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    Ughhhh major bummer about your food allergy. I’ve never had a reaction to food like that, but something similar happened to me after a bee sting. I just stood in a cold shower for hours every night. I hope yours goes away completely soon! And I totally agree that running is a place to feel like myself. Makes me feel whole! I’m thinking about trying Swedish Fish for a mid-run snack next weekend. I’ve been using GU, but then I was like, “Wait. If candy is an option, why am I not eating candy??”
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    The fact that tend to “discover” these allergies is so freaking obnoxious. I mean, seriously. My body likes to ache all over, your body likes to get rashy all over. That sucks! Sometimes you get hives after you have a virus, but not to the degree that you have them, I don’t think. I love jelly beans (as we all know) but I do not care for black licorice (even though I do love fennel), so I will willingly cede those to you in the future.
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    I am in the same thoughts, even with how serious i take running, initially it would be so I can enjoy all my sweets, but underneath that, it is definitely for me, like you said, to be able to be yourself! Running in the rain can be fun in the summer, but if you do not put paper in your shoes…..oooooff the smell is bad! LOVE the Kinvaras!!!! Somehow I recognize them 😉
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      I thought of you when I decided to run in them! I do like them, they just don’t have enough support for me to wear them on a regular basis. Something about the heels I think – they had changed their heel height for all of their lines over the last few years making them not suitable for my picky feet. But, I think I will wear them more often for short runs.
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    So sorry to hear about your food allergy and rough Friday night. But wow, way to kill it with your run and yoga! Sometimes I feel better when I can control something when my life feels so out of control. Working out is one of my favorites along with cleaning and organizing.
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    I am so jealous of all your cute running and workout clothes! I could not imagine having a food allergy. I love everything, especially shell fish. Hopefully its just calamari and nothing else. I miss running so much.
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      I have heard that happen with oysters, so awful…I probably will go in for a full allergy testing at some point soon although the doctor was pretty confident I have an allergy to the calamari. Not fun!

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      Aside from the black jelly beans, I always loved the pink gourmet jelly beans that were cotton candy, tutti frutti and bubble gum. I haven’t had them in forever though and suddenly feel the need for some!

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    Hello Meredith,
    Oh! I’m so sorry you had a rash/outbreak to a shellfish allergy of calamari you ate. Man. Indeed, not fun. I’m glad it’s going away now, though.

    Hmmm…I will have to purchase a couple containers of Chobani Oats to just try them out! Like you, I like to make my own oats and mix with toppings and add-ins. But, I agree with you…these Chobani Oats could be great for packing and when on-the-go.

    Have a great evening!
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