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I seriously contemplated doing the whole Thursday is for Thinking Out Loud thing earlier in the week but I thought it may confuse you into thinking it was actually Thursday when it was only Tuesday and that is a really mean thing for me to do to you so I didn’t.

So today really is Thursday and I am excited to finally share with you lots of random things.


I know school just ended but I am already excited about the school supply section popping up in Target.

school supplies

This new line of pretty school supplies at Target makes me want to register for a course or two. A course that requires marble notebooks and binders with dividers and pencil pouches but not a ruler. I hate math.

I would live vicariously through my son and his school supplies but he is a boy and boys are boring and can’t use pink or purple notebooks.

He does need binders and dividers though (already received his supply list!) so I am hoping he lets me set all the notebooks up. Live for that.

Speaking of boys, I laughed at this tank top in Bloomingdales last week.

bloomies tank top

You just can’t trust technology but at the same time, girls can’t actually text again to see if the boy received a text.

It’s a double standard my friends since the boy can totally text the girl again if she doesn’t answer and they are even allowed to follow-up with the ????? (I hate overpunctuation) but the girl just cannot. Put down your phone and fight the urge otherwise it becomes a you-are-insane-and-obsessive type of situation even if technology is the one to blame.

I liked this tank too.

tank top

Do you believe in Karma? I do. For sure. Along with horoscopes and the Long Island Medium.

tank top

Let’s talk ice cream. Do you make it at home? Aside from our banana “ice cream” I mean.

ice cream maker

I saw this ice cream maker in Williams Sonoma last week and from the instructions on the display, it looked really easy.


It even comes in purple which made me think of the Barbie Ice Cream Parlor I had as a little girl (which was pink but I associate pink with purple) which I recall let you make real life ice cream for yourself and not just plastic scoops for Barbie…that is if your parents let you which mine didn’t because I would make a mess.

So there’s a book on my nightstand.


The first step to returning to reading on a regular basis was getting to the library and bringing the book home.  I am hopeful that actually having a library book on my nightstand which is due back in two weeks will encourage me to open it and read it.

Can you talk to me about Vitamin Water?

vitamin water

Water shouldn’t contain 31 grams of sugar and “naturally sweetened” is trying to trick us into thinking that the second ingredient of cane sugar isn’t really sugar.

I tried to explain this to my son but he didn’t want to hear it.

He told me the sugar is from the vitamin part of the water but that makes no sense and he knows that but he is really good at making a case for a guilty party.

All the kids are drinking this sugar water by the bottle-load at camp so he insisted upon drinking it as well when I think they all might as well be drinking Kool-Aid.

Don’t the other parents have a fruit infusion pitcher? Shouldn’t the camp have fruit infusion pitchers?

I hate to be a party booer so I let him get a few bottles so long as he promised to only add half to his water bottle which is already filled with real water.

If the kid wants a cookie, I will give him a cookie and probably offer to serve it a la mode.

Sugar inside of cookies I can justify. Sugar in water? Only if it is the frozen kind like a snow cone.

Be sure to check out what everyone else is thinking about today!


How often do you forget what day it is?

What book is currently on your nightstand? Please share chick-lit/light-hearted funny novels with me!

Do you have an ice cream maker? Is it worth it?




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  1. says

    Great t-shirts. Especially the texting one. Totally made me giggle. And yeah, Vitamin Water is kind of the worst. But kids have to figure that stuff out for themselves in their own time, I think. Sigh. I have never really considered making my own ice cream. It sounds appealing in theory, but I have a feeling it would sit in a cupboard under my sink and never see the light of day 🙂
    Alexis Teevens recently posted…Blogging FearsMy Profile

    • says

      I’ve never even had the Vitamin Waters to be able to answer you. And I never understood why my son wants Gatorade either – to me it was the beverage I drank after stomach viruses. It never tasted all that appealing to me.

      • says

        I loved gatorade and powerade as a kid but then I started being more calorie/sugar conscious and tapered off. And then I had to drink 32 oz (I think?) for some tests (it had a dye mixed in for an imaging test) and that pretty much did it for me. I only started drinking it again in the past year or so for marathon training. Or when ABSOLUTELY necessary.
        Susie @ SuzLyfe recently posted…Still Feeling the Buzzfeed Thinking Out LoudMy Profile

  2. says

    Your son’s reasoning will only get more advanced from this point on, so you’ll have to be on your toes 😉 I’ve been reading a book called ‘The Midwife’. It’s more drama than light, chick beach read, but I’d definitely recommend it. I don’t want to go to sleep at night and typically zonk out with the book still open.
    Jaclyn @ BumpSweat recently posted…{WIAW #4} Fuel Your Nesting (or Deep-Cleaning)My Profile

  3. says

    We have an ice cream maker at my lake house in Maine and it’s kind of a tradition to make ice cream every summer. We have a Ben & Jerry’s recipe book that has some AMAZING recipes. We all vote on one and then usually whatever kids (my nieces and nephews) are there get to make it 🙂

  4. says

    Love the karma shirt 😀
    And wow, I didn’t realize vitamin water had so much sugar! I used to drink vitamin water zeros almost every day when I first got to college, but that got to be an expensive habit so I stopped.
    As for the ice cream maker, I’m definitely a big fan of homemade ice cream! My parents have one, and it’s definitely one of the highlights of visiting them. I love being able to create different flavors! Plus I think there’s something to be said for the novelty of homemade ice cream.
    Lisa @ Sweet Pea Snacks recently posted…Thinking Out Loud #4My Profile

  5. Jade says

    I had to laugh at what became my inner dialogue of “Mom, the sugar is part of the vitamin part duh!” I still get amazed at how marketing can really skew reality. Also it does really suck how there is that double standard that is making its way into texting! Even though I have shut off the ‘read’ notification on my iPhone I’m sure it drives kiddos crazy if they don’t get a reply right away!

  6. says

    Shopping for school supplies is my favorite things! Even if I don’t need new things for each semester, I always get stuff anyways. I can’t wait to get ready for graduate school and buy new binders! I should not be allowed inside Staples with a credit card…

    • says

      Haha I know what you mean! I even just spotted the most adorable perfect five subject notebooks with pretty dividers and folders in the grocery store. i wanted one but had no clue what the heck I would need it for!

  7. says

    so much pink and purple!! both are my favourite colours haha. The ONE reason I look forward to my semesters starting is buying new pens, notebooks, and similar goodies! I wanted to get an ice cream maker but my freezer is small as hell and is always filled to the max with frozen meat my roommates buy! Luckily I live close to an ice cream parlor 😉
    Carmy recently posted…U-RAAW!My Profile