I Am A Joy To Dine Out With…


Since I had no intention of being in New York this weekend, I have given little thought to weekend plans.

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I can always go for cake though, especially free cake.

I received free cake gift certificates back in December when The Cheesecake Factory ran a gift card promotion offering a free slice of cake for every $25 gift card you purchase.

You better believe I bought a few gift cards, for myself of course.

Here’s the thing – I don’t care for cheesecake but if you ask the waiter, they will honor the gift certificate for any of the chocolate cakes or even the Godiva Brownie Sundae.

I also get them to honor the lunch price rule – up until 5:00 pm on any given day, you can get the lunch-sized salad for $5 less than the dinner size.

The issue with this is, if you order after 4:00 pm but before 5:00 pm, you kinda fall into this gray/confusing area for the waiter.

Sometimes they think to ask you which size salad you want, and sometimes they just ASSUME you are there for dinner and not lunch.

I of course welcome the dinner sized salad but will absolutely argue the bill based upon the lunch price policy.


Confession: Very much on purpose I get there before 5:00 pm to place my order when dining out with my son (or with anyone willing to meet me at said time) just for this situation to occur.

Yes, I know I sound so appealing to dine with.

In fact, the other night I met a friend for dinner and I am pretty sure I thoroughly embarrassed her, not just because I argued for our salad price but because, and sit down for this, our sundae was missing hot fudge.

If I am going to eat it, it is going to be right.


Hot fudge makes everything better, don’t you think?

Life Lesson: If you don’t stand up for yourself and your desserts, if you don’t monitor what you pay and respect the money in your wallet, no one else will.

Since we are talking cake and Valentine’s Day seems to be only a week away, I just pinned a few new dessert recipes from some of my favorite food bloggers that are worth checking out:

Molten Chocolate Lava Cakes –   I have been wanting to make molten cakes for the longest time.

Healthy Chocolate Lava Cake – Chocolate Covered Katie never lets us down with her “healthy” versions of our favorite goodies

Milk And Cookies Snack Mix – Must.Make.This.ASAP. No excuses. Too cute. Hint: Cookie Crisp

And now that I have made us all hungry, it is time for me to eat breakfast.

Enjoy your weekend!

I may or may not pop in to say hello tomorrow or Sunday. If you miss me, which who are we kidding, of course you will, make sure to follow me on Instagram – you wouldn’t want to miss a Red Mango parfait or anything of such importance, right?


Do you debate your check in restaurants when you know they are overcharging you?

Will you be able to run outdoors this weekend?

Anyone signed up with me for the Fitness Magazine Women’s Half in April?




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  1. says

    I love the Cheesecake Factory! and that’s the same salad I get 🙂 I don’t debate checks, I’m too shy, and I know it’s dumb of me. But usually I dine with at least one person who’s not afraid to speak their mind and so it’s all good. I will most likely be running outside – different problem here in Australia, fires have been cropping up so I have to check heat and dryness.

  2. says

    You’re probably still more of a joy to dine with than I am! Mostly because I take forever talking to waiters to make sure they know about my allergies, and then I’m all sorts of stressed out when I’m eating my food because I don’t entirely trust the restaurant. One bad experience and I feel like I’m ruined for life 😆 And I can’t even handle that snack mix… but I don’t think I’ve ever seen that cereal up here in Canada? WAH! :Cry:

  3. says

    I never like to rock the boat but my family makes sure that we get the good deals. My dad grew up in the restaurant business so he likes to make sure everything is spit-spot 🙂 I actually adore cheesecake but that cake looks equally as divine! I signed up for that half!!!

  4. says

    I’m right there with you – especially if I have a coupon or there is a special. And, I will send food back if it isn’t the way it says in the menu.