Jeter Is Really Retiring?



Contrary to what you may think, I am really not good with change.


I am also not very good at watching television at night because I usually fall right to asleep but that was just not the case last night. I couldn’t miss this.


I am a life-long sports lover even if I don’t often talk about it but this we need to talk about because wow, is Derek Jeter really retiring?

I can’t full comprehend it nor can I comprehend that Derek Jeter’s career spans twenty years dating back to when I was in high school.


I sorta felt the midlife crisis thing coming on as I watched the news coverage yesterday morning from the elliptical machine.

But I don’t have the time or the extra money for a midlife crisis.

I mean, I can’t even rationalize a Pure Barre package purchase at the moment so I guess shopping at Abercrombie and having long hair will have to satisfy my need for my youth even if my grandmother told me the other evening during Rosh  Hashanah dinner that my hair is too long.

Jewish grandmothers are always good for a compliment.

It’s almost like Pandora knew it was time to flash me back to my youth this week by playing the most random of songs during my runs:

ice ice baby

Ice Ice Baby? Seriously? Did I really love this song in the seventh grade?

And I couldn’t help but start singing when this came on…

bust a move

I can only imagine who heard me…she’s dressed in yellow, he says hello…

And maybe I will keep on making the best Challah French Toast around because it reminds me of being a kid since it was my standard breakfast order at the diner and because my dad always made it for me when we had leftovers from the holidays.

challah french toast

I really do make it the best though. Dipped in a mixture of egg, egg white, skim milk, cinnamon and my secret ingredient, a small amount of completely mashed, unable to detect in the bowl, banana.

I think it’s Friday, right? Things here are all thrown off with school closed and holiday happenings.

Suddenly it’s time for my long run already tomorrow, which in a sick way, I always look forward to running.


This totally happens to me and at the same time, I switch the station because I don’t want to overplay my running songs.

Have a great weekend!


Did you watch last night’s Yankees game?

How old were you when Jeter started playing?

What’s on your workout schedule for the weekend?

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  1. says

    We watched some of the game last night at a bar before Iggy Azalea came on. It’s weird to think that Jeter is at the end of his run. I actually do like baseball but I don’t know most of the players (besides Jeter). When Varitek retired from the Red Sox a zillion years ago I was so lost because he was the only player I knew. It’s like the end of an era and even if I’m not a diehard sports fan, it’s still sad! Workout schedule: spinning + rest 🙂
    Sarah recently posted…TOL: Extreme SportsMy Profile

  2. says

    Not sure how old I was when Jeter started, but I’m almost the same age as you, so right around the same time then 🙂
    I do the same thing with my running songs – I don’t want to get sick of them. Have a great weekend and an awesome long run!

  3. Pierre Lafontaine says

    Don’t watch baseball as I prefer hockey. I was 16 when Jeter debuted. I am still too young for a mid life crisis.