Hello From Florida


Hello from Florida!

palm beach

I am up early this morning not to run and not because sleeping away from home was uncomfortable but because my friend keeps Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin coffee in the house and I couldn’t wait any longer to have a cup. Or two.


She even got me Peanut Butter & Co.

the bees knees

The main reason I am down in Florida is for Danielle’s son’s Bar Mitzvah.

Danielle and I actually met BEFORE we were even born. As in, our mom’s met each other at Lamaze class. Crazy, right?

danielle and me

And here we are 36 years later getting ready in her bathroom like kids…

It’s such a quick and crazy weekend but I was able to see my other lifelong best friend, Heather, yesterday afternoon when I arrived.

heather and me

And, just because you are out of state doesn’t mean you have to go without your local favorites.

cheesecake factory

The Cheesecake Factory in Palm Beach Gardens is now my favorite because they piled on the onion strings which are the best part.

I am so clueless as to what day it is since I normally run long Saturday mornings yet I am sitting here in a dress ready to go to temple for Bar Mitzvah services.

I do plan on squeezing in a quick run through Palm Beach Gardens tomorrow morning just to run under some palm trees.

What are you up to this weekend?


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    • says

      I heard DD opened in California – that’s so exciting! I never understood how we had a DD on every corner yet the west coast had none. I recommend the pumpkin coffee k cups at the very least from Dunkin, it’s really good.

  1. Tracy says

    I just started following your blog – so random that you are in PBG! Hope you enjoyed Downtown at the Gardens – I am there ALL the time with my boys! Lol – I am sure we have been to school or services wherever you are going for the Bar Mitzvah. Enjoy

    • says

      How funny! Such a small world, I am sure the temple (forget what it was called but I think it was actually in Boynton Beach) I was at you have been to as well as the party venue for today (in Boca)…Love it down here, always enjoy visiting my friends and family and usually end up wanting to move here just never actually do it!

      • Tracy says

        Love LOVE living in Palm Beach Gardens!! Come visit again in January & maybe you will change your mind