Trader Joe’s Light Vanilla Ice Cream & Other Stuff I Think You Need


My son informed me that the girls are wearing our Lulu Headbands as a fashion accessory each day to school. As often as I question if I am dressing like the kids, this absolutely counts as the kids dressing like adults.

And, if they can wear our headbands, we can still shop at Abercrombie. I bought the most comfy, soft, pretty and cute hoodie the other day on sale without any sign of an A or F on it.

aabercrombie sweatshirt

You need it. Trust me. It over 50% off of the original price. I am going back for the pink.

You need this candle from Bath & Body Works too.

vanilla pumpkin marshmallow candle

I am that girl you see sniffing all of the candles. Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow is real nice.

I guess I’ve been so busy buying other things that the food shopping  has been neglected because the other morning I noticed  my freezer, which is typically overflowing, was almost neat and organized mainly because nothing was left.

Or maybe, as my mother told me, we are just eating more which is entirely possible, especially on Wednesday when I woke up with a hungry day.

Hungry days have not been happening much lately but when they do, I make sure to eat extra right away in the morning to nip it in the bud.

When I wake up with that insatiable hungry feeling (and you know what I mean, that hungry feeling which is different from normal hungry), I automatically eat a larger breakfast which usually just means extra servings of everything until I feel normal again.

It always works when I counterattack the appetite monster in the morning rather than ignoring it since that would just make me mean and unable to focus followed by taking out my aggression on the bags of chocolate chips in the pantry.

Which I sometimes do anyway but you get the point.

Snacking your way through Trader Joe’s on a hungry day works too.

veggie tray

I always grab this veggie tray if I am hungry while food shopping at TJ. I love the jicama section and when that is finished, I go for the cherry tomatoes followed by the snap peas.

Trader Joe’s Organic Pumpkin is back on the shelves and yes, it does taste better than Libby’s.

trader joes canned pumpkin

The giant Honey Crisp Apples are back too!

honey crisp apples

I finally purchased the fairly new Light Vanilla Ice Cream.

trader joes light ice cream

What attracted me to the Light Vanilla Ice Cream is that it doesn’t contain a ton of the extra ingredients which are normally used to make up for the reduction in fat and calories.

I did notice that Trader Joe’s now has a hormone-free/antibiotic-free/gluten-free chicken nugget but I didn’t buy a box because in this case, the ingredient’s list did seem overloaded.

I get a little bit insane about long ingredients lists so if you are like me and want to have a quality chicken nugget on hand in your freezer,  I recommend Bell and Evan’s Chicken Nuggets.

They aren’t sold at Trader Joe’s but you can find them at most other grocery stores.

bell and evans chicken nuggets

I always considered these chicken nuggets high quality enough to count as “making dinner” not as “heating up chicken nuggets quick for the kids because I am tired and have no desire to cook.”

Before becoming a vegetarian, even I ate these chicken nuggets and loved them. They have amazing flavor without added filler and have just the right amount of breading. They come gluten-free too.

Oh, and that brown rice medley I talk so often about? Last night I hid the tricolor quinoa again only this time with lentils too.

brown rice medley

It’s a bit blurry but right? You can’t spot the lentils and quinoa too well, can you? I mean, even if you can, my son didn’t notice and ate the whole thing as part of his dinner last night.

I cooked a random pot of quinoa and lentils yesterday because I like it on top of salads, in stir frys (and for hiding in rice).

quinoa and lentil salad

So Runner’s World just posted this article about returning to running after recovering from anorexia.

What I really like about the article is the point that regular menstruation is a sign of adequate intake for the miles you are running.

“I think the best “barometer” of adequate energy balance in women is regular menstruation and the hormone balance that accompanies regular periods helps with bone mineral density and may contribute to tissue toughness.”

When my mother reads my running posts and freaks that I am running too many miles, I just inform her that Aunt Flow tells me every 28 days that it’s all okay.

Have a great weekend!


Are you a candle sniffer too? Which is your current favorite?

Which headband do you like best for working out?

Who’s racing this weekend?










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      Hmm that’s interesting because the girl in the store said that the banana nut one burns real nice. I almost bought that one. I can say that this Vanilla pumpkin marshmallow has a great smell and totally smelled up the house without overpowering. I also have a pumpkin cupcake one in a smaller version which smells good too.

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    Oh that gorgeous canned pumpkin. I’m going to have to head out to the store today to see if they restocked. Fingers crossed. And I’m most definitely a candle sniffer. Heck, I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve walked in to B&BW and given myself a headache from all the sniffing. That being said… their candles DO give me a headache if I burn them for too long, so I try to keep it to a minimum.
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