Thinking Out Loud- Maureen’s Kitchen

How do you feel about the word coincidence?


Some say there’s no such thing, that everything happens for a reason, reasons which may be higher than our ability to explain or rationalize.

Sometimes I agree with this controversial theory and sometimes, things just seem coincidental.

I find it oddly coincidental that my post about running and motherhood  from last week was featured on Blogher yesterday, the same day as my son’s graduation from elementary school.

He may only be ten, he may only be entering middle school but really, it’s kind of a big deal in our lives.

I mentioned in that post how those moments where your children need you every second are short-lived. It is so true.

The time flies by so quickly that I just cannot grasp or understand how my little bunny is old enough to now switch classes, have his own locker as well as request that I not speak to him at school functions.

I can’t help but feel grateful that I had the opportunity to be a stay-at-home mom for so many years where I was able to spend basically every second with my son.

Some moments were pure torture (any mom who fails to admit this is lying to you) yet I wouldn’t trade the memories for the world.

I can now look back on some of those torturous moments which were captured in pictures and laugh.

When we look through photo albums, I tell him the stories of his monstrous newborn nights, how he had me chasing him into bushes when he was an active toddler, that he was photographed inside the giant ice bucket because he felt the need to always climb inside at our barbecues and I never leave out that he didn’t sleep through the night until he was well over the age of four.

Beginning at the age of two weeks old, I slowly introduced him to the world of dining out. It was an outing for us to go out for lunch. It built some routine and structure into our day as well as taught him how to sit in restaurants.

I like to think that the quality time the two of us spent together (and continue to spend when he deems it okay for him), has also helped him to develop proper foodie skills.

cinnabon french toast

You know you have done your job as a mother when your son orders the French Toast Cinnabon special at Maureen’s Kitchen as his post-graduation brunch.


Maureen’s Kitchen is a special breakfast spot here on the island where basically any day of the week, expect a wait to be seated in the cozy cow decorated kitchen which serves ridiculous breakfast delicacies including this special cinnamon bun sliced open and cooked French toast style with bananas and chocolate chips.


To cut down the wait time, we opted to sit at the counter which we both find entertaining since we get to watch the kitchen in action.


Some parents educate their children through museums. I opt for opening my son up to the inner-workings of fabulous food establishments.

Of course I went with the baked oatmeal.

baked oatmeal

I don’t know how to order anything else when baked oatmeal is offered on a menu.

baked oatmeal

Please don’t ask me what’s inside the oatmeal. I haven’t a clue. It is always different. It was definitely cinnamony. There may have been a raisin. Possibly a nut. Can’t place the other fruits but it all cooked and mushed together especially after I poured the warmed milk on top.

baked oatmeal

I decided that the waitress saw my post last week regarding my obsession with blueberries and bananas since she offered me a separate side dish of my latest combo to add to the oatmeal.

Believe it or not, school doesn’t officially end until tomorrow. Today is a half day so my friend and I will be picking our kids up around lunch time to head into the city for another graduation restaurant treat in the form of Max Brenner.

Bring on the chocolate.

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Do you choose savory or sweet when it comes to a brunch menu?

Favorite local breakfast spot?





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  1. says

    I may or may not try to actually climb inside that breakfast. Or favorite local breakfast spot is called West Egg–they have a bit of everything, and I will admit there have been times where they have fallen a little flat, but we are still fans 😀 In Cville, the best breakfast spot was hands-down Bluegrass Cafe. Everything made in house, it was basically the type of place that you put on Diner’s Drive In’s and Dives but don’t because you still want to get a seat (which is already a tall order at times!)

    • says

      Ok I just LOVE Diner’s, Drive-In’s and Dives. I am almost 100% positive that Maureen’s Kitchen has either been on that show or maybe even one of Adam Richman’s shoes or the Food Paradise episodes.

  2. says

    You may be the best mom ever. Your son has EXCELLENT taste in breakfast and Max Brenner is my favorite restaurant. Their mac and cheese is unreal but the s’mores sundae? To die for.
    Sarah @pickyrunner recently posted…Blown AwayMy Profile

    • says

      Yes to the Smores sundae. Only when ordered with a side of fondue lol. My friend and I shared that several months ago. So delish. I vote that you come to the city one of these days soon over the summer and we meet up at Max Brenner. Deal?

  3. says

    COngrats on your blog being featured! How exciting! I am not surprised though, you have written some great posts recently 🙂 I LOVE your sons choice, and that is definitely right up my alley for breakfasts….even though I should probably pick something more healthy shouldn’t i? :p Still have not tried baked oatmeal, BUT every sunday from now on I am going to cook something from my pinterest breakfast board…..and baked oatmeal is near the top of the list!
    Tina Muir recently posted…8000 Miles and a California AdventureMy Profile

    • says

      Aw you are way too sweet and kind. Thank you. Such a great idea to pick something from Pinterest boards to cook. I love my boards and take such pride in organizing them and pinning all of the time but never do much with the recipes on a routine regular basis lol. Good luck making baked oatmeal at home, I swear it can’t come out as good as these special restaurants. I have tried lol.

  4. says

    You have taught your son well. It’s aaaall about the sweets when it comes to breakfast. 😉
    There’s a cute little diner just a few miles away from my home. As far as environment goes, that is the place to be. But when it comes to food and quantity and yumminess, I’d go with the buffet restaurant that is in equally close proximity to my dwelling. Talk about neverending pancakes, hash browns, and scrambled eggs. 😀
    Janessa recently posted…Thinking Out Loud #8My Profile

  5. says

    I’d take a brunch excursion over a museum any day. But then again, the museums you guys have in NYC are probably a tonne better than the ones we have up here. Can I choose both? 😀 And I always, always, always go the sweet route. I’d go for crepes if they had them, but if not, then baked oats are always a winner. Been a while since I’ve had them… might be time to change that.

  6. says

    I LOVE breakfast! I tend to go for sweeter options but have been trending towards savory of late. That’s a quality looking french toast. I also love drinking diner coffee. For some reason, having my coffee in a mug makes the morning better. I may just have to make a trip to breakfast this weekend.
    Kaitlin recently posted…Travel to Tarrytown, NYMy Profile

  7. says

    Congratulations on having your post featured over at BlogHer! That’s wonderful! (It was a good post, too). While I cannot completely relate to your bittersweet feelings about your son (I don’t have children of my own), my heart melted at the words you used about him. He seems like a good kid, with a good head on his shoulders…AND
    you’re right that he already has good foodie sense. That French Toast/Cinnabon thing at Maureen’s looks amazing!
    ~Amy 🙂