Chocolate Pudding Crumble Pie


It may be Friday but did you know that today is also March 14th which means it is National Pi Day?

Pi is equal to 3.14, or, if we want to dig real deep into our past mathematical education, 22/7.

Naturally, I see this “Pi” Day as “Pie” Day since my brain thinks in terms of food.

Are you a cake person or a pie person? You simply cannot be both.



I prefer cake. Chocolate cake. Or cookies. Chocolate chip gooey in the middle cookies or even a nice fudgy brownie.

unnamed (10)

I did enjoy this chocolate cream pie though at Zinburger which was a nice compromise between my love of chocolate cake and a pie.


Back when food ignorance was bliss, I used to make chocolate pudding pies for us as a quick and easy dessert option using a graham cracker pie shell, Jello chocolate pudding and whipped cream (m&m’s were usually involved too).

Nowadays though, I wouldn’t buy a package of Jello Pudding, no matter how simple it is to whisk together.

I much prefer to do things from scratch in my kitchen and making your own chocolate pudding is quick and easy enough to do without a little square box of chemicals looking like cocoa powder.

Most of you are aware of the pudding recipes that use avocado. If you want to know the truth, I didn’t go that route today because  I am selfish and didn’t want to share my only ripe avocado with a pie.

Here is a link though to an avocado pudding recipe worth checking out.

I did my research and came up with this recipe for a simple chocolate pudding involving cocoa powder, sugar and skim milk .

When I tell you so simple to make, I tell you so simple to make.

I even made a quick crust all by myself. I would love to give you a true recipe but I didn’t measure anything out.

unnamed (121)

I crushed maybe 6 Trader Joe’s graham cracker sheets in a bowl and combined it with a tablespoon of melted coconut oil and a good amount of peanut butter to bind it all together.

Some people would opt for butter, I opt for the peanut kind of butter.

Then I just pressed it into a pie plate and baked it for not even 10 minutes in a 325 degree oven. Once it cooled,  the plan was to top the crust off with the chocolate pudding.

This is where the pie became a crumble pie.

crumble pie

In the back of mind while making this pie, I kept thinking how nice it would be to mix the chocolate pudding and the crust crumbs together, rather than form a perfect crust with pudding on top and serve this “pie” in bowls with whipped cream on top.

Once one crumb from the crust mingled with the chocolate pudding, I had my excuse to explore my idea.

Divine intervention if you want my opinion.

chocolate pudding crumble pie

This chocolate pudding crumble pie was so easy to throw together that I think I will be doing it again.

Speaking of throwing, what is society’s obsession with pies in the face? Did it start with Double Dare and Marc Summers or did it exist long before that like on that episode of the Brady Bunch where they were all throwing pies at each other including random cousin Oliver?

Anyway, weekend time!


Oh have a sense of humor with me, would you?

The little boy and I could use some space from each other mainly so I can get a break from balls being thrown at me (you may think I am kidding every time I make this reference but unfortunately I am not) and so that I can get into his room to give it a good clean.

Aside from cleaning fun, I have a party to attend this evening, a long run to enjoy in the morning and lots of errands and ice cream (hopefully on top of some cake) coming my way tomorrow.

Have a great weekend!


Are you a cake person or a pie person?

If you like pie, fruit pie or chocolate pie?

Anyone running the New York City Half Marathon on Sunday?


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    It looks like you are very creative in the kitchen, I am more of a measure out everything and do as I’m told person lolol I am def a cake person, of course must be chocolate although i would never turn down cake period. I am not running the NY half but will be running the brooklyn one in May !

    • says

      Agreed- cake must be chocolate! I have thought about the Brooklyn race but I am doing the Fitness Mag race in April and Long Island Half in May – throwing in another race becomes overload. I think. We shall see. lol