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It works out perfectly to link up with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud fun since I have so much to say this morning.


1. Once again I found a load of laundry in my dryer. Even better, the clothes were still damp.

This actually worked to my advantage early yesterday morning – I was able to set the clothes to dry for 20 minutes and have warmed-up running layers to wear before heading out the door.

In fact, I enjoyed having heated clothes so much that I may purposely put my clothes in the dryer before wearing them.

I realize I am not supposed to put workout clothes in the dryer but I am not only lazy but a rule breaker. It’s like the warning tag on a mattress advising you not to remove it – I just have to.

2. I drove my son and my neighbor’s daughter to school yesterday. The chatter in the back seat the entire time was about those blasted physical fitness tests and how many sit ups they each could do in a minute.

As I told them to focus more on doing a sit up correctly than how many they can complete in a timed session, it all suddenly clicked in my head:

My gym class days and those physical fitness tests now remind me of CrossFit. No wonder I have no desire to join a box.

3. My new favorite polish for a pedicure.

unnamed (226)

It is actually from Clinique.


Do you buy nail polish? I very rarely do since I rely on the bottles of polish available in the nail salons but I received this Clinique polish in one of their bonus gifts a few weeks ago.

If I wasn’t so blind I would be able to tell you what the fine fine print says in order to give you the name of the color.

4. Sometimes you need to bake chocolate chip cookies.


Real ones. You know what I mean by real; with butter and sugar and flour.

Don’t get me wrong- it’s fun and creative to conjure up grain free, egg free, cookie-free cookies and they even taste good but sometimes, you just need a real cookie.


I think people lose sight of the fact that the “healthier” recipes still contain calories and if you eat the whole batch thinking they are “healthy”, you are no better off than if you just had a real cookie.

5. I have several adorable cookie jars but never actually put cookies inside.

unnamed (230)

This is my all-time favorite cookie jar.

unnamed (229)

I should probably start referring to it as a lollipop jar instead.

6. It is very rare that I encounter a sauce, marinade or condiment that I don’t like.


See this Mango Coconut marinade? Awful. Just awful. It is so shockingly awful that every now and then I taste it just to confirm how awful it is.

It’s so bad that I want you to try it just so you can taste how bad it is.

Don’t you love when someone says that? “Try it, you will hate it!” Such a funny thing to say when you think about it.

7. Can someone please recommend a good tea for me?


I am working on limiting my cups of coffee and a good tea would probably help the situation greatly. Thanks.

8. In addition to sometimes needing to bake chocolate chip cookies, sometimes you need to enjoy some chocolate cake.


Enjoying Black Out cake on a random Wednesday night at The Cheesecake Factory makes my heart sing. Like really, top of my happiness list.

So rumor has it the temperature is already above 40 degrees this morning. I am looking forward to an outdoor run shortly, right after I heat up my clothes of course.

Be sure to check out what everyone else is thinking about this morning!


Do you have a cookie jar? What’s in it?

Tea recommendations? Anything but green tea please.

Ever buy a marinade or condiment that you absolutely hate?



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  1. says

    Wait… you’re not supposed to put workout clothes in the dryer? Really? 😆 Clearly I fail at being domestic. But I;ve been doing it all this time and… was I supposed to notice a problem? 😯 Oops…

    For teas, my absolute favourite is one called Hot Cinnamon Spice from Harney & Sons. I’ve been drinking at least one cup of it, if not more, since I discovered it probably… 7 years back? It’s good stuff and one of the only things I’ll constantly order online. But if I remember right, you can’t have cinnamon? 🙁

    • says

      I can drink cinnamon tea – cinnamon seems to only be an issue for me when I use raw cinnamon from the shaker and add it to food. I have a Yogi Cinnamon Apple Spice tea; it is good but it isn’t coffee!

  2. says

    Your taste in cookie hard, real cookies, and giant chocolate fudge cake is why I continue reading your blog and why we we destined to be friends. That is all.

  3. says

    YES to real chocolate chip cookies. The bf is always asking me to ditch the healthy stuff and make some real cookies! Okay so I may throw in some flaxseed or some type of veggie but you can’t really substitute real butter…sorry.

    Also you can’t put workout clothes in the dryer?? Whoops! Funny story…I don’t do laundry. I grocery shop and the man does the laundry because I can’t fold my clothes for anything. But then last week he went out of town and the morning after he left he texted me saying “I assume you moved the laundry into the dryer”?. I told him never to assume anything about me and laundry…surprised we didn’t have mould everywhere!

    • says

      lol. You really aren’t supposed to put most workout clothes in the dryer, especially if you don’t want anything to shrink. Lulu is preshrunk but they don’t recommend the dryer. Truth: I didn’t do my first load of laundry until I was 25. And yes, I was married at 23. We used to bring our laundry home to our parents lol.

  4. says

    I love cookies soo much! Usually I prepare healthy versions. Strange, but I don’t test thirst for usual cookies if there is a healthy. My brain doesn’t see a difference, and the tummy already reconciled to that doesn’t receive a lot of butter. And it is good for me!

  5. says

    Cute color! I buy polish because I’m too cheap (okay i’m too poor) to get them done by someone else. Plus I get a huge discount for being a cosmetologist. My son talks about gym class now. I hated gym. All the boys thought they were soooo much better than the girls.

    • says

      I not only hated gym class but dreaded it! The whole needing to change my clothes into gym clothes back to regular clothes and getting to my next class, not to mention being sweaty was just not OK at all.

  6. says

    The laundry conversation here is making me laugh! I don’t mind laundry but cleaning is a completely different story!! (except I have to clean our venue 1-3x a week…)
    I wish we had a plate of those cookies right now – I love them but I don’t bake (I will do laundry though!!).

  7. says

    Wait, I really didnt know you aren’t supposed to put workout clothes in the dryer… why not??? Lately ive been having a similar problem.. i forget my clothes are in the dryer that i re dry them multiple times and a few of my tops have shrunk 🙁 Also, I think I need to enjoy that black out cake as well.. i LOVE cheesecake factory. yummmmm