Cold Weather Workout Essentials 2014


I spent hours upon hours when I was younger planning out my outfits each day for school.

It was a whole event which involved pants thrown around the room and phone calls with my friends (well before face time) just so we could discuss what we thought we may want to wear, what look we were striving for and if we felt it was a sweats day or a dress-up day.

Although I am not like that anymore, I do try to plan out my race day outfits, which is something I am currently doing in my head for this weekend’s races.

I have two days of running to plan for and my final wardrobe picks will be based around the weather, the fact that the 5k and 10k will probably have an hour in between of down time (meaning I may get cold and may need an extra snack on me) along with possibly needing a shirt to throw away in case it is cold at the start.

While I haven’t settled on anything yet and will most likely bring a few (okay more than a few) choices, all of this planning did help me to begin to put together my Cold Weather Workout Essentials for 2014.

I say begin because although I have been browsing the stores for the last several weeks in order to gather some new items and ideas for us this year, I honestly haven’t found all that much worth reporting that is different from last year.


So let’s just call today Part One of the Cold Weather Workout Essentials for 2014.

I will follow-up again as I continue to look around and also after I tackle this year’s accessories department.

With all of my browsing and research, I am still standing by Lulu Lemon.

Of course I love a good bargain but I strongly believe in paying for quality products, especially products like running apparel and gear which you know you will use on a regular basis.

The items I have purchased in the past from Lulu Lemon are so durable that many of my key running wardrobe pieces, dating back to the summer of 2012, are going on their third winter season.

In fact, I really didn’t need anything new for this season. Everything I have from last year (and the year before) are good enough to carry me through the cold winter running weather once again.

But, a girl likes a few new things so here is what I found:


Run Swiftly

I had two Lulu’s Run Swiftly Long Sleeve crew necks which I loved wearing all last winter but this year I added the short sleeve version as well.

I normally run in a tank top during the summer months but back in August, I picked up the Run Swiftly short sleeve on sale at the Lulu Lemon store and I totally love it.

In fact, the short sleeve version layers perfectly under the Run Swiftly Long Sleeve version without bulking or bunching or being noticeable to you or anyone else.

I love the way that the Run Swiftly tops hold up in the wash; they never lose shape or pill and offer good length which I like in the winter when I want to cover my tush for extra warmth.

Did I mention the long sleeve shirt has thumb holes? I love the thumb holes. I wish my entire wardrobe offered me thumb holes.

Race Your Pace 1/2 Zip

This top is totally new to my workout wardrobe for this season.

Lulu Lemon Race Your Pace Half Zip

I know you wanted a fitting room picture which I attempted to take while holding a cup of coffee. See what I mean by my coffee consumption is getting out of hand?

So this Race Your Pace 1/2 Zip isn’t cheap but ugh, I just love it. And some things are worth the investment, especially since the quality is there making it durable and dependable over time.

Aside from the usual sweat wicking material, you have the ability to layer underneath, there is a side zip pocket (which is large enough to hold a packet of Justin’s Peanut Butter, not that measured or anything), thumb holes AND cuff overs to keep your hands warm.

Lulu Lemon Race Your Pace Half Zip Cuff Over

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not just assume your size; try everything on before making your decision.

Especially with Lulu Lemon tops, I size up every time. I take a four in the tank tops and a six in both the Run Swiftly’s as well as all other long sleeve tops.

I like to have the extra room to move my arms freely as well as be able to layer comfortably. The winter is all about the layering system so you need the room to pile it on without being unable to move.

And, since Lulu offers tailoring in-house at no-charge, you can always have them make some adjustments.

I took advantage of this by having them take up the length of the Race Your Pace 1/2 Zip.

Lulu Lemon Race Your Pace Half Zip

Run Inspire Crop II

I also invested in another pair of my favorite running crops.

fitness magazine meet and tweet

Remember these? Sure you do, I live in them.

The Run Inspire Crop II pants are amazing. Pockets for my jelly beans in the front, a zippered pocket in the back, amazing fit, don’t slide down, wash really well and because I am not all that tall, I can wear them year round because they stretch down enough to become full length when I need it.

Other things to note:

*I saw this Fleecy Keen jacket and of course I love it and if we were all made of money I would suggest we all buy it. But do we need it?

* This is my new favorite sports bra from Forever 21. I find it hard to believe one can find a better deal than $7.90.

If you need a serious support sports bra, I am not the one to come to for advice. Click here for a post on the subject.

* Remember to seek out the deals. Be sure to frequently check out the We Made Too Much section of Lulu’s website as well as the other websites and stores that sell your favorite brands.

* This isn’t a fashion show. Don’t focus on the color, focus on the fit and then the price. I skip right over the pink if I can get a different color on sale.

In my next Cold Weather Work Out Essentials post, I will tackle the accessories but for now, I leave you with my basic Cold Weather Essentials Checklist which I swear by, regardless of brand.

You know these images are pinnable, right?


Please note that I included running shoes. Obviously you need your running shoes year round but now is a good time to check in with the pair you are wearing to determine if they are still good enough for running.

Sort of like remembering to change those batteries in the smoke detector with the change of seasons, you need to pay attention to your mileage because once you enter that 300-500 mileage mark, you are probably in need of a new pair of sneakers.

It really doesn’t matter what you layer yourself with to run in the cold, if your shoes are burned out, you will not be comfortable.

If you missed last year’s Essentials posts, here they are again for your clicking pleasure:

Winter Running Accessories

Saving Money On Your Work Out Apparel

Midseason Workout Gear Assessment

Once I hit publish, I know I will realize I forgot to say something. Do you know how often that happens to me?


What have you added this year to your winter running wardrobe?

Are you due for a new pair of running shoes?

Did you plan out your clothes when you were a kid too?








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  1. says

    Okay thanks for making me even more addicted to lulu than I already am. I had so much self-control the other night at that private shopping party I went to and bought nothing. But I’m still eyeing all of the run swiftly gear. I might break down soon… You’re a bad influence on me.
    Sarah recently posted…Two years.My Profile

  2. says

    Oh god, I do not want to think about winter runs yettttt! The time is upon us, and unfortunately as I am taking 2 weeks off, by the time I get going again, all the leaves will be gone, and the temperature will be much lower! You have all the essentials I think, although on really cold days in Michigan I needed smart wool socks to keep my toes from freezing!

    At the expo, saucony let me take a few things of my choice, I picked up a lovely new pair of coral gloves, they are so cute, I am almost excited to wear them haha!
    Tina Muir recently posted…Meatless Monday- Homemade Whole Wheat BreadMy Profile

    • says

      Wait I need those socks! Last year I kept saying someone needed to find me the right heavy sock for running in the winter! I don’t even want to think about those painfully cold winter mornings. Last year was just so bad, I hope this year is a bit warmer.

  3. says

    I was actually in Lulu the other day and by some miracle managed to walk out with nothing. There were a tonne of pieces in there that I wanted, but it’s tough to justify when you already have such a huge collection. And my winter gear looks a little different from your winter gear… buuuuuuuut that might be because I’m a snowboarder and not a runner 😉
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. what i love more than pumpkin .My Profile

    • says

      Most of the time I walk in and buy nothing. I don’t need it all. It’s all lovely but when it comes down to it, I prefer to spend my money on regular clothes, shoes and handbags than dump it all on workout gear.

  4. says

    I am really sad that it is almost time for winter running clothes. I would much rather wear shorts and tank tops all the time! The biggest thing for me with layering winter clothes is that I need the bottom layer to be long and tight. I have a lululemon tank that is perfect and I want to wear it on every winter run but I can’t bring myself to buy another one when I only wear it under other clothes. I have such a hard time finding running tights that are comfortable! I like the Lululemon capris for yoga but I have never tried running in them.
    Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine recently posted…Motivational Running QuotesMy Profile

    • says

      Try the Run Inspire Crop II – they are the best for running. At least in my opinion. And I hear you on not wanting to spend the money for the under layers. Maybe you can get lucky and locate it on sale.

  5. says

    I have YET to buy 1 thing from lulu…I haven’t even stepped foot into one of their stores! I mean, I’ve looked online, but I just can’t justify spending that much…I find some good, quality running clothes at TJX and Marshalls which means I can shop daily. haha…but I LOVE that half zip pullover you bought!!

    • says

      I know that the price is a bit extreme sometimes compared to other deals but I do recommend checking it out in person just to see if there is one special piece you can add to your wardrobe.