When To Replace Running Shoes And My Favorite Salad

I received a few questions yesterday regarding how to know when it’s time to replace your sneakers.

They say your running shoes should last you anywhere between 300 – 500 miles, with lighter-weight runners supposedly getting to the upper end of the recommendation.

I always laughed at this concept because as a pretty light-weight runner, I usually notice my shoes wearing out closer to the 300 mile mark. Princess feet, total princess feet.

On average, if you run let’s say 25 miles a week, you should be looking to replace your sneakers every three to four months.

But go by how you feel.

If you are suddenly experiencing random aches and pains, if your feet suddenly feel lack of support, the loss of cushioning and comfort, it may be time for a new pair of running shoes.

My feet are so sensitive that suddenly I will notice the fronts of my running shoes feeling a bit worn, that the cushioning is not there or lately in my last pair of Adidas, my heels just felt a lack of support and slight pain.

When these symptoms occur, I do a quick average mileage count since owning (and wearing) the running shoes and usually find myself somewhere between 300-350 miles.

The Adidas Energy Boost are known to give you more miles than other shoes which shockingly, was the case even for me.

I have been able to get more miles out of these sneakers but I am still on my third pair since November. ecard

Running in worn out sneakers can cause injury. I don’t need that. And neither do you.

I know it can get pricey, especially since the more you run, the faster your shoes wear out but it’s worth it.

Your health, fitness and the mental stability you receive from working out is worth paying for. ecard

If you find a sneaker model you love, keep an eye out for the sales and then stock up. Only on rare occasion have I had an issue where the exact same shoe didn’t feel the same.

Regarding finding the right shoes for you, click here for a previous post on the topic. This post also includes some good running tips which we discussed a few months ago. Sometimes even I benefit from rereading my own posts.

Moving on….

cheesecake factory salad

Yes, I had my salad once again last night. And look, the universe heard my craving for corn this week and blessed me with a big portion.

I had to take my son shopping for a suit yesterday afternoon which was the opposite of fun. I knew it wouldn’t be fun so I purposely planned our shopping to take place in the vicinity of The Cheesecake Factory.

I know we shouldn’t eat our emotions but knowing I would have my salad topped with onion rings once we were done shopping was motivation to stay smiling as we tortured some store employees looking for the suit.

Can’t begin to tell you about the experience. Let’s just say that the store employee was taking my son’s measurements and he was busy texting around the measuring tape. I was mortified and grabbed the phone but he was texting a girl and I try to be cool and understanding but oh the embarrassment.

I love that today is Friday. Tonight I will be having dinner with two of my friends from high school.

I was informed last night that our plan is to meet at The Cheesecake Factory.

Good thing I always say I could eat this salad every day for the rest of my life.

Before I go get my day moving, I must share one more ecard with you this morning: ecard

This would be me. You want me to run? No problem. Fold the laundry? I just can’t today, no energy to do it.

Have a great weekend!


How often do you replace your running shoes?

What restaurant could you dine at every day and never get tired of it?

What do you hate more – folding the laundry or emptying the dishwasher?      

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  1. says

    I’m weird. I actually love to fold laundry, but only if I have a movie or tv show on. I will never like to unload the dishwasher. That was my job as a kid, and I’m still not over it 😉 I think I hate the clatter of putting the dishes away the most… That said, I hate dirty dishes in the sink, unless they are soaking. 1

  2. says

    I lucked out- one of my good friends works at a running shoe distributor and she gets free shoes from them. We’re the same size shoe so she gave me a pair that didn’t work for her! They’re perfect for me 🙂

  3. says

    You know what’s crazy? I can’t even remember the last time I used my dishwasher. Maybe around Christmas when I had my family over and had to do more dishes than normal? I usually just don’t see the point since it’s just me and I tend to eat out of the same dishes most of the time. So yeah… I should probably run a load every once in a while, though… I hear it’s not too good to let it sit too long 😯

  4. says

    I’d much rather fold the laundry than empty the dishwasher. I always fold my laundry in front of the tv or while dancing around the house. However, putting those folded clothes away is a different story…
    I also base when to buy new shoes on the feel of them, I can normally feel the arch support dwindle and I start to hurt!
    Samantha @ The Running Graduate recently posted…The Small Comforts | Thinking Out Loud 4My Profile

  5. says

    I don’t love either task (laundry or dishwasher) but I actually don’t mind either. With five boys, I get to do quite a bit of both. Now that summer is here, I do have them help with the dishwasher. I fold their laundry and then they have to put it away.

    Shoes … I really dislike them. I’ve never invested in a “good” pair of running shoes, and while I track everything else (I’m a number cruncher) I don’t really watch my miles per pair of shoes. If I do more than one “shoe-required” workout per day, I have to wear different shoes. I just can’t wear shoes for any extended length of time. You won’t see me wearing shoes on the elliptical either! I elliptical everyday … but I wear slippers. Benefit of a home gym 🙂
    JenB recently posted…Lacking in Color ConfidenceMy Profile

  6. says

    I think I’m going tonight to get my gait analyzed at a running store to buy a new pair. It is way overdue, but like you said they are so pricey. I’ve just decided to bite the bullet because I’m randomly starting to notice some IT band issues that I think may have something to do with it. I under pronate on my one foot and have falling arches (thanks Uggs and flip-flops) so I’m looking for something supportive as well. I’m thinking Gel Nimbus 16s, we’ll see. I hope they have some good color options lol
    Leslee @ Her Happy Balance recently posted…Friday Favorites – (6/13/14)My Profile

    • says

      I wore the Gel Nimbus series for a long time. They were good for me until I found what was great for me. We are all so different that it’s so hard to figure out what shoe to buy until you really have your feet looked at, gait analyzed at a running store. If you are looking at the Gel Nimbus series, I recommend you look at the Adidas Energy Boost as well.