Boston Strong And Passover Recipes

I took a look back this morning at my post from April 16, 2013, written a day after the Boston Marathon bombings. I was in shock as the rest of the world was, unable to fathom such a tragedy, especially a tragedy so closely related to what I do every day.

As you pause to remember those that lost their lives and those that were injured, out of tragedy always comes acts of kindness, unity and heroism.

Tragedy Inspires KindnessFrom Runner’s World, a heartwarming compilation of people helping others following the bombings.



Sparkly Soul is still selling Boston Strong headbands and a portion of the proceeds are donated directly to The One Fund Boston.

This year’s Boston Marathon will take place next Monday with a race capacity of 35, 660 runners, 9,000 more runners than last year.

Obviously I won’ bet one of those runners but I do envy their ability and determination.

I ran 6.25 slow and easy miles yesterday morning and felt really good. As I looped my neighborhood, my mind was still looping itself around what happened in Sunday’s race:

Did I really not feel well? Was it all in my head? Was I really getting dizzy? Yeah, something was just not right.

I really need to run more hills. Or, I just need to avoid races that involve hills.

I hate 5k races but maybe I need to throw some into the summer schedule just to challenge myself a bit.

Maybe I should try a 10k race too.

Why does it always seem like the people running ahead of you in a race are running so effortlessly? Are they really? Do I look like that from behind too?

I need to change up my usual running route. Too much of the same thing is comforting and all but it’s time to step out of the comfort zone.

I really need to work on making sure I am tackling fartleks and all that jazz each week.

Will I run this race next year? Not a chance. I am traumatized.

Will I at least head back to Central Park in the next little while to conquer the course and prove to myself I really felt sick on Sunday? No, I don’t need to. Not at all. Not happening.

Well, maybe it’s not a bad idea to run Central Park just so I can have lunch at the The Smith after I run. Love that place.

It’s a wonder I get any running done with all of that thinking.

So it’s Passover.

unnamed (267)

I don’t like Matzoh. I mean, I guess there isn’t much to completely dislike about it – it’s just so blah and dry and, well, square.

Matzoh is fine with sauce and cheese as a pizza and it’s OK with butter or even baked into a Matzoh lasagna. It’s terrific in a Matzoh Kugel I suppose, but really, in my opinion, it is best with peanut butter.

Peanut butter is not considered Kosher for Passover though. Did you know that? Passover is not just about avoiding bread and grains. Peanut butter is not K for P because it is considered a legume and legumes are a no-no.

Confession: When I was first married and I tried going along with the whole keep kosher for Passover thing, I hid my jar of peanut butter and a package of English muffins and waited until no one was around so that I could eat what I really wanted.

So yeah, I don’t keep kosher for Passover but I do have a slew of yummy recipes for you that don’t even involve matzoh. Even if you aren’t Jewish, these recipes are terrific and worth checking out.


Passover Recipes otherwise known as recipes that are grain-free:

Triple Chocolate Brownie Squares  – beyond fudgy which is what a brownie is all about, yes?

15 Healthy Recipes For Passover – including cauliflower pizza crust, asparagus dishes, quinoa bowls and flourless cake.

Remember my baked sweet potato latkes (pancakes) from Hanukkah?


Guess what?! They work for Passover too!

Made with grated potato, onion, quinoa flakes and apple, they are perfect as a side dish, especially when dipped in applesauce.

My son really enjoys my Matzoh Brei which I must go make for him now. It’s like a French toast without the toast. Recipe for you tomorrow….

Enjoy your Tuesday!


Favorite Passover recipe?

Do you like Matzoh or skip it altogether?

Anyone running Boston next week?

What goes through your mind when you are running, or when you are a running a race?



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  1. says

    yeah girl, i hate matzo I think it’s so nasty, ha, and I’m not jewish but my bestie is. i told her i couldn’t eat the stuff ever again! 🙂 i think because it’s just so bland and blah… but i bet cooked in as a lasagna i would love it!! 🙂 anything with cheese = better.

    • says

      Oh my gosh! I checked out their menu! How could it be that I have never been here? Hmm. Probably because my trips downtown to the lower East Side stopped being a weekly thing (literally) when my grandfather passed away several years ago.

  2. says

    I don’t believe I’ve ever tried Matzoh before… I do like latke, though, and it’s been foreeeeeever since I’ve had some. Do you think I can convince my mom to make some for Easter? Or maybe I should just make some myself? We usually use regular potatoes for ours, but I’m kind of curious to see what sweet potatoes would taste like. The only problem is that I was hoping to make sweet potato nachos too and I only have one SP… What to do?!

    • says

      Sweet Potato latkes are terrific and worth trying. However, if you only have one sweet potato and wanted to make nachos as well, I would go with the nachos because they are easier than grated a potato and an onion lol.

  3. says

    I’m surviving this week on salad, scrambled eggs, meat, and different “pasta dishes” made with cucumber and and zucchini noodles. I may not like it, but I’m trying to think of it as a sort of detox. I have found that the lack of more complex carbs has been affecting my runs which doesn’t make me a happy camper at all.

    And thank you for including me in the roundup, Meredith! You’re so sweet!

  4. says

    Ahh, the list of things you had going through your mind while you were running yesterday sounds freakishly similar the thoughts I’ve been having (slash always kind of have)… why do we do so much thinking?! Especially the part about the people running ahead of us in a race seeming to run so effortlessly. I am willing to bet you look very effortless from behind, too 🙂 and ah, I had a similar experience with the hills in Central Park! Definitely a tough course. If you ever decide to come run it again, I’m happy to join for lunch at The Smith afterward 🙂 xo!

  5. says

    I will celebrate for the first time Easter without the family… I worry a little 😉 Celebrations at university it at all the same! I plan to mix nenkotory American and Russian traditions. I will have colored eggs, an Easter cake and chocolate eggs from peanut butter 😉

  6. says

    Great post Meri, a lot of heart and thought went into that. You are right, but it did make our running community even stronger. I ran 20 miles today, and in the moments I wasnt feeling to great, I thought of Boston Strong and the fact I am even able to run. Made my perspective change.

    Oh, and the people in front of you/…….I am one of the people near the front, and I am telling you, it hurts!!!!! Definitely not easy 😛 I am sure you look very strong from the back too 🙂

  7. Frank says

    Except for the Dark Chocolate covered sort, I don’t seek matzoh out, though if it’s in reach I feel compelled to eat it, plain or covered in what ever is handy.

    I’m headed to Boston, for the BAA 5K on Saturday. Late change of plans now has me, unfortunately, headed home DURING the Marathon. 🙁