Running Shoe Confusion


I walk really slow.

I didn’t realize how slow until fairly recently. Whenever I walk with other people, I am a few steps behind.

So what though, right? I mean, I run fast so I am allowed to walk slow. At least that’s how I explain it.

I hate walking. Ask me to run? No problem. Tell me I need to walk from the car through a shopping center or even worse, from my car with my beach belongings including a chair to the sand?

Forget it. I am tired just thinking about it.


Notice how far I am from the ocean? I couldn’t walk anymore.

Saturday turned out to be not much of a beach day but I was there after my long run anyway with one of my favorite friends.

Everyone, this is Dina. Dina, this is everyone…


I totally told her to wave to you and she respected the need for the photo even though she rarely reads the blog but how can we fault her, she is the friend with the last blackberry in America which means she is behind on things.

Now, since she is one of my favorite people, I gave her the opportunity to try Pure Barre for free on Friday.

For the rest of the summer, Fridays at Pure Barre are considered “Free Friend Friday” which allows me to bring a friend for a trial class.

I hadn’t planned on going to Pure Barre two days in a row but she wanted to go and I am sucker when it comes to free things and doing nice things for my friends.

I actually did really well in the class considering I had not only attended class both Tuesday and Thursday BUT had also run a few miles Friday morning before the class.

However, I wasn’t sore at all nor were any of my muscles tired or fatigued more than usual.

In fact, I swear to you that overall I feel better than ever; all stretched out, limber, loose and balanced.

Don’t ask me exactly what balanced means in the above sentence, it just seems to make sense to use the word but I don’t know why.

My issue right now though is my new running shoes which is exactly why I never talk or rave about a new pair of sneakers too soon.

adidas adistar boost

Similar to when you are dating someone new. You never jump to say things are all sunshine and unicorns. Of course it might seem that way but it takes some time to really see, you know?

Anyway, the first few runs  in the Adidas Adistar Boosts seemed lovely. Until Saturday’s long run.

I felt the bottoms of my big toes burning. Hot spots on the forefoot they seem to call it, at least that’s what my google searches produced when I tried to find others possibly having the same issues as me.

You know you are insane when you are spending your time reading running shoe forums.

It felt as though my calluses were all gone from the bottoms of my feet and I haven’t had a pedicure in two weeks which was well before I began testing out these sneakers.

feet in the sand

Ever try Essie’s Play Date? Love the purples.

I felt the burning on the bottoms of my toes I think from the beginning of the run but it was worse in the last few miles.

I wanted to stop. But I didn’t.

I realized my stopping was more mental than anything else. My toes were burning a bit, yes, but I knew I could finish out another twenty minutes.

I convert miles to minutes when a run starts to feel endless.

A little over two miles sounds like a lot until you say, “What’s another twenty minutes?”

Everything else felt fine so I just wouldn’t allow myself to stop and felt that for mental purposes, I needed to continue.

I thought of Janae who finished a marathon with burning feet (a side effect of so much pool running softening all of her calluses) and how her sister jumped into the race to run the last five miles in flip-flops to get her to the finish line.

If someone can run in flip-flops, I can certainly run in super fancy cushioned and foamed Adidas sneakers for two more miles.

I don’t really know what I will do now about the shoes. My feet were fine since taking them off and I am kind of afraid to put them back on.

I have a few more days to return them. I may try them again or pop back over to Runner’s Edge to tell them the problem to see what they think and if they can perhaps recommend a different shoe.

Or maybe I will go back to the Energy Boost which has been updated to the Boost 2.0 with a touch more support to the heel which I do need but I still think I need some more in the arch support.

I hate when this happens. I hate when I swear by a running shoe and then try to wear a different one, become unhappy and confuse myself.

This is why I never order anything different in my favorite restaurants.

Seriously, it’s bad enough when running shoes disappoint me, I am not about to have a meal upset me too.

cheesecake factory bbq ranch salad

I will never deviate from my favorite salad at The Cheesecake Factory.  Lots of onion strings Saturday night which made me happy since they really tie the entire salad together.

Sometimes I deviate on the chocolate cakes but no matter which one I choose I know I will be satisfied.

lindas fudge cake

Have you tried Linda’s Fudge Cake? You should. Just not when you go with me unless you are ordering your own slice.

So my plan this week is to take Pure Barre classes on Tuesday and Thursday but last night I decided I wanted to go this morning. I just love how I feel after the class, it’s really terrific.

I guess everyone else feels the same way I do since the only class time I can make this morning is full which means I have been added to the wait list.

That’s one thing about Pure Barre- you need to sign up in advance to secure your spot, especially if it is a popular class time.

I think I would have heard by now if there was an opening for me so maybe I will try the sneakers again instead.

Have a terrific Monday!


Are you a fast or slow walker?

What mental tricks do you use in order to get through tough or long runs?

Best thing you ate all weekend?







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  1. says

    I am someone who, when I walk fast, I walk FAST, but when I walk slowly, I’m basically at a stop. I tend to walk with purpose, for the most part, but I also have short legs and don’t cover any ground. So I tend to get all annoyed when people are walking slowly because I figure that they should be walking faster than me. Also, if I am carrying anything, I go even slower. It is very complicated.
    Good luck with the shoe conundrum. I am dreading/postponing trying on shoes for the same reason!
    Susie @ SuzLyfe recently posted…We Found Sharknado in Madison Wisconsin #MIMMMy Profile

  2. says

    I agree, Pure Barre makes me feel stretched, balanced and actually energizes me. Which is odd because some of those moves are killer!

    I’m with you- I stick with what I know from running shoes to meals at restaurants. Wishing you and your feet good luck!

  3. says

    Mmmmm fudge cake! You should never have put that at the end, as now I am distracted, and forgot what I was going to say! Ahhh new shoes, I definitely have plowed through some runs with bad blisters, I have also given some shoes waaaaayyy too many chances to rub my shoes after it was evident after the first run that they just do not fit my feet well. My coach often gets mad at me as I try to “squeeze in miles” in those shoes just because I do not want to waste them….another way we are similar I guess. I mentally pushed through yesterdays 17 miler by saying it would all be worth it for the marathon….I sure hope so!
    tina Muir recently posted…Meatless Monday Linkup: Sesame Peanut Spaghetti SquashMy Profile

    • says

      Yeah, I really try to exchange the shoes while I can rather than keep trying to make them work. The first few runs seemed right but the long run was a big no. This is why I try not to deviate from the pairs of sneakers I love but then they go and change models which forces us to either adapt or switch. Bleh.

  4. says

    I also count minutes during tough long runs. It’s amazing how short 35 minutes sounds, but saying 4 miles sounds like an eternity. Bummer about your shoes. I think taking them to the store to chat with the workers sounds like a good idea. They might know! But yeah, switching up shoes always feels dangerous to me. Maybe you could just save those for walking around.
    Alexis @ Run Crush recently posted…Workout Recap 7.21 – 7.27My Profile

    • says

      I would rather exchange this pair for the right pair at this point. Way too pricey to just keep when I can still get a return accomplished! I usually save my last pair of running shoes for walk around shoes and have a few other pairs that are pretty for appearance but not okay for my feet for running.

  5. says

    Essie Play Date is like, my all time favorite shade!!! (I also love that since it’s a lighter shade, you don’t notice the chips as quickly, haha. I’m terrible with chipping my nails!)

  6. says

    I actually find walking quickly to be a lot more tiring than running. But maybe part of the exhaustion factor is the fact that it just takes so freaking long to get anywhere? Still, I love my walks 🙂 And that sucks about the shoes! Hate it when stuff like that happens… especially with men 😡
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. epic food survey pt1.My Profile

  7. says

    I walk SUPER fast, like embarrassingly so. My friends always make fun of me and my mom tells me I’m rude because I’m always 5 steps in front of the person next to me. I don’t do it intentionally- I just naturally walk fast! Also, that cake. Holy moly. I haven’t been to Cheesecake factory in SO long but my old apartment is across the street from it and I’m staying there this week so maybe I’ll treat myself to a ginormous slice of Linda’s fudge cake in honor of moving back 😉
    Sarah @pickyrunner recently posted…Last Weekend of BoatlifeMy Profile

  8. says

    Oh no! Sorry to hear about the shoes! That is so frustrating, but I understand because I think my Newtons are what have been causing me injuries the last year (or part of what’s causing it).
    I am totally a fast walker…like annoying fast. People yell at me all the time to slow down. haha

      • says

        Of course! I actually switched back to the adidas I use to wear before….the same ones that are giving you so much trouble!

  9. says

    My walking is more on the slow side. The dilemma of new running shoes. The first run seems to always feel wonderful and you’re filled with optimistic hope that this is THE shoe. Then run 2, 3, 4, etc.? Not so much. So disappointing!

    You’ll find THE shoe for you!
    jill conyers recently posted…Post-Run Recovery RoutineMy Profile

    • says

      It’s the worst, isn’t it? I think I will just go back to what I loved in the Adidas Energy Boosts. Hopefully the new model won’t upset my feet. Why do they have to change the models so often? lol

  10. says

    girl, it’s got to the point where my friends walk so much faster than me, there’s always a 1- metre gap if they don’t consciously slow down! I’m such a slow walker but I can’t help me! It took my boyfriend a while to adjust to my walking speed whenever we went out!
    Carmy recently posted…Run Chat: Running in a Skirt?My Profile

  11. Frank says

    I’m a fast walker when alone. A slow walker when with others, with frequent “talk stops”.

    I’m pretty good at finishing my runs/workouts when I have a clearly defined plan. Though I do sometimes bargain with myself during high intensity track/interval workouts, like “if you can finish this one on target, you don’t have to do the next”. Sometimes, deciding early on to do one less (9 400’s instead of 10, 5 800’s instead of 6) makes all the difference.

    Eggplant parmigiana with a side of sauteed broccoli rabe from Mama Sbarro’s in Deer Park.

  12. says

    Hello Meredith,
    Neat that you saw Dina on the beach then went with her to a free Friday Pure Barre class. How fun! Especially that the two of you could share the experience with her.

    I’m sorry about the issue with your burning toes when running in the Adidas Adistar Boosts. I’m not 100% sure what the problem is with the shoes (b/c of course, I’m not you), but I guess I have a few ideas you might think of (again, just “take these or leave them,” as I’m certainly no expert. These are only based on my own experiences:) 1.) The design of the toebox may not be the right size. Sometimes shoes are made a specific size, but the toe-box may not fit well. When I’ve had issues with running shoes like that, I will use those shoes as “walking around” shoes for awhile. That way, I “stretch them out” through everyday activities. Then, I’ll transition them to running shoes. 2.) The actual “inserts” in the shoes sometimes can be made out of a different “material” than other shoes. Sometimes, I’ll “keep” other shoes’ “inserts” and, if necessary, “cut them” to fit into the new shoes, if they don’t just slide-in to the new shoes and fit perfectly. However, I haven’t had to do that for years, b/c I wear specialty made silicone filled orthodics (that last for 3 years), so whenever I am done with a pair of shoes, I just slip my orthodics in. But I remember, in the past, certain material (the cloth or whatever is used) can irritate the feet. 3.) Finally, those certain Adidas may not have enough “shock absorbtion” material their in the toe-box. Sadly, some companies will reduce the cushioning there, in order to make the shoes weigh less. Personally, I always choose a shoe that has a lot of custioning there, and often, I choose shoes with gel in the front there. I am a mid to front foot striker, so that’s why I particularly do that.

    Anyways, again, take all of this as just my thoughts. Just trying to (perhaps??) help you out.

    Again, I’m sorry about this situation. It’s always tough when you get a lovely, beautiful new fresh pair of shoes that look cool, but functionally may not work as well as you’d like. But, I’d give them another chance as often new shoes need to be “broken into.” BUT…if you still have problems with them and finding your legs/feet hurting, then that’s when I’d (sadly) choose a different brand.

    Personally, I choose Asics (Specifically the Gel Nimbus line), and also Pure Flows worked out for me when I ran. But since I’ve been hiking only for the past year, I wear Merrill trail running shoes, (which work for hiking) but they also have great (just) running shoes, too. But that’s just me.

    I will say a few hopes and prayers that your toes and feet feel better.
    ~ Amy 🙂

  13. says

    You have to sign up for the yoga classes at my studio ahead of time too. You can try and be a walk-on, but some of the classes (certain teachers) fill up fast, so it’s taking a chance. I think you should try talking to the running store people and see if they can recommend a different shoe or how to correct the problem. Burning toes does not sound like much fun at all :/
    Leslee @ Her Happy Balance recently posted…Currently – July 2014My Profile

  14. says

    I laughed at what you said about walking.

    I am SO in the same boat. I can run all day long, but ask me to walk for more than 10 minutes and I am DEAD.

    Why??? It’s so weird. And I don’t want to go on a ‘walk work out’ because it just seems..boring haha.