Happy Mother’s Day And Banana Bread Mini Muffins


Nothing says love like a homemade card.

mothers day card

My son said that’s me with the interesting yellow hair and tongue hanging out. Hmm.

unnamed (96)

At least he offered me a cookie.

We are off for our annual early Mother’s Day breakfast shortly but I wanted to pop in to let you know that I did in fact make Amanda’s Banana Bread muffins yesterday after my long run. Don’t most people bake after running 13 miles?


I followed her recipe with a few substitutions:

*Peanut Butter for Almond Butter (did you know I am allergic to almonds? More on that a bit later this week).

*Extra oats in place of almond meal

*Chia seeds in place of flaxseed

*I threw in a handful of chocolate chips just because

*I baked the muffins in a mini muffin pan

I highly recommend that you make these muffins the next time you have overripe bananas staring at you from the kitchen counter. They are super easy to throw together and taste delicious.


You didn’t know I had a cute little food processor, did you. I often forget I own one too but then I use it randomly and question why I don’t utilize it more often.

banana bread muffins

What I love about recipes such as this is that you actually taste what you are eating. The flavors come through without being overpowered by extra sugars and butters. The texture is terrific; light yet doughy enough to hit that muffin spot you crave alongside a cup of coffee.

I may or may not have boxed these cuties up for my mother to bring to her along with her Mother’s Day gift.

Speaking of Mother’s Day gifts, I received a Clinique bonus gift the other day when I picked up my moisturizer and seriously considered wrapping it up and giving it to my mom today.

I mean, it came in an adorable cosmetic bag and contains that perfect pink nail polish for the toes once again along with a nail clipper and eye shadows and other goodies so why not, right?

clinique bonus

Okay, I didn’t actually do it but really, isn’t it the thought that counts? I think she would like it and at least I am sharing what could have been mine making me suddenly selfless.

Although, as selfish as I claim to still be, becoming a mother myself ten years ago forced me to live a pretty selfless life.

my bunny and me

I found this picture yesterday which must be from a good nine years ago when my son insisted on holding on to my ear whenever he was near me.

Not only did I give up the rights to my own ears for a few years but I barely had time to even think about putting on makeup or maintaining my highlights, and, if I had to guess, that white shirt I am wearing was most likely dirty from whatever he last had to eat.

Talk about selfless.

Have a very Happy Mother’s Day…enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Peanut butter or Almond butter?

Which kitchen gadget do you use the most?

What color is on your toes at the moment?



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    Awwww how cute! Those cards are adorable! They obviously know you well!!!

    I am becoming a 100% almond butter lover, especially homemade! I have orangey/peach on my toes, and I cannot chose between my beloved kitchen aid, blender, and food processor. They all get lots of love 🙂
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