Coconut Oil Is The Best Moisturizer


Remember when I started using Coconut Oil for things other than cooking such as mixed with honey as a hair mask?

coconut oil and honey

Well that Trader Joe’s jar of Coconut Oil is now my skin’s best friend because it soothes and moisturizes like nothing else.

I almost feel human again. I swear I have felt so off for so many days from that pesky food allergy reaction that I was starting to think it was normal for me to constantly walk around itchy, tingly and tired.

I began moisturizing with the Coconut Oil over the last couple of days and it has been a life saver. Coconut Oil makes for a great moisturizer and I swear to you that it has helped my skin to heal rather quickly from all of my scratching.

You can mix Coconut Oil with lots of different things to create a variety of homemade beauty products. Click here for some examples.

If you go to Whole Foods in search of Coconut Oil for your skin, they will try to sell you a tub in the beauty aisle which is not necessary – it is the exact same product you have in your kitchen.

When I opened my eyes yesterday morning I realized I felt just about normal.


I was so happy to feel like myself that I jumped out of bed to get the day (and the coffee) going along with preparing my son’s request for his breakfast waffle sundae.


I reheated the leftover waffles from the night before and topped them with plain greek yogurt, fruit and mini chocolate chips.

I mixed a spoonful of raspberry jelly into the greek yogurt because my son’s taste buds aren’t as accepting of the taste of plain greek yogurt.

I never buy flavored greek yogurt because I prefer to add in my own fruits and flavorings.

I never want waffles for breakfast. I like them just like I appreciate pancakes and French toast but oatmeal makes me happier.


I cooked two servings of gluten-free steel-cut oats with two servings of gluten-free old-fashioned rolled oats in water along with chia seeds in a pot Monday night.

I always bring it to boil and then quickly turn off the stove and leave it covered up overnight.

In the morning, I have a giant pot of fresh oatmeal which typically yields a little over one and a half cups per bowl. oatmeal

Yesterday was one of those days where I wanted oatmeal for lunch after Pure Barre so that is exactly what I had, not caring at all that I already had some for breakfast.

It was my cheap compromise with myself because I really wanted to stop at Red Mango.


It’s not the prettiest of meals but it certainly hits the spot.

Along with greek yogurt, peanut butter and berries, I mixed in pumpkin which satisfied my midday vegetable serving.

I even added a spoonful of Skoop which we will talk about in a future post because I am not done playing around with the stuff in order to offer you a proper opinion/review.


If you follow me on instagram, you may have already seen that I was able to locate the new Chobani Oats at Target yesterday, not that I really need prepackaged oatmeal mixed with yogurt or anything.

chobani oats

I think I just like the novelty and convenience of it.

Once I try it, I will let you know what I think.

I did finally buy and start eating Nutritional Yeast though.


It’s about time, right?

If you aren’t familiar with Nutritional Yeast, it has a nutty and cheesy flavor similar to a Parmesan Cheese and provides a ton of vitamins, minerals, protein and most importantly for vegans and vegetarians – B Vitamins.

Nutritional Yeast is terrific over pasta, vegetables, in salads, soups, sauces, in place of cheeses and on top of popcorn.

I used it the other night when I had Italian flavors cooking in the house.

turkey meatballs

Is it weird that I never crave meat or poultry since switching to a vegetarian diet over two years ago?

Even when I make meatballs? I have no interest whatsoever in sampling them.


While my son’s meatballs were cooking, I threw together a ratatouille.


Every random vegetable left in the refrigerator plus a diced sweet potato.

I completely forgot that I used to eat the Meatless Meatballs from Trader Joe’s at least once a week and now I can’t recall the last time I had them in my overstuffed freezer.

Funny how we go through food phases. Perhaps I will think about all of the other food phases I have fallen out of – maybe I will remember something I really liked and bring it on back.

One phase I don’t see going away any time soon though:

fruit with peanut butter and chocolate chips

Be sure to check out what everyone else is eating today!


Do you utilize Coconut Oil for beauty treatments or strictly for cooking and baking?

Have you tried the Chobani Oats yet?

If you are a vegetarian/vegan, do you ever crave meat and poultry?



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  1. says

    I actually don’t care for overnight oats (I know, shocker, right?) so I don’t see myself buying the Chobani oats. I also nearly always buy the plain greek yogurt and then make it my own, except for I have gotten really spoiled by the Dannon light greek yogurts. I think I just like them because they are ready to go, and a bit lighter in consistency. LAZY
    Susie @ SuzLyfe recently posted…(Mostly) Gluten Free Recipes Round Up #WIAWMy Profile

  2. says

    Coconut oil is seriously a beauty godsend. I’ve been using it on my hair and skin for years and years now, and I love what it does in terms of moisturizing and healing. My face still isn’t sure if it’s a fan, but it’s great under the eyes… and I swear nothing works better when it comes to moisturizing my feet, especially in the colder months. And I’m definitely with you on buying plain yogurt and mixing in flavours yourself… So much easier to control how much sweetness you want that way.
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. currently – august 2014 .My Profile

  3. Alycia says

    I want to try coconut oil, but just haven’t gotten around to it. You’ve inspired me, I think I’ll hit up Amazon this weekend and see what they have to offer!

    • says

      Definitely try it out – I think it is better than any other moisturizer for the body, contains only one ingredient and really isn’t expensive when you think about it ($5.99 for the jar at Trader Joe’s).

    • says

      I was nervous about the oil stains but surprisingly, I haven’t had any! I don’t understand it but I am not complaining! My only concern is that I will smell all too good to the bugs outside while I am running. So far I haven’t had any issues though.

  4. says

    I thought that the oat chobanis were pretty good, just the right amount of chewiness. I can see for those who are “texture people” might not like it though, ha! I need to use coconut oil in my life more!! I have actually contemplated eating chicken recently (i’m a pescatarian) , which is so surprising to me because it has been 8 years since i’ve eaten it! But I guess you gotta just roll with it!

  5. says

    I haven’t tried the Chobani oats yet, but I just bought some on Monday so I will be trying them soon. To be honest, I just love my own overnight oats so much that I’m not sososo excited to try them like I usually am when they have new yogurt flavors.

    Also, it’s definitely not weird that you don’t crave meat anymore! I give up sugar every year for Lent and while the first week is usually tough, I never crave it once I haven’t had it for a while. I think once it’s out of your system for a little, you lose your cravings!
    Claire @ Keeping Up With Claire recently posted…WIAW: Ready For FallMy Profile

    • says

      I agree with you over the Chobani Oats excitement – I love how I make my own oatmeal/yogurt mixes so I highly doubt I will love Chobani’s as much as my own. However, I had to get it just to try lol.

  6. says

    Coconut oil definitely makes me break out if I put it on my face. I used it for a week and thought it was doing a great moisturizing job and got super pumped, but then……. Pimples started sprouting! AW HECK NO! LOL! Thankfully, me eating it, does not cause the same reaction!
    GiGi Eats recently posted…What The Fudge?My Profile

  7. says

    How is nutritional yeast? I’ve never tried it before and I’m lactose intolerant. I’ve been debating getting it as a substitute when we make pastas and things so I can pretend like I can still eat cheese.