Thinking Out Loud – Entenmann’s Cookies and Other Random Thoughts


I woke up in a mood yesterday. I was tired, cranky and mentally distracted from the desire to get up and get out there for my run.

In those moments where you think you don’t feel mentally up for a workout, that’s when you go through the motions, throw your clothes on and go.

Tell yourself you will walk instead of run. Tell yourself you will run slow. Tell yourself you will only do a few minutes on the elliptical and if you aren’t happy, you can leave.

Guaranteed, once you start yourself up, you will be glad you did. In fact, you may find yourself dancing to that silly Selfie song as you bust out a negative split 5k in between a warm up and cool down on the elliptical.

Anything that was bothering you when you first woke up is a distant memory for the moment. Your problems may not have gone away but when you are finished with your workout, everything just seems better.


I know the fat free everything craze died a slow death long ago but I have been thinking about the fat free Entenmann’s cookies.

Do you remember them? I recall loving those little cookies and eating them as a snack every day. Lately I have been wondering if they really were as good as I thought at the time. Like if I were to eat them now, would I still love them or would I consider them cardboard?

They had an oatmeal raisin cookie, a fudgy chocolate chewy-like cookie and I do believe a fat free version of the ever amazing Entenmann’s original chocolate chip cookie.

entenmanns chocolate chip cookies

Haven’t had an original recipe Entenmann’s chocolate chip cookie in forever but I swear I can taste the buttery soft chocolately cookie by memory.

Is this is the part where you tell me you don’t have Entenmann’s where you live? I am starting to recall that Entenmann’s may be a regional thing for the New York/North East area.

If this is truly the case, I am upset for you and may have to ship you a box as I used to do for my bestest friend Heather when she moved to Florida.

Who, by the way, I got to see last week when she randomly popped up to New York. It may have only been for a short minute but seeing her was enough to remind me why she was always my best friend.

So my feet think I am Cinderella. I am honored actually that they think so highly of me but really, they cannot expect to be treated to the comfort of Adidas 24 hours a day seven days a week.

My heels have been bothering me if I am not wearing my sneakers.

I even bought myself (okay my mother bought myself) a new pair of the Nike cushiony flip flops I lived in all last summer.

nike flip flops

And my heels still hurt after wearing them. That’s just not acceptable. The Nike cushioning is terrific, especially compared to the regular flat flop.

I wanted to include these flops in my warm weather essentials list but I didn’t just because of my heel discomfort.

I still think you need them though. Sometimes after a long run your feet need something other than a flat flop and these cushiony cute flip flops serve a good purpose…when your heels aren’t disagreeing that is.

On the topic of footwear, things are getting confusing by my front door.

Adidas Energy Boost

The pair on the left is my no-longer-suitable-for-running-miles sneakers which I wear around town to run my errands. The pair on the right is strictly reserved for my runs and races.

When both pairs are exactly the same with basically the same dirt marks on top, we have an issue.

For the moment I resort to leaving the running pair untied and the nonrunning pair tied but I think I will be changing the color of the laces for one of the pairs to avoid confusion.

Thank goodness I don’t have identical twin children.

Another problem near my front door…


I say no playing ball in the house. Does he listen? Never.  So why I expect him to listen when I say put the ball away and certainly do not put the ball on the couch or near my pretty pillows is beyond me.

You know how they say you should never food shop hungry?

I decided there is something so much worse than food shopping hungry –

***Food shopping while needing to go to the bathroom***

Happens to me every single time. And, if I am lucky enough to not need to use the grocery store bathroom, the need to go hits on the drive home where I struggle with not wetting my pants while carrying in the bags.

Once, just once, it would be really pleasant to leisurely get out of my car with the groceries and unload them calmly rather than what normally takes place which involves dropping the bags on the ground by my front door, hoping there is no broken glass or cracked eggs and making a run for the closest bathroom in my house.

trader joe's groceries

I got lucky; no breakables yesterday.

Trader Joe’s has nice bathrooms by the way, in case you haven’t encountered their facilities to date. Whole Foods does too, as they should considering what they charge for food.

Be sure to check out what everyone else is thinking about today!


Do you remember the Entenmann’s fat free cookies?

Favorite Entenmann’s goodie? They don’t sell it anymore – it was a chocolate chip cake with chocolate crème filling and a crumb topping.

Do you always need a bathroom when grocery shopping?





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  1. says

    I’m pretty sure that I’ve never seen Entenmann’s cookies around here, but that doesn’t surprise me in the least seeing as I live in Canada and we don’t get a fraction of what you guys get down there. And your approach for getting your butt out the door to go for a run is one of my favourites as well… Sometimes getting started is the hardest part, so I tell myself that I only have to go for 5 minutes and I can stop if I hate it. I don’t think it’s ever happened…
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. thinking out loud #79 .My Profile

    • says

      Exactly. Once you get going, you are just about always glad you did. I need to check to see if Entenmann’s is allergy friendly. If so, I have had just about enough of what you don’t have up there and this may be what I finally ship on off to Edmonton.

  2. says

    I haven’t seen those cookies but now you’ve got me curious. I think you need to eat one. You know, for blogging purposes 🙂

    I’ve bought the same shoes before but always in a different color. When you find something that works, why switch?!

    Perhaps this is TMI but I always have to pee, like get up every night pee. Of course this happens when I grocery shop too. There is no hope for me after I have children one day. I will likely wet my pants on a weekly basis.
    Heather @ PrettyHealthyMostoftheTime recently posted…Thinking Out Loud #6 You Blog It. I Buy It.My Profile

    • says

      If it makes you feel any better, I think my bladder has actually gotten a bit stronger in recent years which I didn’t expect after having my son…You really need to experience Entenmann’s, grew up on their goodies.

  3. says

    I go by the 15 minute rule: If my attitude after 15 minutes still hasn’t turned around, then I can call it. But usually, after 15 minutes, I can keep it going by knowing that I”m already on the downhill and almost at 30 minutes. And re: shoes by the front door–I have 3 pairs of the same model of Defyances. I’ve gotten to the point of needing to write the dates on the bottom!

  4. Frank says

    Couldn’t pick one Entenmann’s, so
    Fudge Iced Golden Cake, Frosted Pop ’ems, or Rich Frosted Donuts
    And why do they mostly have BOGO sales, instead of half-price?

  5. Cathy says

    I’m from NJ, so I know all about Entenmann’s….wonderful! I am now a West Coast girl and they do carry ‘some’ Entenmann’s, like the donuts, but I know there is sooo much more that Entenmann’s has and miss it soooo much! Loved their crumb coffee die for!

  6. says

    Alright, I don’t usually like to focus on the bathroom in my comments but I can’t help it… you are right and it frustrates me too. Why the HECK don’t they have bathrooms? I’ve been in the exact same situation before and it is NOT fun.
    Cori @ recently posted….currently.My Profile

  7. says

    Growing up we would have their donut boxes (trio with cake, chocolate, and powdered) oh it’s almost as if I can taste them now and how they would melt in your mouth. I don’t even want to know what they were made with but I bet I could dunk them all in my coffee.
    Kaitlin recently posted…Eating Beyond the Doors of JudgementMy Profile

  8. Heather says

    So glad I got to see you too!!! And thank you bec/ now I am only thinking about my marshmallow cake lol!!!!

  9. Beth says

    Same thing happens to me when I shop for groceries. I love those flip flops. And I want one of those cookies……

  10. says

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    Jeremiah Andrades recently posted…Jeremiah AndradesMy Profile

  11. kips says

    Let me say this. Do NOT give in to any Entenmann’s cravings. It’s not worth it. Because they changed the recipes of all their stuff. None of it is half as good as it used to be.
    This is *not* nostalgia talking; this is the truth. I ate Entenmann’s chocolate chip cookies like a fiend until one day I bought them and they didn’t taste the same. I didn’t change; they did. Then the same happened with the coffee ring… and then the danish strip… like one week it was the delicious Entenmann’s pastry I’d always known, the next week it was completely different. I used to adore their oatmeal cookies, but they just stopped making those entirely, it seems. SIGH