Thinking Out Loud – Oovo? What’s Oovo?


Another day, another snowstorm, another school closure.


A reader notified me that the chocolate dipped apple slices in yesterday’s post resembled a heart shape in one of the pictures.

Not only did I not do this on purpose, I hadn’t even noticed.

And it’s possible I didn’t notice the apple heart because my glasses weren’t on.

I don’t wear glasses all of the time  but lately it seems that it would benefit me if I did.

I have decided that as I get older, my vision is going.

Please tell me I am not the only one who makes the mistake of washing their hair with the conditioner because they can’t see the small print where it states SHAMPOO on one bottle and CONDITIONER on the other?

Happens more than I want to admit. You know right away that you made the mistake too – when you start with conditioner, your hair is suddenly all smooth to the point where you briefly question when you purchased such a fabulous new shampoo – and then you realize your error.

I received another sign I am old this week when my son told me that girls were ooVooling him and he didn’t want to answer.

OoVo? What in the heck is ooVo?

I asked him to spell ooVoo for me and as he spelled it, all I could think about was EVOO and Rachel Ray reminding us to use our Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

In case you are out of touch like me and didn’t know what ooVo was either, it seems to be like a conference call face time so multiple people can video chat at the same time.

Kids are growing up in a very different world these days. Do they even know what passing notes in class means?  Do they even know what it is like to call a boy and be afraid the mother will answer and that you may have to speak to her?

At the very least, isn’t texting enough? We need to see each other too? In clique form? Everyone all of the time?

Yikes. This is not for me.

Let’s be real here: Half the time I don’t feel like talking on the phone and the other half of the time, when I choose to answer, I certainly don’t need you watching me eat my apples and peanut butter or folding laundry. And, no offense, I don’t need to see what you are doing either. If I want to know, I will ask and create my own visual.

Do we have no privacy left?

Instead of completing panicking over modern technology invading my home, I have decided to use it to my advantage.

I informed my son that if he is going to ooVo with friends, especially friends that are girls, he may want to make sure his room is clean so that they don’t think he is a slob.

Genius, I know.

Since I got the little boy to straighten up his room (read: I straightened he watched) I am now in full-on organization mode.

This always happens. Once I start cleaning one room or closet, I keep going, which is part of the reason I put off closet cleaning in the first place.

unnamed (128)

Today seems like a good day to tackle the kitchen pantry and there is a strong possibility I may hit the freezer too.

Terrific, I am now on a cleaning kick.


I have been on a major coffee kick as well. I always enjoy my morning cup (if I am being honest it is more like cups) but my intake lately has been exceeding acceptable levels.

If you are wondering how my new and improved Keurig has been working out, it’s just OK. It gets the job done but is nowhere near as good as the original machine that let me down by breaking a month or so ago.

unnamed (44)

You would think that a newer version would be all sunshine and unicorns but in reality, it doesn’t hold as much water in the tank, it brews much slower and sometimes needs a talking to in order to get the job done.

The grass is NEVER greener. It just isn’t.

Speaking of grass, I don’t know the last time I saw any and even if today were the last snow storm of the season, I think it could be months before green appears.

Running outside? What’s that?

Thanks Amanda for the link-up today – be sure to check out what everyone else is thinking about!


Last time you ran outside?

Coffee or tea?

Do you face time?







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  1. says

    Confession: EVOO was the first thing I thought of too when you mentioned ooVo… and I think I like evoo better than the idea of oovo. I’ll Skype with the bf and some blogger friends that live too far away to meet up for coffee in person, but I’m not the biggest fan. Talking to a screen always makes me feel a little awkward, although I probably prefer it to talking on the phone — that’s just… no.

    Oh, and the last time I ran outside? Last night when I was running from my friend’s front door to my car to avoid freezing my butt off 😉

  2. says

    Whoa, I’m only 22, but I feel old with that whole video conferencing thing. I must have missed some social cue with that 😉 I’m more of a multi-tasker (walk and talk, etc) so I don’t enjoy skype or face-time. And coffee coffee coffee! It’s amazing how addicted I’ve become in just two years. Every day I tell myself I will stop, I’ll be better, I’ll save money. Then morning hits and I just want a good cup of java 🙂

  3. EZTWINS says

    So well written – thank you for always giving my morning a boost.
    Definitely coffee. Iced. Hot. I’m not really picky. Just need it.
    It’s been months since I ran outside (minus the random 40 degree day we had last month). I’m ready for spring.
    Don’t even get me started on modern tech. I can’t. I just can’t. Wasnt life simpler when we were kids?

    • says

      Life was totally simple when we were kids – Barbie, Barbie, ellios pizza back to Barbie. Although, calling boys may have been easier if we were able to call them directly vs. speaking to their mom. lol you so know who I mean.

  4. says

    Ha I remember when my friends and I tried to use Oovo a few years ago during summer break. It didn’t work that well though. I never really got into video chatting. People ask me to face time and I’ve never used it. I just don’t get the point. Kids these days… I feel like I’m in a totally different generation!

  5. says

    We are socked in with 12 inches and still coming down of snow right now. Over.It. And running outside? Well it’s been a while! (Hard to run when the snow is up to your knees!)
    As far as the shampoo and conditioner – I have the worst eyes. And so I always keep the shampoo on the left (because it’s used first) and the conditioner on the right. I also tend to prefer brands that make the bottles different colors – OR if one’s dispenser is on the bottom and one on the top – that’s the best! I’ve also been known to color permanent marker all over one of them. Oh bad eyes. 🙂

  6. says

    When I lived at home, my mother had a cleaning lady every two weeks where every two weeks to clean she reorganized everything – not a big deal to most – but when you are in the shower with no glasses/contacts you go by feel and if my shampoo and conditioner aren’t in the proper place I will put the wrong thing in my hair. I half and half like that I’m now a grown up and keep my things in line but I also miss the cleaning lately, sometimes I just don’t want to clean!

  7. says

    Haha! I actually found out about Oovoo from my mom of all people who found out from my 11 yrs. old niece! Yes! It is crazy! But bravo in using it to your advantage (i.e. clean his room)… genius!

  8. says

    I’ve never hear of Oovo – good to have a teenager who is quiet and doesn’t care about all of that!!
    We have that same Keurig – I like it fine but only use it occasionally.