Waiting For Monday

You have heard me rant about the people who forget to eat. You have even heard me question those who fail to get up in the morning to squeeze in their workout.


I  decided that those same people also fall into the category of Waiting For Monday.

Are you one of them? It’s okay, you can tell me.

Are you one of those people who says, I will start on Monday. I will start after New Years.

I will begin right after vacation, after this weekend’s dinner party, after Sunday’s birthday cake, after my coworker’s aunt’s best friend’s graduation…and any other life moment you can conjure up just to put off  getting started with your fitness routine or cleaner eating lifestyle.

I never understood this Waiting For Monday approach, because to me, it’s just another excuse.

Just another way to refer to what you want to change about yourself as a negative thing that needs to be put off because it is too dreadful to implement today.

The mound of laundry in my house gets put off.


I can easily ignore the pile to be folded and quite often I will take the socks out of the dryer as I need them while saying I will come back to fold the rest of the load later.

Okay, I will fold it in the morning. By tomorrow night. Really, I swear. I will get to it.

I cannot imagine treating my body as I do my laundry.

You want to eat a little cleaner? What are you waiting for? What is any different about Monday?

You want to start going to the gym? Why are you waiting until New Year’s Day? Go today. Just go. Stop putting it off.

Eating healthier is NOT a bad thing. Eating healthier DOES NOT mean you never enjoy yourself again. Making the decision to eat more vegetables on a regular basis DOES NOT mean that burgers and fries and wine and cookies are off the menu.

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Waiting for Monday further fuels this false belief that a healthier lifestyle is an all or nothing approach.

This is the exact mindset which often sets most of society up for failure and contributes to yo-yo dieting, weight gain, anxiety, depression and lots of money wasted on fad diet plans and gym memberships that never get used.

It need not be this way.

I wish people could understand that just making the decision to start incorporating more fruits and vegetables into their diet, throwing in some exercise, making it a point to focus on what you CAN do rather than what you CAN’T do is really pretty simple.

It’s not about a diet. It’s not about a temporary quick fix or restriction. It’s not about living on small packages of food supplied to you by a company for the rest of your life or out of containers which measure away every morsel you allow yourself to eat.

You can still eat your favorite foods. You can still go out for dinner, enjoy yourself at a party and on vacation.

hershey bar cheesecake

I kinda had this cake last night even though I am all caked out but I think I found myself a new favorite.

When the majority of your lifestyle is balanced with nutritious foods and regular exercise, you have that wiggle room to live and enjoy as your social calendar (and cravings) dictate.

And really, putting your sneakers on to move yourself instead of just sitting there on the couch talking about how you should move yourself will actually make you feel more energized and better about life overall.

It may not seem so at first, but you will see. If you just got off the couch now instead of talking over and over about your plan for January 1st.

So tell me, what is so dreadful about adding a side salad to your lunch today, having a few more servings of fruit in place of the packaged snacks which are mushed and crumbled because they fell out of a vending machine and going to the gym today or for a walk/run outside for thirty minutes?

It’s Thursday, I know, but it’s okay, you don’t have to wait until Monday.



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    I am very much an all-or-nothing type person. It’s a destructive habit, i have to agree, so I’m trying to fix that. I agree with your philosphy though–why put things off when you can start now? Usually I don’t wait until Monday specifically to “get back on track”. I wait until the next day. And until then, I say, screw it, ive messed up”, and make the day worse by binging on food and crying. Again, its a work I. progress and i have to approach myselfeith some more motivation and kindness all at the same time.

  2. says

    Great metaphor. I think so often people are scared to commit themselves to a big change, and that is why they put it off til another day. But they also know that the likelihood of actually doing it when they put it off to a day that is happy for their calendar dwindles with each day in between. So it is a form of self sabotage, but the also know it.
    Susie @ SuzLyfe recently posted…Travelling and Business Cards: Thinking out LoudMy Profile

  3. says

    Oh goodness it took me forever to get that mentality out of my head. I did the Monday thing, I did the I ate like crap so what’s the point of running mind set. I did the eat everything in sight because tomorrow I’ll never have it again. It’s a terrible way to live.
    Ashley @ Kickashmom recently posted…Another Thinking Our LoudMy Profile

  4. says

    I’m guilty of not eating during the day some days – not because I forget just because I get busy (which I know is a stupid excuse) and don’t even think about being hungry until all of a sudden I realize I’m starving.
    I do fold and put away the clothes – I have issues:)
    Kim recently posted…Do NOT Google Pictures of Skin CancerMy Profile

  5. says

    Oh I hate Laundry and I will put off that chore for as long as possible ALWAYS. Really I just hate folding it. I’ll wash and dry and sort all day long I just DON’T want to fold it. Great metaphor, before my new healthy stint I was always a monday planner. I’ll start on Monday. It was a great way to get pumped about something but do absolutely nothing about it. Now if I have the whim I do it RIGHT THEN!
    Renee @ Bendiful Blog recently posted…Workout Round-UpMy Profile

  6. says

    That is also a pet peeve of mine, and my husband is seriously the king of that excuse! I get why people do it, it’s easy to put things off that are overwhelming, and I certainly do it with cleaning! I guess it shouldn’t be a pet peeve of mine then since with things besides diet and exercise. Okay I’ll be quiet now then. Great topic 🙂
    Michele @ paleorunningmomma recently posted…The Most Important Part of Marathon TrainingMy Profile

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    Ugh I hate hate hate when they use “I’ll wait until monday” as an excuse. I’ve had a few clients say such things like I’ll wait until Monday, or I’ll wait until my injury is done to start eating clean in our first few sessions. I’ve never nor will I ever understand why. Why can’t you start eating clean before your injury is healed, why can’t you eating clean today? Just another excuse thats around and taken advantage of.

  8. says

    Love this! My husband am I call this the “self-sabotage” approach. We have family/friends who will wait to start a new healthy lifestyle either after a big vacation, after the new year, etc. Then they spend the time until then eating terribly and not working out, as if they would never have a chance to eat again! I think so much of it is about how you think of it- if you are thinking that you are going on a diet it sounds bad and scary. But when it becomes a lifestyle change with some room for flexibility it sounds like something that is more manageable.
    Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine recently posted…What Does Turning 31 Mean To Me?My Profile

  9. says

    This bit here: “Eating healthier is NOT a bad thing. Eating healthier DOES NOT mean you never enjoy yourself again. Making the decision to eat more vegetables on a regular basis DOES NOT mean that burgers and fries and wine and cookies are off the menu.”

    I wish people knew this. Maybe if the media preached more of this instead of seven ways to slim down, let’s cut carbs, blah, blah, blah. It shouldn’t be an all or nothing mentality and I, for one, think I’ll have a side salad with lunch today.