Weekly Workouts Recap 9/8/14-9/14/14

I thought I would attempt to offer a weekly recap of my workouts since I am often asked what my routine looks like and how many miles I run on average.

I never strive to hit a certain amount of miles each week nor do I plan out what each run or workout should look like. I just sort of set out each morning based upon how I feel and see where that takes me.

While the Runner’s World Hat Trick is coming up next month, I am not really training for it. Just keeping up with my typical running should be enough to tackle the three races.

Just remember, the mileage and routine that works really well for me may or may not be best for you. You need to do (or not do) what works best for you….

weekly workout recap


8 miles plus Pure Barre DVD

Somewhere after the six mile mark my phone rang and I was chatting until I realized I was at eight miles and should really stop since I wanted to do a Pure Barre video.

pure barre dvd

I swear I will offer my full review of the videos vs. the actual class soon!


6 miles plus some strength training/core work/stretching

Not all of my runs flow from start to finish. This run in particular started outside for two miles and then I ran into the gym for some arm strength training.

The Pure Barre DVD’s are missing the main arm circuit which I thankfully memorized from taking the classes over the summer so I try to incorporate the routine into my workouts.

When I was finished, I headed back outside for another four miles and then home for some core work and stretching.


35 minutes on elliptical plus Pure Barre DVD

I always set the elliptical on the random setting and then play around with the resistance as well as pedal forward and backward throughout the workout to keep things interesting.

I start out at a level of three and increase it from there. I go as high as twenty yet on average I probably hang out around level twelve or thirteen the most.

Each elliptical machine is different so how the one in my gym works may be different from yours.


10 miles

I talked a little bit about this run on Friday. I don’t normally run as long as ten miles during the week but my schedule has changed a bit in the morning so I have some flexibility with time.

I like throwing a ten mile run into the weekday mix so I may do this more often when I have the time (and when I feel like it).


5.15 miles plus Pure Barre DVD

I have been aiming for every other day with the Pure Barre DVD’s. It usually pans out to three days a week but sometimes four.

The isometric movements of Pure Barre combined with the stretching of the muscles really is a great compliment to my running. I like following along with the video in order to extend my plank time and push myself to do a bit more core work than I would do on my own. Not to mention, getting a good stretch and working every other muscle in a non-impact way is kinda nice too.


13.30 miles

Just the usual long run…Listened to a mix of Dr. Joy Browne podcasts and Pandora Radio.

I always appreciate a phone call during my long runs because I can hold a decent easy pace while my friends and I recap our nights and settle into conversations which turn into therapy sessions while I run through the miles.


Not sure yet.

It’s supposed to be a beautiful morning after last night’s rain so I have my sights set on a walk to Dunkin Donuts and perhaps a Pure Barre DVD when I get back but I really haven’t decided just yet.

I didn’t total my mileage to the exact number but a quick calculation appears to be around 42 miles.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and don’t forget to enter the Stur giveaway!


Which day is your long run usually – Saturday or Sunday?

Best thing you ate yesterday?

Do you set the elliptical machine to a specific workout or play around with the buttons the entire time?


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      I like the long runs on Saturdays too. If I change the day, my whole routine feels so off! BTW, I bet we totally saw each other when you were working in Bloomingdales in the early 2000’s. I practically lived there then, especially when my son was a baby in the stroller. I walked that mall easily three if not four times a week with my best friend and stopping at Norstrom Café for lunch. Ah those were the days…