Lunch At Koi and Grocery Store Must-Haves For This Week


Is it really Friday already? My afternoon escapade to Manhattan yesterday was great for the soul but completely confused my internal calendar.

My plan was to window shop before lunch but this tank top was calling my name as soon as I reached the second floor of Lord and Taylor.

unnamed (244)

It would go against everything I believe in to pass on such a shirt. And really, it was fifteen dollars. How do you not get it?

I didn’t get these shoes though…

unnamed (243)

I love bows and I love Kate Spade sandals so I have filed them into that spot in my mind specifically reserved for the window shopping items I pass up yet continue to think about while I devise a rational explanation as to why I need to go back to buy them.

Lunch. Oh lunch. Lately, I truly hate the midday meal. I am tired of everything I routinely eat making the hunger notification from my stomach an inconvenience which I satisfy solely to hold me over until dinner time.

Yesterday I liked lunch though. Of course I did; I had lunch at Koi, one of my most favorite restaurants.

unnamed (246)

I didn’t get many pictures but I was able to capture the salad which doesn’t seem so special until you taste the dressing. It was a ginger type but more of peanut flavor. Amazing.

And my favorite thing to order that only Koi can make the right way – sticky rice things with the tuna on top.

unnamed (247)

I believe we ordered lobster tacos and a few sushi rolls but I put the camera away so that I could savor every bite.

I needed this little escape to the city yesterday. Not just for the amazing food and cute shirt. I needed fresh air and a break from the computer screen.

Saying I went to Manhattan in the same sentence as getting fresh air sounds contradictory but the sun was shining and it was about 60 degrees. If you walked through Bryant Park like I did, you felt fresh spring air all around you.

Sitting all day in front of the computer may accomplish the writing I need to do but geez, sometimes I get stir crazy not to mention achy from sitting.

Check out this ergonomics in the workplace infographic  which offers some great ways to avoid the back pain and general discomfort associated with sitting all day in front of the computer.

As beautiful as the weather was yesterday, today is cold and rainy. I may run outside anyway this morning not because I really want to but because it could end up raining during next week’s race and one must be prepared for the elements.

Actually, running in the rain doesn’t bother me as much as food shopping in the rain which I have to do as well today.

The little boy has little league opening day tomorrow and with other weekend commitments, I would rather just get the errands out of the way today than worry about fitting it all in tomorrow and Sunday.

I haven’t put together my list just yet but here are a few must-have items this week:

unnamed (253)

My son is obsessed with Annie’s new line of granola bars. I am not one for the packaged snacks but let’s face it – you need to have some on reserve in your pantry, especially with the afterschool activities picking up in the spring.

One box is Gluten Free Chocolate Chip and one is Organic Chocolate Chip – really no taste difference; I just bought both last week since Target had them all on sale.

unnamed (248)

And Oatmeal Cookie. He loves the Oatmeal Cookie.

I really don’t love popcorn or any salty-type snack but this bag from Trader Joe’s is terrific when a random craving hits or you just need to munch on something.

unnamed (254)

This popcorn is perfect for me because it doesn’t leave that I-want-to-gag-I-ate-too-much-popcorn taste in my mouth.

unnamed (255)

We are all about shrimp lately. It makes me happy to say “we” because it means I can make one meal that both the little boy and I can eat. It isn’t always easy being a vegetarian and cooking for a carnivore at the same time.

I am hoping for a good blueberry sale today as well. You know you are getting old when your excitement stems from the price of produce.

Have a great weekend!


What are your grocery store must-have items for this week?

When you want a snack, do you go salty or sweet?

Any races this weekend?

Do you like to run in the rain?



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  1. says

    Whenever I want a snack it’s uuuusually for something salty, unless it’s the end of the day and I just want a big piece of dark chocolate with almond butter 🙂 Perfection!

    I am actually running a half marathon tomorrow! First of the season 🙂 Woot!

    I definitely want to try those Annie’s gluten free granola bars – I am a sucker for a good chewy chocolate chip bar, and those sound so delish!

  2. says

    You know I’m a sweets girl but when the savory hits it is ALWAYS popcorn. I cannot control myself though. So much so that the bf had to hide it. Then he went out of town so I ransacked the apartment trying to find it but I couldn’t. Then I opened our snack cupboard and found that he had divided the bag into individual ziploc bags so I could portion control myself…Still ate 6 of them in one sitting…

    • says

      You always know how to make me laugh…Popcorn is just one of those things that you can’t stop at a handful. In fact, stopping at a handful kinda sorta defeats the purpose of eating it at all. It was nice of him to make the portion control bags though!

  3. says

    Those shoes! I luuuuurveee Kate Spade. I’ll help you brainstorm reasons to justify buying them 😉

    As for snacks – usually salty. And I like running in light rain, but if it starts to downpour I hightail it home.

  4. says

    I’m usually a sweet snack kind of person, but lately I’ve been craving more salty snacks… usually only in the afternoon though. And then my go-to has been Popchips, either in the regular or sour cream & onion flavours. Or I just go with the best of both worlds and eat some sweet ‘n’ salty roasted chickpeas. So obsessed.

  5. says

    Salty or sweet? Um, how about both? Geeze Gweneth.

    Legitimately stoked you added the info-graphic- Since starting full time work and being bound to a desk, I’ve been getting the worst neck pain! I think it’s because I’ve been hunched over!

    It’s raining outside now. The idea of running in it sounds as appealing as buying Goop.

    • says

      I am glad that article helped a bit – only thing worse than sitting at a desk all day is sitting there uncomfortably (and hungry, nothing is worse than a hungry day when trapped at a desk in an office).