

  4. says

    i think before cell phones if someone was late coming from LIRR it was a given they were delayed at Jamaica 😉 I know I was quite often when I commuted to Columbia both from Queens and LI! That is definitely a crappy feeling kind of moment knowing you are delayed and unsure of what’s going on! Sounds like it was a really fun day though and I hope to attend next year! Also I graduated Commack in 2000 🙂
    Michele @ paleorunningmomma recently posted…Fall Flavors Frittata: Kabocha Apple BaconMy Profile

  5. says

    That swag bag is like Halloween for adults. Loving it. And the color of those shoes is to die for, even if you’re on the fence.

    Seems like a crazy weekend for you, even if it’s crazy fun. I’ve got a picnic birthday with a friend Saturday, and then hopefully a run in these new barefoot shoes my boyfriend convinced me into on Sunday.
    Kay @ Kay Bueno recently posted…Friday Favessss.My Profile