Quinoa And Ants On A Different Log


Let’s start this week off with a direct quote from my horoscope:

“While you don’t have A WAY to influence the future right now, you do have THE POWER to influence it, so think only happy, hopeful thoughts.”

I like that. A lot.

Saturday’s Long Run. On the treadmill. Let’s discuss.

One of my biggest problems with running inside on the treadmill is that it opens me up for possible conversation with other human beings.

unnamed (165)

Without getting too much into detail, the woman next to me found it acceptable to ask me where to plug her heads phones into her treadmill.

1. Please don’t bother me while I am running.

2. I can’t hear you with my own head phones blasting  Jason Derulo’s “Talk Dirty” into my ears.

3. The headphone graphic printed on your treadmill display is a pretty good indicator of where to plug.

It’s no secret (except maybe to this woman) that running is my alone time and I don’t like to talk, especially while I am trying to conquer a long run on a treadmill.

Before I started up my mill, I made the mental decision to break the run into groups of 5 miles. My long run goal is always 10 miles, anything past 10 is a bonus. I do normally go past 10 on any given Saturday- sometimes 11, 12 etc. but mentally, telling myself 10 is the goal makes life a bit easier.

In my head, I contemplated 3 sets of 5 miles for a total of 15…. I finished at 13.30 miles instead.

Could I have continued? Sure. As long as I pace myself, as long as I slow down when I am tired, I can certainly keep going.

But, I said to myself at the 13.1 mark, why bother? You just ran a serious half marathon not only at a race pace but on a treadmill so why go any further?

It was less than 2 miles to complete the 15. I knew that. I knew I could finish it all up in 10 minutes.

10 minutes is like nothing at that point in the run so you can look at it two ways: Just finish it, it’s only 10 minutes OR I am satisfied and don’t need to push for another 10 minutes.

I am proud to know when enough is enough for me.

As I ran, I thought about how I still have absolutely no desire to ever train for the 26.2.

People tell me this will change and maybe it will. For now though, my body functions well at my current training level and my mind remains quite satisfied with sticking to half marathons and my current routine.

Speaking of routine, of course I hit up Trader Joe’s over the weekend.

Instead of showing you my lackluster grocery haul, I will tell you what was missing from my cart:

  • Onion Rings
  • Cage-Free Liquid Egg Whites
  • Meatless Meatballs

It was about to snow again so it is entirely possible that they were low on food since most of Long Island was doing their daily storm stock up.

However, it seems the new “Fearless Flyer” is out with new items throughout the store, including the freezer section which leaves me in fear (which isn’t allowed since the flyer claims I should be fearless) because it is possible my onion rings have been replaced by new flyer finds.

Like this Melodious Blend:

unnamed (161)

Please excuse the lighting, I took this picture while leaning deep into the freezer case. It is a new blend of chick peas and lentils with tomatoes and olive oil. Sounds lovely but really, I can make this at home.

unnamed (162)

This was the last box in the freezer case. Fully Cooked Organic Quinoa, just like the frozen organic cooked brown rice.

Now, I do buy the frozen bags of brown rice but the quinoa? I already make quinoa every week myself.

Quinoa is way simple to whip up, requires no attention on the stove and it fully cooked in a matter of minutes. I always make a few servings at a time and store it in the refrigerator to add to just about anything.

unnamed (155)

I love the texture of quinoa and it’s ability to satisfy my appetite. I don’t understand how it does it, but it does (maybe it has something to do with it being a complete protein containing all 9 essential amino acids).

I cook my quinoa in water (or even with a touch of coconut water) instead of a vegetable broth just so I can effectively add it to any dish allowing it to completely take on the flavors of any meal.

Quinoa combined with avocado is a favorite in my world. I add it to stir frys, salads, Italian dishes, oatmeal and now, my new snack:

carrots quinoa

Ants on a log has taken on new meaning. Replace celery with carrots and add some quinoa to your peanut butter. Top with raisins.

Genius, I know.

I was also a sneaky little genius on Friday when I ended up at Cold Stone:


Yes, yes, yes, it’s a beautiful sundae in the waffle bowl but the genius and sneaky part was me scoping out their waffle machine while they made the waffle bowls.

I really am determined to make my own and I am pretty confident that if Mr. Cold Stone man can do it, so can I.

Confidence people, you must have confidence.

Before I go get ready to run, can I show you the new pens I bought?


A sucker for school supplies all of my life, how do you pass up pens with donuts and gumball machines?

pen agenda

I have been on a mad search for the right sized pen to fit the tiny little slot in my agenda. This pen doesn’t even come close to fitting but it has gumballs on it so I am trying to make it work in the meantime.

Have a great Monday and an especially great Monday if you are lucky enough to be off from work for President’s Day!


Are you off from work today?

Do you love school supplies like me?

Favorite way to eat quinoa?

Are you a chatty runner or do you like to be left alone?





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  1. says

    You have NO IDEA how excited I get when it’s school supply season. I stock up on all my ten cent notebooks, I get every organizing contraption I can find and I get really excited to pick out things for Braiden. It’s just an unsaid rule at my gym that if you have your head phones in… don’t say a word to that person. If you see someone you know and they take their headphones out…. that’s an open invitation to talk. Awesome job on the run. I’m going to try and get back into the running scene very soon I think. I’m missing it.

  2. says

    People talking to me at the gym = the worst. Actually the only thing worse is people talking to me after I first wake up….I prefer to “talk” to bloggers instead lol

    Speaking of which, I am currently eating an oatmeal-oat bran mix which made me think of you! Next time I’m mixing in some steel cut!

    • says

      Lol I am sooo the same. I am a morning person but please don’t talk to me. I am so glad I am not the only one completely uninterested in chatting at the gym….You definitely need steel cut oats in your life!

  3. says

    My husband is off today so I took the day off so we could hang out together – nice to have lunch and watch a movie on a Monday!!!
    I hate to talk when I workout -other than when I teach boot camp I always work out at a level that doesn’t really leave me room for talking.

  4. says

    bwhahaha…you are JUST like me! i’m soooo happy i have my own treadmill because i’m like this, “if i’m at the gym i’m NOT going to talk to you during my workout. don’t bug me, i’m running, i don’t know you and you’d prolly have to be on fire for me to slow down or stop.” wow, do i sound like the biggest biatch! but i get you, i’m the chattiest person every other hour in the day, but my workout and run is sacred…respect. 😉

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    against hackers? I’m kinda paranoid about losing everything I’ve worked hard on.
    Any recommendations?
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