Life Tips Which Apply To More Than Planning A Wedding


As much as I mention the three races coming up this weekend, I haven’t given the actual running of them too much thought.

I just figure that running three races in 24 hours kind of implies that my typical race pace is out the window because there is no way I can run hard  each and every time.

Not having to think about keeping myself at a specific pace or even the possibility of a PR means the pressure is totally off, which really, is the best way to run anyway.

Lately when I think about taking the pressure off when it comes to running, I think immediately of Tina (our elite running friend who just ran the Chicago Marathon) because she spoke about this topic of keeping the pressure off fairly recently.

Not only did she run the marathon in 2:45 (I know, I know, she wanted faster but it’s still amazing) she also just got engaged a couple of weeks ago!

As part of her engagement story post, she finished it up by asking for wedding planning advice.

Of course I told her that she will need to use AllSeated for her seating charts and arrangements.


I love to talk the planning details of wedding gowns, menus, venues, flowers, music and invitations but aside from that fun stuff,  I have some other basic advice which applies not just to planning a wedding.

When things in life suddenly get super exciting and busy, when certain life moments need a ton of attention, it is important that you do not get too caught up in the whirlwind of change in order to prevent losing sight of the rest of your life.

Sometimes a new job, a new school year (or new school completely like college) or even a new relationship can become all-consuming where the focus is completely on that area of your life leaving behind everything else previously established in your personal routine.

Remember, you aren’t just a bride-to-be. You aren’t just an account executive, a freshman in college or someone’s girlfriend.

You are still a runner.

Or a Cross Fitter or Yogi or whatever it is that you are doing to stay fit on a regular basis.

Do not let the details of wedding planning, a new career path or some guy keep you from your fitness routine.

It is way too easy to skip that morning workout once and then twice and then suddenly, your mileage is cut in half for the week and you struggle to get back into your groove.

Remember your eating priorities.

A change to the routine should not interfere with your meal planning nor should it mean you forget to eat or that you skip lunch because you went to a cake taste-testing.

A new job doesn’t mean you begin living on take-out.

Getting up earlier for work or school may mean eating breakfast a little earlier, bringing some snacks and/or making some adjustments to prepare your morning meal in a portable fashion.

And oh, dating someone new doesn’t mean every night is ice cream sundae night because it’s cute and fun to share.

red mango

Unless you find someone who can enjoy some Red Mango with you, then we can discuss the exceptions.

Unplug yourself sometimes.

Unfortunately, modern technology has loosened up the structure of a typical 9 to 5 job. There is after-hour emailing which creates that always on call feeling which can interfere with your own personal down time and enjoyment.

If you never disconnect, you can never fully relax which affects your focus overall.

The internet is always there, ready to be searched day and night just waiting for you to overwhelm yourself with bridal details and that feeling of needing to accomplish it all at all times when you should probably be sleeping, relaxing or eating.

Setting up some structured internet surfing and limiting your exposure to multiple sites multiple times a day may help prevent that  ADD-type feeling of not knowing what the heck to look at first.

Make Time For You.

Regular manicures, taking a bath, reading an actual book or magazine while sipping a cup of coffee (I know, I need to cut the coffee, I know) is extremely relaxing and provides you with me time.

We all need down time in the form of me time.

I really think that social media and these smart phones make us feel as though everything requires constant connection and instant response but that’s really not healthy and sort of anxiety producing.

Make yourself important. Important people dictate their schedules and are in control of how, when and where they are available.

I like to think of my personal time as a power nap. I don’t need much, just enough minutes to rejuvenate and disconnect from the rest of the world in order to bounce back fresher and ready to deal with life.

Stay Organized.

I discussed the importance of organization last month but it holds true once again.

Organization matters big time. For school work, wedding planning, working and, well, functioning on a daily basis.

Make your lists and keep your workspace and home neat.


My must-bring-with-me list for this weekend’s Runner’s World adventure. Of course food comes first.

I don’t know how people function in a life full of disorganization.

The brain just works so much better if you provide it with a clutter-free environment.

And speaking of clutter, Less Is More.

I always think about the other brides who were getting married at the same time as me walking around with those gigantic bridal binders.

They had so many loose papers with drawings and clippings involving so many details that were just so unnecessary.

They surrounded themselves with this big book of clutter creating a bridal overload which I think only made things worse rather than better.

Today’s day in age involves the internet much more than it did back in 2001 so in place of those binders may very well be internet organizational tools.

I don’t think I could have handled all the websites and pinterest boards which really say the same thing. And if they don’t say the same thing, most of them are overloading your brain with information you don’t even need.

I find the overload on the internet for more than wedding planning. I find it related to nutrition, fitness and health. So many apps, sites and programs displayed a different way yet all the same.

Be smarter than the internet. Be smarter than the marketing being thrown at you. A lot of it is the same. Most of it is unnecessary.

Stick to your basics. Limit the details. Remember who you are. In every area of your life.  Your brain, wallet and sanity will thank you.


This post is part of my ongoing relationship with AllSeated, Inc. While I am compensated for my writing, all thoughts and experiences expressed in this post are my own.

Are you currently planning a wedding?

How do you handle after work hours emailing? Do you unplug?

Since it is Wednesday and I skipped out on WIAW this week, tell me your favorite breakfast of the moment? Right now I am still hooked on oatmeal with banana and a drop of peanut butter before my runs and the usual oatmeal/greek yogurt/fruit/peanut butter mix for after my runs.

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  1. says

    I feel like this was written just for me!!!! Thank you for the shout out my wonderful friend, I really appreciate your support, and I know I need to stop being so hard on myself. I am trying to……I am sure you will read anyway.

    How exciting about All Seated though, and now I know more about it too! I think we have found our venue by the way…..we must catch up! Now I have a way to use it 🙂

    One final thing, I think you would be very happy with my food choices over the last few days 😛
    Tina Muir recently posted…Chicago Marathon 2014- The RaceMy Profile

  2. says

    You’re talking to the organization queen over here. But in all seriousness, I need to start packing for Runner’s World. Especially since I leave at 2pm tomorrow and I have plans tonight. And i leave for work in 20 minutes. Guarantee you I’m going to forget something important… like my mizunos.
    Sarah recently posted…Two years.My Profile

  3. says

    I used to think that I wanted a huge wedding with all the bells and whistles, but the older I get, the more I think I want a small intimate wedding… maybe even somewhere far off with just immediate friends and family. Honestly, knowing me, I’d probably just stress myself sick trying to plan a big wedding. And there’s something so cozy about the smaller ones.
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. WIAW… i give up on words .My Profile

  4. says

    I got engaged in July but haven’t started wedding planning yet because the very thought of it is… overwhelming. Not the being married part. That doesn’t seem so scary, thanks to owning a house together. No, I’m overwhelmed by the wedding itself. I have to choose dresses and flowers and food and cake and invitations and…? Uh… ok. This was a great reminder that it’s just not that big. It is totally ok that I’m still prioritizing my job, my running, and my relationships. It’s just that in addition to those things I’m planning a big party. No big deal. It doesn’t need to, and shouldn’t, consume my life.
    Seriously, it is SO good to hear that from someone (even random internet stranger)!

    • says

      Aw. I am glad that I made you feel better. It should not consume your life. It should be fun and pretty but not overtake your life because it’s just one day in your life. It isn’t about the party, it is about the marriage. I have written a few posts on weddings I think and I am more than happy to answer any other questions and offer advice! I may be divorced but I did love every second of the bride part!