WIAW – I Really Like Oatmeal And Ezekiel Bread


Can we briefly discuss planks? I am no expert when it come strength training and core work but I have been working on it. In fact, I have been holding that plank position longer and longer each time. I think I am getting good at it. Or so I thought.

Anyone else feel like their upper back/shoulders may ache/hurt just a bit later in the day or the day after? Maybe I just need a massage.  It’s been a while.

It wouldn’t surprise me if I have been doing the plank with incorrect form. I am not perfect. I know, I know, it sometimes seems as though as I am, but alas, I am not. I mean, I run more days in a row than I probably should and I like to eat the same things over and over again even though they tell me it’s not the best idea for the body and digestion and who knows why else.

I can’t get enough oatmeal these days. I am well aware that it appears as though I  am always on an oatmeal kick but lately, I take kick to a new level.

Aside from dinner time, I have to fight not making oatmeal my choice for breakfast, lunch and dessert. I have compromised with myself and allowed for oatmeal to happen at two meals – breakfast and dessert. Two out of three ain’t bad…please tell me I am not dating myself with this song reference…


I was on that two-ingredient pancake for a while but now it is all about oatmeal, before and after I run.

unnamed (206)

You know you want to have breakfast over at my house. I mean, who wouldn’t want a Hello Kitty mug of French toast coffee and an ice cream bowl of oatmeal with greek yogurt, fresh berries and peanut butter?

unnamed (203)

The strawberries were on sale this week so the plan is to buy two containers at a time every other day. And mandarin oranges. The little boy likes his berries and oranges and you know what? I kind of like those cuties too.

unnamed (208)

Post-run oatmeal happened in a just about empty greek yogurt container yesterday with more strawberries, fresh pineapple (yes, I cut it up myself) and peanut butter. Nothing is complete without peanut butter.

unnamed (209)

Lately I have been buying the Trader Joe’s tubs of plain greek yogurt. I like it, it’s good, not as good as my favorite Stonyfield but price-wise, it works on a regular basis.

I will be trying out Brown Cow’s new line of greek yogurt shortly. Stay tuned.

While I am stuck on oatmeal, the little boy is stuck on eggs with cinnamon raisin Ezekiel Bread.

unnamed (207)

You like how I slip the fruit on his plate, don’t you.

See that cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread? Toasting that up for him in the morning is the only thing that has been stopping me from oatmeal at lunch…I love this bread.

unnamed (205)

Lunch as of late has been a big salad loaded with roasted vegetables and avocado plus a slice (or two) of cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread topped off with sliced plum tomatoes and  melted mozzarella cheese.

And sometimes, I break up the grilled cheese and throw it into the salad. Just call it cheesy croutons.

unnamed (213)

If I have yet to convince you that you need Ezekiel Bread in your life, click here to read Food Babe’s recent post about the healthiest bread on the market. A wonderful, in-depth article all about the hidden ingredients in popular breads and why you should avoid them.

Just in case you don’t know Food Babe, she is the woman responsible for taking on Kraft regarding their questionable ingredients (which are banned in other countries)  in the blue box of macaroni and cheese.

On a random food note, I have been back to Peach Salsa:

unnamed (204)

On top of salads, potatoes, eggs…you get the idea. And sometimes, when I am feeling super crazy, I add barbeque sauce to the same dish already topped with the peach salsa. Don’t question it, just try it.

Now, if this were a bowl, I would be able to tell you that I have been loving Plant-Based Power Bowls on repeat for dinner like nobodies business.

unnamed (216)

Instead I will just say I keep eating Plant-Based Power Plates.

I made another quinoa/lentil one-pot mix; combined with sweet potatoes, roasted vegetables and avocado. It really doesn’t get easier or better…or more powerful.

The sauce you see is Carolina Gold Barbeque, no peach salsa included.

You should know that the avocado atop this power plate was simply divine. A perfectly ripe avocado is so delicious that I kick myself for being a picky stubborn child who assumed she hated avocado just because she didn’t like the word avocado. I have a lot of avocado to make up for in my adult life.

Since breakfast has basically been making an appearance at dessert time, rather than show you the same picture, I have decided to share a few links to the desserts I have on my list to bake:

These five chip cookies which need no further explanation as to why I want to make them.

Baked Chocolate Donuts with Chocolate Ganache and Sprinkles because I keep forgetting I own a donut pan.

And, even though I never understood why people love soup, this milk chocolate soup with cake croutons has the potential to make me a believer.

Make sure you check out what everyone else is eating for What I Ate Wednesday!


Plank position – talk to me about it

What have you been eating on repeat this week?

Soup – love it or hate it?








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  1. says

    You know what’s crazy? Ezekiel bread (and all sprouted breads, really) tear my stomach to shreds, whereas I don’t seem to have any problems with normal bread. My body is just goofy… And I’m with you on being on an oat kick… I’ve been craving the stuff like crazy lately too, but I’ll try to compromise by having other flaked hot cereal (quinoa, rice) for the sake of variety. Sometimes I can’t give ’em up completely, though, so I’ll mix oats with another grain… Whatever works 🙂

    • says

      That’s not a bad idea- I used to like from Trader Joe’s their multigrain hot cereal thing – it was a mix of oats, barley and who knows what other grains…As for your stomach and Ezekiel Bread, we need to figure this all out for you. It’s just not ok.

  2. says

    Soup=love. I grew up on soup so maybe that’s why. My Mom is the queen of soups and for whatever reason she seems to forget I’m a food blogger and stocks up my freezer with soups so I don’t starve. I’m certainly not complaining…

  3. says

    Planks are super hard – no matter what for me. I try to do them a few times a week but it’s still incredibly difficult. I have GOT to focus on my core more! 🙂
    I am just like you, I eat the same thing over and over and over again. Hey, when you find a good thing, why mess with it?? Right? Good job wearing not your Boosts to the gym! I just opened up my third new pair of those babies and I will never look back. Love that a fellow (super awesome and amazing, i might add) runner loves them too! I feel like those shoes get no love because they aren’t brooks or mizuno! Hello, they’re amazing. Happy Wednesday girl!

    • says

      I was thinking the exact same thing! Why or why are these sneakers not promoted more! Runner’s World does write them up as a top sneaker but you see nothing else about them anywhere! They are truly the best ever. Like ever. You told me so too!

  4. says

    wat, not perfect?!?! us…never?!?! 😉 hehe..well, i’ll beg to differ with you there, you ARE perfect. 😉 jk. but planks can cause your soreness in your upperbody as they do engage the arms but if it’s the wrong sore maybe ask someone to watch you plank. the big thing is making sure to keep your abs engaged and torso parallel with the ground…make sure that bum’s not up in the air or sagging to the ground. 🙂
    i always see it and love the hello kitty. 🙂