Love Your Muscles


I am not one to focus on numbers but this really bothered me yesterday.

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See that 5.88 miles? It is missing a .12.

I went for an easy-paced outdoor run yesterday morning. The easy-pace part wasn’t the issue. The issue was my iPhone randomly shutting off as if it were dead towards the end of my run leaving me to determine where and when the six mile mark would happen.

I really thought I completed a six-mile loop…. until I got home, took my favorite Adidas shoes off and plugged the darn phone into the wall only to see MapMyRun flash back on to the screen displaying 5.88 miles.

It’s possible there was a pause or a delay or an error when the blasted thing shut off but I don’t know. All I know is that I may need to add .12 on to my next run. Yeah, it bothered me that much.

A friend of mine shared an e-card on facebook last night:

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I am sharing this with you today because it came from a male friend of mine and for once, we may as well listen to what the men have to say.

Too often women feel that the thinner they can starve themselves down to, the more attractive they will be.

That extra five pounds you feel you need to lose? The shape of your hips that you want to run off? Not necessary. And not smart.

In fact, I am so afraid of looking like one of those female runners with a drawn face and bony frame that I asked my friends a long time ago to notify me should I suddenly appear down that path.

Filling out your jeans is attractive. Eating when you are hungry so that you can keep up a healthy, female body is glorious.

Speaking of jeans, I wore a pair yesterday. Who am I to do such a thing for no reason?

unnamed (66)

Most of the time, I just check-in with my jeans; you know, walk around the house, confirm all still fits and then take them off in favor of my leggings. Remember, I don’t use a scale, I use clothes as my guide.

The other day I did the random check-in with my pink jean shorts.

When I buttoned the pink shorts, I decided that they fit different.

You know that different feeling; the shorts fit, you can wear them comfortably but your internal radar is noticing something.

My thought process went as follows:

I just got out of the shower. Is my skin damp causing the shorts to cling to the thighs?

Have I been doing too many squats and lunges?

Is it the wrong time of the month for checking-in?

Coincidentally, our favorite Arty Runner Chick Cait posted one of her most awesome running cartoons:

Runner’s Strip – Jeans Shopping.

You will need to click on the link to see her full post and adorable artwork about the athletic girl trying on jeans in the store but to borrow one quote from Cait’s post,

“We are runners, we are women, we are STRONG…we have muscles. And we look d**n good with them”.

Back to my shorts. They definitely still fit me but I will say that they do fit different.

They should fit different!

Running about 40 miles a week these days is bound to build muscles, bound to change my shape and the truth is, I like what I see in the mirror.

I like knowing that I have a shape that not only fills out my clothes but actually contains muscle.

Muscle that I built all by myself because I love to run yet remember to fuel every workout with a balance of carbs, protein and fat and also know to keep eating if I am hungry and enjoy my favorite desserts too.

Those same muscles appreciate me and have allowed me to not only look good but become strong enough to line up in the 7:00 min/mile corral for races and while that may be slow for some people, I am quite proud of where I stand.

Most importantly, I like how I feel.

I also really like coffee and Runner’s World told me that drinking coffee is just fine.

Eight Reasons To Sip On Coffee

Before I go pour myself another cup and eat breakfast, look at this cute dish towel I saw yesterday:

unnamed (65)

Are cupcakes still the trendy dessert? I feel like we all reach for self-serve frozen yogurt now instead. I used to go to Crumbs Bake Shop on a bi-weekly basis yet I can’t remember the last time I made the cupcake my dessert of choice.

Maybe a cupcake this weekend? We shall see. Have a great weekend!


Does your phone randomly shut off and not turn back on?

Do you find your clothes fit different from working out more often?

Dessert of choice for this weekend?





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  1. says

    Yup my clothes fit differently all the time but it honestly changes day by day that there’s really no reason behind it. And the look on my bf’s face when I wear something tight that shows off my curves reminds me how much I should value that I have them. Bones are for dogs as you said 😉

  2. says

    I adore this post. I had to wait to comment until I was on my regular laptop because I can relate so much. Sometimes it’s tough when clothes fit differently (what I’m going through right now actually) but at the end of the day, we know if we’re healthy. As long as we eat right, exercise regularly, and indulge once in awhile (I mean every day? what?) we’re fine. It’s hard to accept that curves are a GOOD thing sometimes but they truly are. Great post 🙂

    • says

      It can be tough for sure if something suddenly fits “different” but it would be much tougher for us to give up Cold Stone or our cakes at Cheesecake Factory! Curves and a shape are a great thing along with our muscles that keep us running.

  3. says

    I’m with you on the trying on of stuff and being OK with it. My biggest test is when I wear my shorts (probably too short for my age but…) – are my legs firm and toned? If they are solid, I don’t mind that they aren’t “skinny”.

  4. says

    I can definitely relate. Winter and snowboarding always change my shape, and while it used to bother me a tonne to have things feeling tighter in certain places, I’ve recently come to the conclusion that I actually prefer the way I look now. Men aside, I do actually feel sexier. It’s just a pain in the butt to have to constantly buy new clothes depending on my body’s ‘mood’ 😆