14 Miles and Barbie’s Birthday


If I had a theme song at the moment, it would probably be Yellow by Coldplay.


I don’t even love the color yellow, it is just a coincidence that my sneakers have all ended up this shade from the rainbow.

You will notice that I am still wearing both pairs of Adidas. My older pair is just about burned out – well, that is according my  standards. A normal person would probably try for another 100 miles in the sneakers but since I am not normal, I think I have but a few miles left.

I did wear the new pair for Saturday’s long run. Long run as in 14 miles.


Terrific run except for the extreme hunger that took over my appetite like nothing I have ever experienced in my life come about 4:00 pm.

The kind where you must eat and it must be big yet you know in the back of your mind whatever you eat will not even make a dent.


Excuse me but how cute is this card? 

I didn’t eat a giant cookie nor did I go for the Crumbs cupcake which I had in the back of mind since Friday’s post.


I did see this mug though at Pier One Imports though. Ten dollars for a mug with a cupcake on it that I couldn’t eat on Saturday wasn’t what I was looking for.

I went with a gigantic Cold Stone Sundae after a big dinner which I cannot show you because I was too busy eating it to think about a picture. I sized up the serving of ice cream in the waffle bowl just to play it safe and ensure I would be full.

I went to bed satisfied yet afraid that the hungry would come back and wake me up but luckily, the dinner and sundae did the trick and I woke up feeling normal. Normal is a relative term here.

So I did something genius the other day; I took some time to explore the Pandora app when I wasn’t working out just to see the names of all of the songs I have given a “thumbs up”.

Did you know that Pandora keeps track of your song history you?

unnamed (13)

I loved this song whenever it would come on and I think I recognized the beat from warm-ups at Islanders games.

It really gets me moving yet I can’t say it does the same for the Islanders these days because it has yet to motivate them enough to keep a lead and win some games but that’s neither here nor there at this point in the season. And, if you want to know the truth, I am growing old with the same old saying, next season will be better.

Speaking of growing old, guess who turned 55 yesterday?


That’s right, my favorite doll, Barbie. Oh how I loved my Barbie dolls. In fact,  if you set a case of them in front of me right now (remember the cool doll trunks that stored all of your dolls and accessories?) I would probably take a pink plastic brush and start brushing their hair.

It is probably best that I have a son since I would most likely end up fighting with my daughter over who is going to play Barbie and would be Skipper.

Fact: I worked for Mattel during my college years. All I wanted to do when I grew up was be like Tom Hanks in Big. It worked for me for a bit…

Anyway, I loved my Barbies and never once did I aspire to look like her or hate my body because she was so pretty and thin with matching heels to every bikini.

In fact, I don’t even understand all of the mishegas surrounding her. Mishegas translates to “craziness”. Sometimes one looks for the right word and the right word just comes out in yiddush.

I enjoyed playing with my pretty dolls and dressing them up and making them ride in the yellow camper and party like a rockstar. It never dawned on me, or even my friends, to point out anything about her body.

She didn’t make me feel bad, if anything, playing for hours upon hours with my dolls allowed me explore my imagination which, if you want my opinion, is something kids today do not get to do.

Instead, kids today are glued to technology creating hashtags followed by words that aren’t even words.

I caught a text to my son from a friend that said, “biiii”. He meant bye.

And we were worried about a plastic doll ruining our children?

I could ramble on all day about this, instead check out this link regarding Barbie’s big birthday and her history.


How was your run this weekend? Was it warm enough for you to run outdoors?

How often do you experience the extreme hunger after a long run?

Did you love playing with Barbie like I did? Favorite Barbie doll or accessory?  I loved all of the dolls, the dreamhouse, the ice cream parlor, the cars, the double bicycle…should I continue?




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  1. EZTWINS says

    I am smiling from ear to ear picturing us playing barbies on your bedroom floor for hours. You had quite the collection! It was definitely fun and innocent to grow up in the 80s.
    I too was excited to run outdoors this weekend. It was a nice change!

    • says

      Absolutely had you in mind as I wrote this post! Ugh how I miss our Barbie days…Remember the house and the Heart Family and the McDonald’s? And the pool which I was rarely allowed to fill with water since it would make a mess? Amazing to be running outside again…

  2. says

    I LOVE and adore that quote about running! And 14 miles??? Danggg! 🙂 You are amazing. 🙂 I am ALWAYS hit with extreme hunger after a long run. It’s not always the day of, but it always happens sooner or later. 🙂 It was amazing weather this weekend and I definitely took advantage! Happy Monday!

  3. says

    I was obsessed with the gymnastic barbie!!! Like seriously, brought that thing with me EVERYWHERE. haha the comment about your sons text was amazing. To think they thought that barbies were ruining kids…