WIAW – Recent Eats And Lots Of Apples


This is not the What I Ate Wednesday I had in mind.

I have been planning out some foodie-fun posts like healthy packaged snack choices and finally updating my vegetarian meal planning post but none of that had time to develop because my son STILL HASN’T STARTED SCHOOL.

Not that I am complaining or anything because the quality time together is just lovely (although I took him and his friend to the movies and they made me sit somewhere else so that doesn’t exactly count as quality time), but really, like, why is his school district the last to start TOMORROW?

Anyway, I am headed into the city this morning to attend the Healthy Brand Showcase and, since there is no school for us, my son will be coming along with me for the fun.

I cleared it with the Healthy Brand people in charge and they were more than inviting and he is more than excited to check out the food and product samples available.

I do have some random eats worth discussing with you so, in no particular order, let’s begin…


The other day I mentioned on instagram that I bought the Cinnamon Raisin British (English?!) Muffins from Trader Joe’s.


While I used to survive on an English Muffin with peanut butter a day without fail for like seven years in a row, I decided after having these English Muffins for a few days that I really do prefer oatmeal first thing in the morning.

And, I also decided that I much prefer the Food For Life Cinnamon Raisin Ezekiel Bread and English Muffins over these Trader Joe’s English Muffins.

I haven’t been eating much lunch at home lately but when I do, it’s still my fave chick pea and avocado mashed on the Cinnamon Raisin Ezekiel bread. And, I have been adding Nutritional Yeast to the mash which makes it quite tasty.

chick pea avocado mash on ezekiel bread

Since yesterday was, um, the hottest day of the year so far (explain that one, I can’t) we went to Red Mango for a cool lunch.

red mango parfait

I look forward to this parfait more than usual at the moment because I can load up in the berries department which is something I really can’t do right now at home.

I don’t even want to discuss that well-priced and big containers of berries are few and far between in the stores.

Good thing I still love apples.

In case you forgot, apples with peanut butter are my most favorite anytime snack.

apples and pb

Sometimes I get creative and mix the peanut butter with some Skoop A-Game. I really love the flavor combo.

I also really love a crumbled up Grain-Free Banana Bread Bite on top of a diced Granny Smith apple.


When you store the bites in the refrigerator and mash them up into a crumble which I adore, it makes for a spreadable/scoopable apple topping. And yes, of course add some extra peanut butter.

I introduced my son to the world of apple slices with hummus as a change of pace snack.

apples with hummus

Not a great picture but you get the idea. It’s his new favorite thing.

Our other new favorite thing is to make the GF Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Bites using the Skoop A-Game instead of the Skoop B-Strong.

oatmeal chocolate chip bites with skoop A-Game

And, this, well, this is pretty funny…

My son sometimes forgets that he is the child and I am the adult.

When he isn’t with me, he questions what I do, who I do it with and to make matters worse, he monitors my instagram and is sure to follow up on anything he feels he might have missed out on.

text conversation

I was rather honored that he felt the dinner I posted on instagram which I made for myself appeared as though I dined out in a restaurant or something.

sweet potato fries with chick peas and vegetables

It’s all about the Power Bowl.

I could eat this every night and never get tired of it. Just mix up your seasonings and flavors to keep it all interesting. If you are short on time, rely on steamfresh vegetables instead of roasting the fresh kind.

And, because you rely on me for dessert news, Crumbs Bake Shop will be reopening! Click here to read about it.

Be sure to check out what everyone else is eating today!


Favorite way to eat apples?

Which apple is your favorite? I love Granny Smith but Pink Lady is a close second when they are in season.

Do you have a food/meal that you have eaten every single day for years? Before I existed on English Muffins with peanut butter for breakfast, I lived on Life Cereal for a good four or five years every morning without fail.




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    • says

      I was so ridiculously obsessed with the peanut butter on an English muffin that I couldn’t deviate. it’s amazing how things change. I love my oatmeal but do switch things up nowadays more than I used to.

  1. says

    uggh I bought the same english muffins this week for the first time and I do not like them. I like the Thomas Apple Pie ones! These TJ ones are so hard and don’t toast well

  2. says

    😆 I used to make my poor parents sit in the back when I went to the movies with friends — now I feel kinda bad for it. And can you believe that I’m not sure I can eat apples anymore?! I’ve been dealing with those strange rashes on my face and I couldn’t figure out what the heck it was. Then I had a freaking amazing apple while I was out in BC, and a little while later my mouth started to feel itchy so I think that might be the culprit. On day two of no apples and things are looking better, but ugh… I would have to not be able to eat them 🙁

    • says

      Hmm. Well, you know I am allergic to apples too but get by with a daily Zyrtec and avoiding any other than granny smith and pink lady. Otherwise I can’t eat them without itching, my lips swelling and sometimes, that tight feeling in my throat.

  3. says

    I love apples with peanut butter, too! My favorite apples are gala but lately they haven’t been looking very good in the grocery store:( My eating habit changes pretty frequently now. For a long time it was turkey sandwiches every day. When I was growing up I think I ate a bagel just about every day. Now I only eat bagels like twice a year!
    Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine recently posted…My Experience Eating Paleo (Continued)My Profile

    • says

      It’s sometimes easier to eat the same thing every day so you don’t have to think about it but for the most part now, I rotate a bunch of the same foods yet think I am eating something different lol.

  4. says

    I’m scared of ezekiel bread. I loveeeee my carbs and am trying to enjoy healthier options but I’m a baby and scared. #firstworldproblems Your dinner looks AWESOME!

  5. says

    I used to do that to my mom when I was younger to make sure she didn’t go anywhere without me. Now she automatically tells me. Haha. As for apples, I love all different kinds, they Just have to be SUPER crunchy.
    Shannon recently posted…So I tried Quest bars…My Profile

  6. says

    I’m so excited for apple season! Love it! We actually just stocked up last weekend while visiting Apple Hill, a local area that has tons of apple farms. I bought a box of Macintosh to make applesauce then a bunch of other varieties to snack on. They are all so good but usually I’m a Fuji fan.