Weekly Workout Recap 10/6/14-10/12/14


This long weekend has been lots of fun so far (by fun you know I mean it has involved good food) but I will be back to tell you a little bit more about that tomorrow. For now we are talking about my workouts from the past week along with the fact that it is kind of time to taper for next weekend’s Runner’s World races.

I haven’t a clue how one goes about tapering for three races though but I figure less running and more sweet potatoes, oatmeal, bananas and peanut butter can’t be a bad combination.

weekly workout recap


6 Miles & Pure Barre DVD

I woke up with a case of the Mondays, completely uninterested in doing a thing. I wasn’t tired at all, I just didn’t want to move from my bed. The dark fall mornings are starting to get to me. I don’t like it.

BUT… Just like brushing my teeth, I went through the morning motions and headed out for my run before coming back to complete a Pure Barre DVD.

Could I have skipped the Pure Barre DVD because I didn’t feel like it? Yes but I am not one to do that.

If I want to keep seeing and feeling results, especially from Pure Barre, I need to keep doing it which is what I tell myself when I contemplate for half a second skipping a planned workout.


10 Windy Miles

From one day to the next, the weather is so different. It went from super chilly in the morning to suddenly humid and windy. I didn’t plan on running ten miles but I was at seven and didn’t really feel like stopping.


40 Minutes Elliptical & Pure Barre DVD

I am forming a pattern lately in that I break up forty minutes on the elliptical machine in two sets of twenty minutes with a quick bicep/tricep session using five-pound weights in between.


 6 Miles & Pure Barre Class!

As we discussed on Friday, I had a craving to attend a Pure Barre class.

pure barre

I honestly don’t remember much of my run before the class, it was just an easy fall morning run.

I loved popping in for a random class at the Pure Barre studio. It was a terrific workout and just what I needed to shake up my routine since I follow the same two DVD’s every week.

I highly recommend Pure Barre if you are looking for a non-impact full body workout which truly produces results in your strength and appearance.


12 Miles

I have never been so flexible with my long run routine before but it is really good to feel comfortable moving things around and being open to change.

Since the forecast for Saturday morning was telling me lots of rain just like last weekend, I decided to run long on Friday instead.

Nothing really to speak of about this run except for the excitement of getting a black jelly bean from my pocket around mile six. I never know what flavor I will pull out of my stash and the black ones are my favorite.


10 Treadmill Miles

I know, I am as shocked as you are. I didn’t plan on running, let alone running on the treadmill…let alone running on the treadmill for ten miles.

It was raining pretty heavy in the morning but I was wide awake and wanted to run.

I know we hate the treadmill but the truth is, it is much easier on the body when compared to running outside, at least in my opinion.

treadmill run

Keeping an average pace of around 8:30 min/mile, hovering no lower than 6.8 and bumping it up no higher than 8.0, this run felt easy which is only possible for me to say about a pace like this over the course of ten miles when it is run on a treadmill.

This pace outside would have felt much more difficult, especially after running 12 miles only the day before.

You know, it wasn’t half bad. In fact, I might have liked it. Remind me of this post in the winter please, when I am itching to get outside and complaining about the treadmill.


Rest? Pure Barre DVD?

I haven’t decided just yet but I am leaning towards a Pure Barre DVD just to lift, tone, burn and stretch for a few minutes.

Good luck to everyone running the Chicago Marathon today, including our elite friend Tina!


Do you ever prefer the treadmill over running outside?

Do you have off from work tomorrow?

If you are in Canada, what are you making for Thanksgiving?



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    It’s interesting how some people feel the treadmill is easier on them versus running outside and others the opposite. I think it’s mental for me but the treadmill always feel tough all around, and I almost always choose running outside even in VERY bad weather. Excessive snow and ICE will make me go indoors, sometimes 🙂 You got some great runs in this week! I’m impressed by the 10 right after 12. Mentally I just have no desire for that anymore.
    Michele @ paleorunningmomma recently posted…Marathon Training Updates + Would You RatherMy Profile

    • says

      I always hated the treadmill and dreaded the winter months where I had no choice because I never thought I could run on it all that well. Somehow over the last couple of years I have worked past that and can do it. Mentally I still think it will be awful but it never is.

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