Weekly Workout Recap 9/29/14 -10/5/14


Sunday already? Geez. Time is flying.

I cannot believe that the Runner’s World Half & Festival is in two weeks! Next week at this time I will be thinking about tapering for the three races.

weekly workout recap


6.15 Miles & Core/Stretching section of a Pure Barre DVD

These miles should be classified under really slow and not much fun.

I cannot tell you exactly what the issue was but I was happy to be done because I knew that a bad run meant a good run just had to be on my horizon.


6 miles & Pure Barre DVD

I honestly didn’t know what to expect running/workout wise when I woke up.

I got dressed to run but put the key to my community gym in my pocket (the key to the clubhouse in my community also lets me inside to the gym) because if I started running and felt like I did on Monday, I was going to run myself straight inside to the gym for the elliptical machine instead.

I didn’t need to though because within a few steps I felt great and ran the six miles at a pretty consistent pace around like 8:39 min/mile.

Sometimes you just don’t know how your run will be until you start moving which is exactly why you need to get yourself out there, even on those days when you are in doubt.


8 miles

It was a bit drizzly outside which never stops me from running. I can handle a light rain and even enjoy it, especially since I invested in the Lulu Lemon rain jacket over the summer.

lulu rain jacket

If only my grandmother read my blog she would be able to take note once again of my hair that she feels is too long.

Although I have worn this jacket before, I am not really used to running with a hood and I am convinced that holding my head/upper body a certain way to keep the hood on my head affected my stride and even my breathing without me even realizing which caused me to develop a side stitch/cramp in the first mile.

This is exactly why you should try to never wear anything out of your ordinary on a race day.

At the one mile mark, I removed the hood and alternated running and walking until I felt the stitch disappear around the 1.75 mile mark.

Funny how rain doesn’t bother me if I am running yet if am walking or swimming, I refuse to let water near my hair. 


Pure Barre DVD & 40 Minutes Elliptical

I love when I have the chance to do the Pure Barre thing super early in the morning.

I can’t always swing it but when I can, it’s awesome. I completed a Pure Barre video before my son was up and then once I drove him to school, I headed into the gym for the elliptical machine.

I broke the forty minutes of elliptical time into two sets of twenty minutes. In between, I hopped off to complete the Pure Barre arm circuit which I always tell you I memorized from the actual class using the five-pound weights.

I realized that I stopped doing my old strength training routine using the ten and fifteen-pound weights ever since starting Pure Barre.

free weights

I was a little nervous that somehow I lost my strength because of it so I picked up the heavier weights to do some bicep and tricep stuff and if anything, I felt stronger.

There really must be something to using your body weight and/or light weights when combined with small isometric movements.


14 miles

It’s always good to be flexible with your routine. The forecast for Saturday was showing heavy rain so I made a few adjustments to my schedule in order to complete my long run on Friday instead of dealing with the decision to run long inside on the treadmill.

I had intended to run thirteen miles. From mile ten through thirteen, I just wanted to be done.

When I reached thirteen though, I was suddenly energized. I decided to keep going until 13.50 miles. When I reached that point, I kept going to fourteen.

I realized I felt well enough to keep going beyond the fourteen…if only I had like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in my pocket.

I was hungry. Otherwise, I honestly had that mental-long-run-breakthrough feeling where you make it through those tough miles and then suddenly realize, hey that wasn’t so bad, in fact I feel great and can keep going.



Not only does switching my long run day confuse me, but taking a rest day when you normally run long adds a whole other level to the already confusing situation.


Maybe 6 miles?

My plan is to just go outside and run for a bit before heading into the city with my son for some birthday shopping.


If you missed my post this week on Running Injury-Free, click here to check it out!

Which day of the week is your long run day?

How often do you switch it and does it leave you confused?

Best thing you ate all weekend?



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    I felt the same way for my 14 yesterday!!! I said I would do 12-14,it took me until 8 to start feeling good, and by the time I got to 12 I just kept going and felt like I could do more.
    I know what you mean about not running on a long run day. I had some Sunday races where I rested on Saturday and it felt so strange!
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