Workout Recap 9/22/14-9/28/14


I think I really like these Workout Recap posts. I set the post up early in the week so that I can enter my workouts as they happen along with my thoughts each day.

On Sunday mornings, like right now, I review the week and throw in anything else I have to say which is usually something since I am never without words.

weekly workout recap


Pure Barre DVD & 7 Miles

Normally I run first and then come home for the Pure Barre DVD but I was up super early and ready to get moving so I decided to tackle the video while my son was still asleep.

I used to think that I liked to do the Pure Barre routine after my runs but on this particular day, it worked really well in reverse.

I was nicely warmed up and stretched out for my run making the first mile not feel at all like a warm up mile.

I ran some version of speed intervals by alternating running faster between a couple of light posts on my path and then recovering for a length or two.

running path

I repeated this for four miles. It was a good way to stay focused and work on my speed without getting bored.


7.30 Hilly Miles

As we discussed on Thursday, I tackled hills for the first time in a while just so I would feel more comfortable with my upcoming Runner’s World races.

I actually can’t believe how NOT difficult they were in comparison to how difficult I thought they would be.

It’s not that I doubt my ability or endurance, it’s just that when you are used to running a flat path, running some steep inclines can be a  scary and tough out-of-breath experience.


Pure Barre DVD & 5 Miles

I did the routine in reverse again because I felt like stretching out real good before running.

I went to bed Tuesday night assuming I would be on the elliptical machine instead of running because I figured I would be sore or something but I wasn’t.

I wanted to run for a bit. So I did.

I ran easy and just enjoyed the fall morning air which always smells of baked oatmeal with cranberries as you circle my neighborhood.

It has smelled like this every fall morning since I moved here five years ago. One day I will figure out where that smell is coming from.


35 Minutes on the Elliptical & Arm Circuit

I was up early before temple so I watched the news while pedaling on the elliptical for a bit.


I never track the calories because I don’t know what I weigh. Besides, is the counter even accurate? I think not.

Even if you enter your weight, the machine doesn’t take into account your muscle mass vs. fat nor does it know what the heck you are doing with your arms while you are pedaling.

Are you one of those people who holds on to the machine?

I also completed the Pure Barre Arm Routine using the five-pound weights in the gym. And maybe a plank for a few.


9.05 miles

Those upcoming Runner’s World races are certainly on my mind so I decided to run the 5k and 10k distance (total of 9.03 miles) the day before my usual long run.

This run was fab because it flew by super fast and I felt as though I easily could have kept going. But I didn’t.


13.1 Miles aka the run where I almost swallowed a bug.

Seriously. Like no joke. I was breathing in with my mouth opened and a bug tried to get inside. It all happened so quick but it was awful and I hope to never have such an experience again.

What kind of bug? I don’t know but it wasn’t a fly, I don’t think it was a bee but it was larger than a fruit fly and might have been furry.


Otherwise this run was long and slower than usual. I felt fine without a soreness or stiffness to be found but after running a bit longer than normal on Friday combined with it being my least favorite time of the month, slow was the only way I could go.

But long runs are supposed to be slow. How slow? Your effort depends upon the day. Click here to read a valuable article regarding determining your long run pace.


Pure Barre DVD

I told you last week that if you skip a few days of Pure Barre, your body starts to crave it.

That’s me this morning. It’s time to lift, tone and burn.

It’s so relaxing in an odd way and the stretching is terrific.

I am seriously considering ordering another DVD to add to my rotation. I thought I would wait a bit longer but I think I want a third routine thrown into my mix.

If you missed my review of the Pure Barre DVD’s, you can read it here.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Have you ever swallowed or almost swallowed a bug while running?

What’s on your workout agenda for today?

Do you enter your weight to calculate calories on the machines in the gym?


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  1. says

    I never swallowed a bug while running, but I -have- almost run over a chipmunk while snowboarding… and I’m pretty sure some bugs found their way into my mouth while I was biking. And I don’t pay much attention to the numbers on the machines either…

  2. says

    Loving the weekly workouts! I have been trying to write mine up too! Someone should make a link-up like WIAW!!

    Thanks for sharing that RW article- it really helped! Some days I feel amazing going at a 9:45 pace for a long run and then some runs I am doing 11:00- it all makes more sense now!!
    Andrea recently posted…Bronx 10 Miler Recap!My Profile