WIAW – Lots of Watermelon And My New Favorite Lunch

When I planned out my runs for this week, I didn’t bother to look at the weather forecast.

I whimpered my way to the gym yesterday morning in a thunderstorm to get my run accomplished on the treadmill.

I talked a good game all winter as if I found love with the treadmill but I think it was a forced relationship.

In fact, my time with the treadmill this winter has all of the characteristics of a rebound relationship.

You know what I mean; you tell yourself it is all sunshine and unicorns and perfect but once you stop seeing it and go back to what you really love, you recognize that relationship (or treadmill) for what it really was.


Would you believe that I haven’t had a bowl of oatmeal since Saturday?

three ingredient pancake

I don’t know, I just love the three-ingredient pancake topped with peanut butter and a drop of jelly. I make one before and then one after my workouts. The second pancake usually has fruit on top too.

I know I will go back to oatmeal this weekend the day before and the day of the race but for now, I wake up each morning wanting this instead.

And in case you are curious, my son switched things up yesterday too from the Cinnamon Raisin Ezekiel toast to Van’s mini waffles.


So I have been trying to limit my morning coffee to just one cup especially since I don’t want to drink more than one prior to the race on Sunday. The less I need to use a port-o-potty, the better.

I do need to know though if anyone has tried the new Archer Farms coffee flavors yet.


Sounds like dessert in a cup to me. I also spotted a milk chocolate variety. I don’t love chocolate-flavored coffees but I have had Fresh Market’s version of a chocolate cherry coffee and it was delicious – just super pricey.

Lunch has been interesting this week. I am so tired of figuring out what the heck I want to eat in the middle of the day. I never know if I want savory or sweet and this week especially I am just not in the mood for salads or vegetables or that overly stuffed and full feeling they are known to produce.

I randomly landed on this easy and delicious combination that I can only hope it excites and satisfies me for days to come.


Whole wheat English muffin super toasted (I like it crisp!) half topped with sliced plum tomatoes and melted mozzarella cheese and half topped with peanut butter and chopped apple.

This is a winning combination because I get the best of both worlds and don’t have to choose between savory and sweet. In fact, I eat the savory part first and save the sweet for last leaving me completely satisfied.


Close up shot from yesterday when I had the same combination on Cinnamon Raisin Ezekiel Bread. I subbed strawberries for apples.

Yesterday afternoon I stopped at Best Market to pick up my watermelon for the rest of the week.


I walked away with a gigantic watermelon for five dollars.


It’s a good thing that my slicing method involves one piece in a container and one piece in my mouth otherwise I would certainly run out of pyrex containers for this amount of fruit.


This should last me through Sunday, right?


I also restocked the bananas, sweet potatoes and those little cuties.

I never loved oranges but these clementines (or are they mandarin oranges – I can never remember) are quite refreshing. My son loves to take them as a snack to school too.

After today I will be making sure that a sweet potato (or regular potato) is on my dinner plate but so far this week it has been all about the Trader Joe’s brown rice medley.


It is just so easy to microwave a bag of the rice and have it ready in a pinch. We have been super busy on the after-school activity front this week so the less time needed to prepare dinner, the better.

I can’t seem to get enough of making my favorite shrimp stir fry topped with avocado.

shrimp stir fry with rice (2)

Please remind me that I need more of the wild shrimp the next time I say I am going to Trader Joe’s.

As you know, I don’t really prep meals in advance but on Sunday I did think ahead and prepare some chicken cutlets for my son so that I had a good protein source ready for him to eat a variety of ways depending upon what he wanted.

oat bran chicken cutlets

I need to give you my oat bran breading recipe. 

This week he has eaten the chicken with tomato sauce, whole wheat pasta and sprinkle of cheese as well as cut up cold in a salad with feta cheese and balsamic dressing.

Dessert has still been my usual diced apple with peanut butter and mini chocolate chips.


I swear it looks like a bowl of cookie dough, doesn’t it? I use a little bowl to mix the PB2 and then add Crunch Time and Mighty Maple peanut butter into the bowl along with the chocolate chips.

PB2 may be pricey but it is so worth it. I just love the consistency that it gives, especially when combined with regular peanut butter.

If you are looking for me this evening, I will be on the baseball field.


I know I should say that I love sitting there and watching my son play but let’s be real here – the games are long (especially when you need to arrive 45 minutes prior to the actual game starting!), it is a bit cold at this point in the season and, well, it can sometimes be rather boring.

I hope you appreciate my honesty.

Last year my son was embarrassed when I would bring my apple and peanut butter with me to eat in the stands. I am hoping he doesn’t notice tonight because I am certainly not going to sit there for hours without a snack.

Make sure to check out what everyone else is eating today!


Have you tried the new Archer Farm coffee flavors?

What have you been eating for lunch these days?

What snacks do you bring with you when you know you will need one and won’t be anywhere to get something good?



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  1. says

    That hello kitty mug needs to be ‘accidentally’ dropped…

    Hi! I love the look of your lunch- whenever I have toast, I always do one sweet and one savoury- definitely the best of both worlds. Seeing as we gave you pieface, give us TJ’s. Please.

    • says

      I love Hello Kitty and that will never change. So there. Lol, you totally need a Trader Joe’s. Even all of the United States needs a Trader Joe’s. I don’t understand why they don’t open more locations.

  2. says

    Wow those coffee flavors sound incredible! I always wonder how they come up with new flavors. Mmm, definitely worth trying!

    I always bring apples, almonds, or a Think Thin bar if I KNOW I’ll need a snack during the day. 🙂 Staples, gotta love ’em! And your “cookie dough” looks AMAZING!

  3. says

    Three hours without a snack wouldn’t be a game I’m in for, either. I’d say sneak in the apple + PB and if your son snarks at you give him the choice next time: either accept it or deal with a really moody mum. And then keep your fingers crossed he isn’t up for pushing his luck ;).

    • says

      I am totally going to hide my snack from him so he can’t give me a problem. Truth is, he knows I am cranky without food so he really shouldn’t complain about me packing my favorite snack.

  4. says

    That sandwich concoction sounds actually REALLY good, minus the tomatoes… I hate tomatoes way too much, sadly. But the combination with the sweet and savory sounds really good! 🙂 Have fun tonight at the game – I’ll be thinking of ya! Haha! I can’t imagine how bored my mom was at my swim meets when I was growing up. Those things last FOREVER and I wasn’t even in the whole thing… 🙂

    • says

      Would you do tomato sauce instead of tomatoes? Makes it a pizza muffin, which is equally as good….I hate complaining about my son’s games but sometimes, it is just so long and boring and cold out there and then I have to think about getting him home and forcing him into the shower which is just never fun.

  5. says

    Ooooh I am loving all the good fruits and veggies on this post….watermelon huh! I will have to get myself some of that! Perfect summery fruit! Yum!

    I love my old PB&Js, which I make on my homemade bread. As for snacks, with the amount of running I do, I have A LOT of them, but I take lots of fruit, and nuts to keep me going 🙂

  6. says

    I’ve been trying to think of other things to eat for breakfast besides oatmeal, I gotta try this three ingredient pancake !!! That lunch with tomato and mozzarella cheese looks sooo good, I am not a fan of lunch either and usually just throw whatever I have in my fridge or head to the salad bar in my cafeteria. And yes I thought maybe you made cookies it looks like cookie dough.. I would TOTALLY bring a snack to the baseball game those things are long !!!!

  7. says

    I can’t give up my morning oatmeal either! I tend to let go of it more in the summer though because it’s so hot (in AZ). I have not tried the Archer Farmers coffees, but I’ve always passed them at Target and wondered if I should. The flavors look like desert. I totally thought your peanut butter was cookie dough pie!

  8. says

    I used to do the same exact thing with my english muffins back when I was eating them on a regular basis. One side would be savoury (usually avocado with sea salt) and the other side would be sweet (cream cheese and jam 😛 ). I’d always, always save the sweet for last. Even when I make my snack plates these days, the sweet has to be last. Gotta end things on a high note 😀

    • says

      I know it is a pain but when you get pounds of watermelon for $5 versus a tiny little container for the same price I make sure to just suck it up and cut it up! lol I make myself laugh.

  9. says

    I have tried the archer farms coffee flavors, the pumpkin and kona blends and I have to say I was a huge fan! Look for seasonal ones in the sale section!
    I also bring a quest bar with me for snacks!