What I Ate Wednesday – Fuel My Appetite


Lately I have been attempting to write down each run in order to keep better track of my miles. I know I have been running more and want to make sure I am compensating in the fuel department.

Think of your body like a car- the more miles you drive, the more gas you need…The more miles you run, the more fuel you need.

The funny thing is, I don’t need a pen and paper to notify me of the need to eat more, my appetite automatically takes over.

unnamed (107)

Before discussing recent meals, you should know that I was left with no choice last night but to keep eating apples with peanut butter and chocolate chips until I felt completely satisfied.

I can’t fully explain it since I wasn’t truly hungry as in my-stomach-is-empty-feed-me-now, rather, I had a strong need to eat my favorite combination in multiple form.

I was in no position to argue with the feeling so I went with it and felt so much better afterwards.



Before my run yesterday, I switched from the two-ingredient pancake pizza back to oatmeal:


Sometimes I heat up the oatmeal (and egg whites added for protein) with the blueberries mixed in and sometimes, like yesterday,  I wait and add the blueberries afterwards.


Of course I mix it all up prior to eating.

You should know the little boy is still going strong on the eggs, Ezekiel raisin toast and fruit combo at breakfast:


I try to give him a mix of whatever fruit I have on hand.  Remember, if you don’t buy it, they can’t eat it.

Special Snack Note:

unnamed (88)

Steamed asparagus is good company in your bag of carrots.

So I still hate lunch time. I really do. I am always hungry and ready to eat but my cravings, mood and appetite never seem to match up.

Sometimes I still want breakfast. Sometimes I am hungry enough to eat a five-course dinner and sometimes, I can’t figure out a happy medium between the two.


If you are wondering what’s in this bowl, it would be some form of a compromise. A delicious compromise actually. Ever heard of savory oatmeal?

Don’t knock it until you try it. Oats are just another grain like brown rice, amaranth, barley, or even quinoa (which I know is technically a seed but let’s refer to it as a grain for now).

I wanted oatmeal. But I wanted a savory flavor.


Roasted cauliflower, tomato, portobello mushrooms and kale mixed with cooked steel-cut oatmeal topped off with avocado. I do believe I added a lentil/quinoa mix to the bowl as well.

I don’t eat savory oats enough. Every time I randomly make a bowl, I question why I don’t do it more often.

Another thing I don’t make often enough is eggplant.

I go through phases with eggplant and decided to bring it back this week for dinner.

unnamed (79)

I always see in the prepared foods case at Whole Foods something called “Eggplant steaks” which is a just a fancy term for eggplant parmesan where they slice the eggplant long and thick rather than in little round disks.

I used my quinoa flake breading recipe and loved every bite.

My son used to love eggplant parm when he was little yet now he won’t eat it which is just fine since I can make our favorite Gardein “meat” sauce at the same time.

gardein meat sauce

There is still time to enter the Gardein Coupon giveaway!

I can’t recall the last time I have missed dessert.

The other night I followed this recipe for the original chocolate chip cookie dough bites. You know, the grain-free cookies where you blend chick peas, peanut butter and chocolate chips together.

unnamed (89)

Watch out – you will want to eat all of them at once.

You will see that the recipe calls for honey – I didn’t have a lot of honey left (actually, I just had no patience attempting to squeeze it out of the bottle) so I used Mighty Maple peanut butter which I think added enough sweetness making the honey not even necessary.

Recipes I want to try:

I pin so many wonderful recipes from my favorite food bloggers each day. I can’t always get to each recipe immediately but I love my pinterest boards since they keep track of all of them for me.

On my list at the moment are these brussels sprouts, this vegan fudge cake  and these black bean fudge drop cookies.

Be sure to check out of the rest of the What I Ate Wednesday fun!


Do you keep track of your weekly mileage?

Do you notice right away an increase in appetite when you log more miles?

Ever have savory oatmeal?



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  1. says

    My appetite is RAGING when I increase my miles even the slightest amount and I feel the same way you do- it isn’t that my stomach feels hungry, it’s this intense need for food that tells me to eat something. I’m doing my best to listen when it’s telling me to eat because usually that means something! I track my weekly mileage on Daily Mile. I find it helpful especially to look at the graphs 🙂

  2. says

    I totally notice a difference in appetite now that I no longer run. I crave way less protein. Is that weird? Then again I did man-handle a steak with the maj on Sunday….Mostly I’ve just cut down majorly on the protein powder consumption because I don’t need as much to fuel my lady muscles, ya know?

  3. says

    I do keep track of my weekly mileage, which is 0 😉 hehe I need to get back into running but I’ve been having fun on other types of cardio so I may just wait until the running bug bites me!

    I spy PB&co peanut butter! My FAVORITE!

  4. says

    I need to get savoury oats back into my life — it seriously is the best compromise. I used to love adding a dollop of pasta sauce and some cheese on top to make pizza oats. Gah! I think I know what tonight’s dinner will be… And that feeling of not being hungry but still NEEDING to eat anyways? Happens to me all.the.time. Super annoying, ’cause I never know what it’s going to take to make it go away.

  5. says

    Savory oatmeal is seriously my favorite thing in the world — so glad someone else understands my obsession!!! And those grain-frree chocolate chip cookie dough bites are to die for. I’m kind of obsessed with a similar recipe. I think we have a very similar palette 🙂 so glad I stumbled across your blog today — I will definitely be back!!



  6. says

    I really need to try savoury oatmeal! A place here actually makes it and sells it sort of like instant or premixed the really good one they have is a mushroom one! But, I agree sometimes a girl just needs chocolate chips & pb until she is satisfied lol there are just days like that! 😉

  7. says

    I have been training for a half marathon and have been tracking my miles, I love to see at the end of the week how many I have done !! And DEF notice an increase in appetite. If I run at night i am SO HUNGRY the next day.

    I never thought of savory oatmeal I will have to give this a try. Sometimes i always debate between sweet/savory at lunch as well.. Sometimes I just want a sweet chocolate shake, other times I want some chicken.

    The cookies look good, do they actually taste like real cookies !?!?

    • says

      They are delicious cookies that really taste more like cookie dough than anything. I mean, nothing can really mimic a true chocolate chip cookie but these are fabulous. I swear you will want to eat them all.

  8. says

    Yum! Everything looks so good! And, I’m totally craving eggplant now 🙂
    I’ve been keeping track of monthly mileage since January….just interested in how it will look for the year 🙂

    • says

      I am a total sweet tooth but if you love oatmeal, consider the savory version for lunch or dinner. Just use plain cooked oats instead of oats already cooked with any added sweetness.

  9. says

    I could pretty much agree to all of this and am salivating by your eats 🙂 sometimes all we need is PB, apples and chocolate chips. Absolutely Devine! I just have to make sure my pre run snack doesn’t kill my stomach 😉 I’m known to be spoon happy with the peanut butter.

  10. says

    Hmmm your post is making me think that I want to try eggplant again. I made it once, years ago, and I just don’t think I did it right. I’m usually on a training plan so I know exactly how many miles I’m running each week. Oh and I gained weight when I trained for my marathons so, yeah, the extra hunger is there, but, it’s the day after a long run or way later in the day that I get ravenous. Thanks for sharing! Dropping by from Jenn’s WIAW linkup!